13 Clever Father's Day Gifts For Dads Who So Do Not Want A Tie

There's a reason why all those jokes about Father's Day gifts and ties have been popping up in sitcoms and on greeting cards for decades: It's because honestly, it can be hard to find the right present for dads. And back when we were kids, it was probably even worse. But now that internet shopping rules all and pretty much everything in the world is available for shipping, there's no reason to resort to a cheesy mug or a new set of golf balls. So what are some clever Father's Day gifts to get this year?

The thing to remember about shopping for dads is to base your choice on something that appeals to their sense of fun. It's the thought that counts, sure, but it's just not that much fun to open up a brand new package of... underwear. (Even when it's that one specific kind of underwear he likes.) That's not to say your gift can't be useful, but don't forget to keep the "fun" in "functional," either. It's fine if your present serves a purpose, as long as it also happens to be a cool new gadget, or something that looks like a superhero, or essentially doubles as a toy for grown-ups in some way, shape, or form.


For The Dad Who Hates Warm Beer


For The Dad Who Needs Tunes To Get Moving


For The Dad Who Can Never Remember To Charge His Phone


For The Dad Who Digs The Great Outdoors


For The Trekkie Dad Who Also Likes Gardening


For The Dad Who Wants To Try Out For MasterChef


For The Dad Who's All About Maximum Comfort


For The Dad Who Refuses To Give Up Fried Food


For The Dad Who's A Cool Dad, Not A Regular Dad


(Also) For The Dad Who Refuses To Give Up Fried Food


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