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You're Gonna Want These Under $50 Mother's Day Gifts On Amazon For Yourself
by Jacqueline Burt Cote

When Mother's Day rolls around, you might find yourself on either end of various gift-giving scenarios: Maybe you, as a mom, are trying to figure out what to kind of subtle hints you should be dropping around the house so you don't end up with something truly regrettable (I mean, if they're going to go through all the trouble of buying you a gift, might as well be something you like). Or maybe you're trying to figure out what to gift another mom in your life. Either way, hunting for under $50 Mother's Day gifts on Amazon is probably your best bet for staying on budget without settling for a bummer present. (Or making somebody else settle for a bummer present.)

You're no newbie to the world of Amazon, so you know that just about anything can be found on the site at just about any price point. But where to begin? Since there's bound to be an affordable version of whatever you're looking for, it makes sense to start with a particular interest. Does the mom in question love at-home spa treatments? Is she into home decor? Maybe she lives for coffee. Maybe she loves emotional gifts. Maybe all of the above apply.

Thankfully, it'll only take a little bit of browsing before you land on the perfect present. As long as you can stop yourself from falling down an Amazon rabbit hole, that is. (If you don't think you can, better stick to the picks on this list below. But Mother's Day 2019 falls on May 12, so don't wait too long.)


Treats for your feet


A necessary accessory for documents that spark joy


A catalyst for creativity


For impatient iced coffee lovers