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Stocking Stuffers Under $10 That Are Practical & Thoughtful

Because nobody wants extra candy canes.

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Raise your hand if you’ve had a Christmas Eve panic attack upon realizing you don’t have enough stocking stuffers. Just me? Oh what joy it is to ride to a CVS at 9 pm, tearing things off the shelves like a Supermarket Sweep contestant hoping your kid won’t notice the bit of remaining price tag left on their Bonnie Bell lip balm. Good times. Of course there is a better way. You could spare yourself the agony and buy one of these fantastic stocking stuffers that are under $10.

Because I know that busy parents want to forget not just kiddo stocking stuffers but also those for their sig/others, grandparents, cousins,, I’ve tried to include in this list items that will appeal to a variety of eager boys and girls, young and old. There’s some trendy tech items, kid hair accessories, sustainably-focused products, and even a tire pressure gauge thrown in there for good measure. You know, an eclectic mix of things with just as many practical as thoughtful gifts thrown in for good measure.

The goal, as always, is to fill it with items that Santa might actually gift, but that stay within a budget and these 15 items fit the bill.

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GUM Crayola Kids' Metallic Marker Toothbrush

Blame it on the fact that my father is a dentist, but I’ve come to appreciate the joy of receiving a new toothbrush. As my dad often reminded me as a kid, the American Dental Association recommends that toothbrushes be swapped out every three to six months. So think of this smart and affordable stocking stuffer as you taking care of that nagging errand for your kids a year in advance.


Neosporin Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy

I’ve lived in Vermont and Finland and I have yet to find a better restorative lip balm that protects and heals mouths that have taken a beating from the cold. This little jar is a great gift because it’s a product many might not be aware of, while also being pocket-size and perfect for using immediately.


Mask Saver

Sad, but true, even with promising news from vaccine manufacturers, the need to mask up is still very much required. Help your kiddo keep their mask handy with this darling rainbow Etsy mask lanyard that makes a fun yet functional stocking stuffer.


Battery Organizer Storage Case

Stress over finding batteries no more with this AA battery organizer. Essentially a wallet for batteries, it’s a great gift for any parent who has spent an afternoon turning a storage closet upside down in search of batteries to power yet another remote control vehicle.


Rotating Stand For iPad

Have a cook in the family? Spare them the stress of dragging their work laptop into the kitchen to prepare their favorite internet recipe with this inexpensive iPad stand that’s ideal for following cooking instructions.


Keychain Airpods Case

Tweens gonna tween, am I right? For some of the toughest ages to shop for, this earpod case is a godsend. Available in a variety of colors, you can outfit all the snarky kids in your life.


3-Pack Headbands

Have a kiddo who loves to accessorize? This three-pack of floral headbands is perfect. It comes in three colors — black, pink, and white — which means they’ll go with just about any outfit.


Vantic Reusable Metal Straws

Deep down, I think we all know we should avoid using plastic straws. But making the shift can be hard. Help your family out by packing their stockings with these telescopic portable reusable metal straws that are small enough to fit in a pocket or purse.


Hand Sanitizer With Jelly Carrier

I realize pandemic-themed stocking stuffers may seem like a holiday bummer, but PPE adds up and your fam or friends might be happy to find a little protective item from Santa. This personal hand sanitizer fits the bill and can be easily attached to a handbag, pants, or backpack.


Retro Caboodles Tote

Guys, GUYS! Caboodles are back. And they’re just as rad as ever. Introduce your kids to this enduring beauty brand by gifting them one of these $9.99 retro totes.


Food Wrap

Sticking with the sustainability theme, why not have Santa’s elves put some Bee’s food wrappers in someone’s stocking? The single small wrap — great for storing a half-used onion or lemon — is a great way to introduce someone to this plastic wrap alternative.


Mini Level

Help someone get things straight with this tiny leveler from Home Depot. Small enough that they can carry it on their keychain, never watch them hang a wonky picture again.


Dino Teeth Dig Kit

For the future Indiana Jones, there are few toys better than a fossil digging kit and this one is less than 10 bucks! Gift your paleontologist-in-the-making this teeth dig kit.


Mini Andy Warhol Puzzle

Great for Granny or your niece Goldie, a mini jigsaw puzzle is stocking size and fits the price point at just $7.99.


Backlit Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Wish your family “Happy New Year” safe in the knowledge that they can check their tire pressure should the need arise. The ultimate gift for college kids, this is a perfect practical stocking stuffer.

Original reporting by Mishal Ali Zafar.