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Here Are 13 Kindle Apps For Kindergarteners You Won't Want Regret Downloading

Sure, you know your kindergartener shouldn’t have too much screen time. But there comes a point in every parent’s life (or every day, if we’re all being totally honest here), when you need to toss some tech your child’s way so you can have a few moments of Me Time. Unfortunately, handing over your phone or letting your kid sit at a computer might mean that they’ll stumble across something that isn’t exactly G-rated. So if you have a Kindle that’s collecting dust, power it up for these 13 best Kindle apps for kindergarteners that are parent (and kid) approved.

Your Kindle can do a lot more to keep your kid occupied than just play mindless games and videos. Little learners can study their ABCs, their 123s, and a whole host of other skills (some social, some strategic). And the best part is that these Kindle apps incorporate a lot of fun (and cute cuddly characters) so that learning doesn’t feel so, you know, laborious.

While some of these apps are free (or have free versions online), most are $5 or under. When you consider that your kid will be quiet for a a little while and learning to boot, well, that might be a very worthwhile investment in their education — and your peace of mind.


Khan Academy Kids


If you’re looking for a little additional classroom instruction, you can’t beat Khan Academy Kids. Cute little critters will guide your child through this free app, which offers content in subjects like math, ELA, and even original games and videos that help with learning and building social skills. Best part: it’s free, and the app doesn’t run any ads for interruption-free learning.


Kanopy Kids

Kanopy is like having a library card that gives you access to tons of online material, like educational content, animated books, and TV shows. Once you sign up for a free account using your public library card, your kiddo can watch TV series like Sesame Street, Arthur, or Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. There’s a science and math section along with classic tales and stories from around the world.


Nick Jr. Draw & Play


Nick Jr Draw & Play lets your kids be creative without crayons or mess. Not only will little ones learn how to tap and swipe (if they don’t already know), but they can make their own mini masterpiece using different drawing tools. From various brushes to animated stickers (even fireworks and magic wands), your kid can save their designs for easy online sharing with this app that costs $5.


codeSpark Academy with The Foos

Kids can learn how to code their own projects in this cute Kindle app. The learning activities — such as puzzles, games, and creative projects — can all enrich your child’s programming skills (which will be used in the Foo Studio when they code their own projects). And since it’s word-free, your child can play without having to read. The app is free to download.


Toca Hair Salon 2


Perfect for your little fashionista, the Toca Hair Salon 2 app ($4) can help your child find their own sense of style. Kids can learn how to wash and style hair, and then choose the backdrop design before taking a photo of their creation. The clients will laugh or smile and make funny facial expressions depending on how, um, creative your kiddo gets with their hairstyle.


Gro Garden

Help your child develop a green thumb with the Gro Garden app. Not only will your little farmer learn how to plant and grow crops, but they’ll also be responsible for feeding the animals and even composting scraps. The app has a slow pace, but turn busy at harvest time. This app, which costs $1, is meant to teach children patience along with what it means to plant seeds and watch them grow — literally.


Thinkrolls 2


Your child can sharpen their science skills in Thinkrolls 2, a Kindle app that’s all about science and logic. There are cute characters that will help your child learn about things like levitation, density, acceleration, and gravity. The app (which costs $3), has 135 levels for kids ages 3-5, (and another 135 for kids ages 5-9) that are full of puzzles that will challenge and entertain your kiddo.


Hoopa City

The world is in your child’s hands with Hoopa City. The city-building game allows your child to build a village, town, or supersized city with various materials. Your kiddo can even create fields of flowers or beautiful beaches. The app costs $4.


Team Umizoomi: Math Racer


It’s Race Day in Umi City, and your child can join Milli, Geo, and Bot as they zip through the streets in this math-centric app, avoiding obstacles and solving math problems. Your kiddo can customize his own race car or use a fan fave from the show, like UmiCar, Shark Car, or Ninja Car. After answering math questions, complete the race to earn a trophy and a decorative car decal. Parents can download the app for $5.


ABC Phonics

Your child can work on perfecting their penmanship with ABC Phonics. Not only will they be able to trace and draw each letter with their fingers, but they’ll be able to memorize the alphabet, too. Sing-alongs and videos will ensure that your child learns his letters in a fun way with this free download.



Interactive story books abound with iStoryBooks, a free app for the Kindle. Your child can read along with the story, or you can take turns reading to your kid instead. And if you set the app to Movie mode, the pages will turn all on their own.




If your kid digs dinosaurs, they’ll love the free Dino World app from Pinkfong. In addition to singing along to silly songs like, “Dinosaurs A-Z," they can also brush up on their archeological know-how by digging up dinosaur fossils. Interactive games and flash cards enhance the experience. (Bonus: No "Baby Shark" in sight.)


Teach Your Monster To Read


In this app, your child can make his own monster and take it on a journey of reading and literacy. They’ll learn how to form each letter and the specific sounds it makes, all the way up to reading full sentences. Along the way, your child’s monster will meet other characters that can help spruce up their reading skills. The download costs $3.