Father of the bride with Steve Martin
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14 Awesome '90s Movies To Watch On Father's Day With The Best Father-Daughter Duos
by Irina Gonzalez

Father's Day is right around the corner and I can think of no better way to celebrate the holiday than actually spending some time with my dad, preferably relaxing and watching one of our favorite father-daughter movies. Since I grew up in the '90s, we tend to go for '90s father-daughter movies such as Father of the Bride, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Armageddon (yes, really).

One of the special things about Father's Day is that it gives me a good excuse to do something extra nice for dad — who's probably done more things for me over the years than I can count. Personally, I like to get my dad a clever Father's Day gift, make him his favorite recipe for lunch (he's partial to my Cuban chicken with sweet potatoes), and then clear my schedule so that I can actually spend time with him. Since my family was really big on watching movies when I was growing up, we've come to rely on watching one of our favorites during our yearly get-togethers.

If you're looking to do something similar with your dad this Father's Day, then look no further. There's a '90s father-daughter movie for every taste and style on this list. From My Girl to Mulan to Casper, here are the 14 father-daughter movies from the '90s that you simply must watch with your own dad this Father's Day.


'Father Of The Bride' (1991)

Steve Martin plays the classic fatherly role of George Banks as he embarks on one of the most difficult things a father must do: Let go of his little girl as she prepares to get married. His brilliant portrayals as he battles with wife Nina (Diane Keaton) and remembers his time with Annie (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) as she was growing up makes this a worthy film any time of year.


'Fly Away Home' (1996)

The unique relationship between dad Thomas (Jeff Daniels) and daughter Amy (Anna Paquin) is one for the storybooks. In this 1996 film, he father-daughter duo aim to lead a flock of orphaned Canadian Geese south by air. It's a story of determination and, well, parent-child love.


'My Girl' (1991)

Dan Aykroyd plays Harry Sultenfuss, father to Anna Chlumsky's Vada. She's spunky, brave, and gets into plenty of trouble in 1991's My Girl with her best friend Thomas J. (Macauley Culkin). Although they have some ups and downs, such as when Harry begins to date for the first time since Vada's mom passed away, their relationship is strong throughout.


'A Little Inside' (1999)

It's not easy being a single parent and raising a young child, and that is pretty much what Benjaming King, who plays a baseball player, is trying to do. He's a professional baseball player and is attempting to pursue his own dreams while also single-handedly raising daughter Abby (Hallie Eisenberg).


'The Parent Trap' (1998)

You might best remember 1998's The Parent Trap for Lindsay Lohan playing twins, but don't forget that it's also about one daughter's quest to meet and connect with her father, played by Dennis Quaid, while another wants to do the same with her mom. And did I mention that her dad is pretty awesome?


'Curly Sue' (1991)

Jim Belushi plays a homeless man who somehow ends up with a young girl (Alisan Porter) as his companion. Soon enough, the con duo meet a woman who might just change their lives. She's not his daughter, but the relationship they have is definitely reminiscent of the best father-daughter ones on this list.


'Beauty And The Beast' (1991)

Let's not forget that Beauty and the Beast began precisely because of a father-daughter relationship. It may be the beauty and the Beast's love that we remember most, but Belle's relationship with her inventor father Maurice (and her desire to save him from an awful fate) is what sets the story in motion.


'Father Of The Bride, Part II' (1995)

This follow up to the original follows George Banks (Martin) once more as he embarks on a brand new adventure: Grandfather and father once more! In this 1995 sequel, his newly married daughter and wife get pregnant at the same time. He's definitely got his hands full here.


'Les Misérables' (1998)

Forget the 2012 movie musical, and remember the 1998 epic film starring Liam Neeson as Valjean and Claire Danes as Cosette. She's not technically his child, but they do have a well-developed, protective, and loving father-daughter relationship. And that's worth re-watching for sure.


'Mulan' (1998)

Mulan might just be one of the sweetest father-daughter movies out there. Although we unfortunately get very little of Mulan's dad, what we do see is their unique, supportive relationship and, of course, Mulan's bravery as she protects her dad by taking his place in the military.


'Casper' (1995)

You might not remember that Casper, a movie about the special relationship between a ghost and Christina Ricci's Kat, actually began with a paranormal expert (Bill Pullman) attempting to repair his relationship with his daughter (Ricci) as he seeks out to prove that ghosts exist.


'Mrs. Doubtfire' (1993)

Mrs. Doubtfire will forever remain one of Robin Williams' best performances and also one of the sweetest movies about a father who will do absolutely anything to be close to his kids. That includes dressing up like their nanny and taking care of daughters Lydia (Lisa Jakub) and Natalie (Mara Wilson), plus son Chris (Matthew Lawrence).


'Armageddon' (1998)

Armageddon is probably best known for being one of two an-asteroid-is-heading-for-earth movies that came out in 1998, but what really stands out is the sweet (and a bit tumultuous) relationship between father Harry (Bruce Willis) and daughter Grace (Liv Tyler). Did anyone not shed a tear at the ending?


'I'll Do Anything' (1994)

Young Nick Nolte (looking pretty good if I do say so myself) plays an aspiring actor in this 1994 film. However, his life is turned upside down when his ex-wife drops off their daughter (played by Whittni Wright) into his custody. The little girl is bossy and wild and, well, antics ensue.