11 Shaving Tricks To Keep Hair From Growing Back

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Stubble is definitely in the "top five things that are super annoying to deal with" category.

The same way people get very heated about which Hogwarts house they were sorted into or which Pokémon Go team is the best (Valor, obviously), there are very distinct groups when it comes to people's opinions on body hair. Some swear by waxing, others embrace the natural vibe, and many opt to stick with their trusty razor. Though there's no right or wrong way to feel about hair, if you're looking for shaving tricks to keep hair from growing back, I don't blame you. Stubble is definitely in the "top five things that are super annoying to deal with" category.

One of the main reason people, myself included, choose not to go the laser removal or waxing route is that it can really take a toll on the old bank account. Don't get me wrong, waxing has its merits, but I love my money too much. Shaving definitely has perks. It's more budget-friendly, you can do it by yourself, it's relatively painless (unlike waxing and plucking), and you can do it virtually anywhere.

Yet, for many, a major downside is that hair seems to grow back faster with shaving than it does with other hair removal methods. Thankfully, you do have options. So check out these top shaving trip to keep your hair from growing back.


Time It Right

Turns out timing really is everything. "It's best to wait towards the end of your shower to shave," Tiffany Sposato, a certified aesthetician, tells Romper. "That way, your hair has had time to soften which will give you a closer shave and a smoother result."


Gel It Up

If your legs feels like cacti not long after shaving, your cream could be to blame for the quick regrowth. Alison Macneil, the brand manager for Skintimate, told The Huffington Post that, "gels are more substantial than foams which allow the blade to glide across the skin without nicks or cuts. They also soften the hair more, which reduces pulling and tugging."

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Work On Your Direction

Not all body hair is created equal. If you want to keep your body hair-free for as long as possible, you have to treat each area accordingly. For instance, pubic hair is coarser than the hair on your arms. According to Gillette, you should shave legs in an upward direction, underarms from all angles, and the bikini area in the direction of hair growth first and then against it.


Keep It Fresh

Another way to ensure your skin stays smoother longer is to avoid using a dull razor. "Old razors get rusty, clogged, and have uneven surfaces due to use," Sposato says. "Fresh razors give a consistent shave and hair won't grow back as quickly or unevenly like it does with an old razor."


Rinse, Rinse, and Rinse

Brittany Johnson, a master barber at The Art of Shaving told Allure, "men rinse their razor after every stroke, but women tend to do their entire shin in one go which results in dead skin and shaving cream jamming up the blades." So if you rinse your razor more frequently, you'll get a closer shave and longer-lasting results.


Prep Your Canvas

Though shaving somewhat exfoliates the skin, you'll be hair-free for much longer if you prep before you shave. Hibba Kapil, a hair removal expert, told Elle that, "exfoliating brings hair completely out of the follicle, helping strands to get on the same growth cycle." This means you're removing more of the hair since the exfoliation brought it closer to the surface.

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Plan Ahead

"Priming your skin with a thick olive oil the night before you shave leads to less irritation and cuts from shaving," Dr. Ellen Marmur, a dermatologist, told Glamour. "It also softens the hair itself, making for a smoother shave."


Pace Yourself

Sometimes, hair can appear like it's growing back quickly simply because it's coming in unevenly or even gets ingrown. According to the experts at Marie Claire, you should wait at least a day between shaves and avoid revisiting the same area of skin. This will cut down on irritation and keep everything on the same level.


Remember Your Aftercare

There's more that goes into the whole hair removal process than just the shaving part. You have to take care of your freshly shaven skin to keep hair from growing back as long as you can. Dr. Macneil told The Huffington Post that it's important to use an alcohol-free moisture after you've shaved because it will help prevent skin from tightening up, which gives the appearance of longer hair.

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Try Soy

If you're looking to try something new in hopes of keeping your skin smooth, you might want to consider an alternative option. Sposato says that shaving products containing soy can help stunt the regrowth of body hair. Research from the Johnson & Johnson Company has shown some promising results that indicate soy does affect hair growth.


Don't Get Too Hot

One final reminder, heat is only good for you in terms of food and bedroom activities. According to the beauty experts at Allure, "taking hot showers or soaking in warm water can make legs temporarily puff as well, so don't shave then."