Blue Beetle premieres in theaters on Aug. 18, 2023.
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What Parents Need To Know About DC's New Superhero Movie Blue Beetle

Be prepared for action, violence, and some suggestive references.

There’s one question on every parent’s mind when they hear that there’s a new superhero movie coming out. Is this the kind of movie that was made for the whole family, or is this one that’s just for the older kids? Blue Beetle appears to be the latter, so here’s everything parents need to know before it premieres in theaters on Aug. 18.

What is Blue Beetle about?

According to the official synopsis from DC Comics, Blue Beetle tells the story of Jaime Reyes, played by Cobra Kai’s Xolo Maridueña, who suddenly finds himself in possession of an ancient relic of alien biotechnology called the Scarab after he is handed the relic in a hamburger box by a stranger. Jaime is at a time in his life when he is struggling to find meaning, so you can imagine that this turn of events is pretty exciting for him. Especially when the Scarab chooses Jaime to be its symbiotic host, which naturally gives him an incredible suit of armor that's capable of extraordinary and unpredictable powers.

Despite his misgivings, Jaime uses his new powers to become a superhero. He has to be careful because the Scarab is a “world-destroying” relic intent on only protecting his host. But Jaime is intent on protecting his family.

Blue Beetle introduces DC’s first Latino superhero.

Blue Beetle is an uplifting story full of loving family and humor, and let’s not forget it also makes history as the first DC Latino superhero to hit the big screen. As a hero, Jaime is humble and kind, believing his family to be his true superpower, which is a pretty beautiful message.

What is Blue Beetle rated?

Blue Beetle is rated PG-13 for “sequences of action and violence, language, and some suggestive references,” and that seems just about right. Common Sense Media notes that the film, while full of intense scenes, does not resort to “blood and gore” to get its point across. But it still isn’t considered appropriate for young kids.

The storyline appears to be for a more mature audience even without the action and violence, which would probably mean that kids under the age of 13 might find the adult themes of love, murder, and betrayal a bit too mature to hold their interest.

How can you watch Blue Beetle?

Blue Beetle is being released in theaters across the country on Aug. 18, so prepare to take a bunch of teens to the movies this weekend.