"We Don't Talk About Bruno" memes
10 "We Don't Talk About Bruno" Memes To, Well, Talk About


Who could have predicted “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” would become the breakout hit of Disney’s Encanto? The song about an outcast family member of the Madrigals is essentially a sing-a-long roast and has become the ultimate internet fodder inspiring all kinds of “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” memes. Ironic given the fact that in the song, all of the characters basically dump on Bruno and his weirdly accurate prophecies. That’s about as far from Frozen’s “Let It Go” or Lion King’s “Circle of Life” as you can get. And yet it’s a super earworm. So much so it usurped Adele!

“The Disney film’s soundtrack and lead single have a lock on the top of the album and song charts,” as YahooNews reported. Incredibly this feat was managed with nearly no radio play. Streaming sent the song into the stratosphere, but the internet helped it on its way. Just like any pop culture phenomenon, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” memes have started popping up all over. Even the author of the songs in Encanto, Lin Manuel Miranda, makes an appearance in a “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” meme, just as he should. He’s up for an Oscar, although it’s actually for “Dos Oruguitas” — but we don’t talk about him not getting a nod for “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.”


Headphones Don’t Lie Meme

Who can’t relate to this? You’ve got your earbuds in and your game face on, but if anyone pulled those things out of your ears they’d realize you’re really jamming to Disney’s hottest hit. This “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” meme hits us right in the feels.


The Ultimate Earworm Meme

The thing about really catchy riffs is they get ya when you’re least expecting it. Trying to fall asleep? Cue: “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” Preparing for a big work report? “It was my wedding day…” You get the point and so does this perfectly spot on “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” meme.


Shh Meme

Still don’t know what people are talking about with Encanto? Too cool for “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”? Fine, then. Don’t talk about it.


On Being A Bruno Meme

To all the Brunos out there, we see you. It can’t be easy having your name be used from one of the main characters in a Disney film, and the pariah at that. And just on the heels of Bruno in the movie Luca. Yikes.


Listen To Brad Meme

Hey, if Brad says it, you better believe “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” or how perfect this meme is.


“We Don’t Talk About Lin Wanting To Be Bruno” Meme

Lin Manuel Miranda is a maverick songwriter. Just consider his hits in Broadway’s Hamilton, Moana’s “How Far I’ll Go,” and Disney’s 2021 film Vivo. So critics can’t be faulted for producing this “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” meme.


Apple Bottom Rats? Meme

Oh parents, we try to be so hip, but sometimes we get it wrong. Like with this meme where a Dad thought lines from “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” were actually from Flo Rida’s “Low.” Oops.


The Fanatic Meme

Do you maybe get a little too into “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”? It’s all good. You’re not alone as this meme clearly suggests. Blame it on Disney for delivery a truly devastating hit.


Confused Parent Meme

Ya know what? There’s a lot of kid content out there and it’s OK if you haven’t seen Encanto yet. Just understand that either through viewing or osmosis, your kids have and they will tell you in no uncertain terms that “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.”


Let It Go Meme

Ready to let “Let it Go” go? No problem. Just cue up Encanto for your kids and you’ll never hear the Frozen soundtrack again. You’re welcome.

The truth? Your powers against “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” are useless. Give in to the glory that is this spellbinding Disney hit.