21 Genius Baby And Toddler Products With A Cult Following On Amazon

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Every so often a genius baby and toddler product will blow up on Amazon, creating a domino effect where the more rave reviews it gets, the more of a cult following it builds. These products can be as different as night and day — a very popular nasal aspirator and a teether shaped like a banana have both racked up more than 6,000 reviews each. But they all share one thing in common: they tackle problems faced by many parents with a genius design concept, humor, or quality ingredients.

The majority of these 22 innovative baby and toddler products have at least 1,000 reviews on Amazon. Most are written by satisfied parents who have found these products helpful in reducing stress associated with everything from taking care of a sick child, to teaching a toddler how to eat independently (without constantly tipping bowls and cups onto the floor), to diapering sensitive skin.

Just as it takes a village to help raise a child, it's also pretty helpful to keep a toolbox of innovative and effective products on hand. And since other parents are probably the most reliable sources around, you can bet these super popular products dominating the baby and toddler market on Amazon live up to their hype.


A Medical And Grooming Kit That Takes The Stress Out Of Sick Days

This 24-piece nursery care kit keeps everything you need in one place so that you can tend to fevers, colds, and basic grooming needs. It includes a bottle medicine dispenser, nasal aspirator, digital thermometer, alcohol wipes, nail clippers and emery boards perfect for newborn fingers, and even an emergency information card where you can record doctors' numbers.

Promising Amazon review: “I love this set! I have used everything in here and it has been such a life saver. The nail filers work great, the medicine with the nipple top is probably the best thing in here and has come in handy so many times. The hairbrush is extremely soft bristles and the nail clippers are so easy to use. Love this pack!”


Gentle Baby Wipes That Soothe Sensitive Skin

If most baby wipes prove too harsh for your baby's sensitive skin, you may find yourself joining more than 97,700 reviewers who agree that these baby wipes are much gentler. They're made with water and are super gentle to soothe irritated skin. They're also hypoallergenic and free of fragrances, alcohol, parabens, and latex.

Promising Amazon review: “These work for the best for our daughters sensitive skin. They don’t rip and are very soft.”


A Baby Food Making System That Lets You Whip Up Batches Of Food In No Time

This complete baby food making system includes a blender that lets you whip up several batches of food, six cups with lids for storing, trays, and a cookbook with baby food recipes. If you've always wanted to make your own baby food, but find the process to be overwhelming, this system simplifies it and provides everything you need.

Promising Amazon review: “Making baby food has become so much easier with this blender.. Along with the recipe booklet to help explore new tastes with your baby. Absolutely love that's it a time and cost saver. Would definitely recommend to any new mom!”


A Forehead And Ear Thermometer That Works In Seconds

Toddlers and babies aren't exactly known for their ability to sit still while parents take their temperatures — which is probably why this digital thermometer is so popular. It has two buttons, one for ear temperature readings and one for forehead readings and in mere seconds it will tell you if your little one has a fever — and unlike so many other thermometers, there's no waiting around for it to turn on or self-test.

Promising Amazon review: “Easy to use and simple thermometer. I like how it can easily be switched from a forehead to an ear thermometer. I really appreciate the quickness of the reading, especially when holding a crying baby trying to take their temperature!”


An Affordable Infant Carrier For Rear And Forward Facing Baby Wearing

Babies between 8 and 25 pounds will be safe, secure, and soothed in this highly-rated baby carrier, which has padded shoulder straps and head support. You can use it for both facing in and facing out baby wearing and it's designed with a one-touch adjustment in the back that ensures your baby's weight is evenly distributed for less back and shoulder pain. Reviewers say it's durable, long lasting, and cheaper than many competitors.

Promising Amazon review: “I’ve used multiple carriers and this is BY FAR my favorite. Super easy to put on, easy to put the baby in and out. Only 3 buckles. We used this through the airport and on our trip- our daughter loved facing forward to be able to look around. The straps are comfortable enough that I could wear a backpack at the same time.”


A 'Shush' Machine That Mimics The Womb And Calms Fussy And Upset Babies

Based on The Happiest Baby On The Block "shushing" technique used to calm fussy babies and babies with colic, this white noise machine delivers a rhythmic shushing sound that — according to hundreds of Amazon reviewers— works like a charm. You can set it for 15 or 30 minutes during nap or bedtime (or anytime your child is upset). The sound mimics those your baby heard in the womb and is said to engage baby's natural calming reflexes, according to company's experts.

Promising Amazon review: “I almost never do reviews, but this one absolutely deserves 100 stars. This device is hands down my favorite baby item that I have gotten for my now 3 month old daughter. It seems so silly to spend so much on something they just says ‘shhh’ over and over BUT the amount of sleep this thing has helped us all get is worth every single penny! [...] I 10/10 recommend this and would suggest all new parents to get one.”


A Nail Clipper With Magnifier To Safely Trim Teeny Nails

It's natural to be scared of clipping your newborn's tiny, frail nails — the last thing you want to do is accidentally hurt their fingers. This nail clipper is genius because it includes a magnifier that provides four times the magnification so you can safely trim your baby's nails. It features quality stainless steel blades and has an ergonomic shape that makes it more comfortable for you to hold.

Promising Amazon review: “These nail clippers are great! Cuts kids' nails easily and cleanly and the magnifier makes tiny fingers and toes easier to see so that you don't clip any skin or trim too closely. Awesome product and in the future will buy for baby gifts”


An Infant Training Toothbrush And Teether That Looks Just Like A Banana

Give babies a head start when it comes to their teeth brushing skills with this fun banana infant training toothbrush, which was developed by a dental hygienist and is ideal for ages 3 to 12 months old. Babies can easily maintain their grasp on the brush and it doubles as a soothing teether for inflamed gums. It's made from 100 percent food-grade silicone and is free of BPA, phthalate, and other potentially harmful chemicals. Toss it in the dishwasher when it needs to be cleaned and store it in the freezer for additional relief during teething.

Promising Amazon review: “Don't be fooled by the low prices, this is one of the best teethers around! Got it when baby was about 7 months old, he chews on it non-stop. The yellow color and little handles make it easy for him to spot and grab, and he often holds it in his mouth with one hand, while the other does something else. He has been teething for a while (still none popping out yet), and I think the "bristles" feel good on his gums. Easy to rinse off in the sink. A favorite toy, rivaled only by printer paper!”


Silicone Bibs With Pockets For Mess-Free Meals

Unless you want to wash 100 onesies a day (and constantly clean your tablecloth and floor), bibs are a necessity. But cloth bibs just give you one more thing you have to throw in the washing machine. Enter: these medical-grade silicone bibs which actually make your life and mealtimes easier. Food and drink messes wipe right off with a paper towel and water, and the deep pocket catches stray crumbs and drips before they hit the table or ground. They fit children ages 6 months to 6 years old and come in four vivid color combination.

Promising Amazon review: “Um, hello new best friend! That's how I feel about these bibs. They are super soft and malleable and catch so much food! I've been using them with my 7 month old daughter for a month now and they're a huge help with after meal clean up. [...] AMAZING! We hand wash them and they still look great - no stains or signs of wear. I would 100% recommend these to my relatives, friends, and random people walking down the street.”


A Travel-Friendly 2-In-1 Feeding Seat For Infants And Toddlers

Why spend money on two feeding seats when you can get everything you need in this travel-friendly two-in-one infant feeding seat? It turns into a booster for toddlers! You can easily fold it and transport it anywhere, and it features a dishwasher-safe tray that can be adjusted to three positions as your baby grows. Secure this chair right to your own kitchen or dining room table chair using the three-point restraint system with chair straps.

Promising Amazon review: “All moms like to hear the word EASY. This thing is incredibly easy to use and fit into your every day routine. You can sit it in a regular chair without designating a large footprint around the dining table for a huge high chair. The cover is simple to remove and goes right into the washer. (My fav part) The tray fits easily into my dishwasher! Comes out spic and span. EASY EASY EASY also neutral so a good buy for anyone expecting!”


Natural Cleansers For Babies With Very Sensitive Skin

Developed by a team of doctors, this natural baby shampoo and baby wash nourish the most sensitive skin types without adding chemicals, dyes, and artificial preservatives. Using gentle pink grapefruit essential oils and botanical extracts, these vegan and gluten-free cleansers are suitable for babies with eczema, cradle cap, and skin allergies. Their tear-free formulas have been deemed safe by

Promising Amazon review: “This all natural shampoo/wash is gentle, has pleasant aroma and the pump makes it easy to use while keeping one hand on baby. We’ve used it for a couple of weeks and it’s perfect so far- doesn’t seem to irritate the baby’s scalp like the previous product we used”


A Newborn-To-Toddler Tub With Removable Mesh And Head Padding

The moms at BabyCenter voted this newborn to toddler tub their top favorite in 2014 and thousands of Amazon reviewers continue to agree. It has a supportive ergonomic design, mildew-resistant pads, and comes with a mesh sling and padded headrest for newborns. Once your infant or toddler can hold their head up, simply remove the netting and it instantly converts to from an infant to toddler tub.

Promising Amazon review: “Our baby graduated from the infant sling really quickly and this tub is perfect to accommodate her growth. Now she can sit by herself in her mini tub and play with the toys while we bathe her. She has grown to love the water and I love that this tub uses less water than our full sized tub while keeping her propped safely. It makes bathing her with only one adult a breeze. So nice that she can grow with this one - presumably until she can use the full tub. Would definitely buy again.”


A Toddler Pillow That Supports Your Child's Neck

Your toddler may be ready for a pillow, but many pillows aren't ideal for toddlers because they don't provide proper neck support. This toddler pillow is different. It's the perfect size and density for children ages 2 years old and up, and uses less filling than other pillows, which is better for a young child's neck and back. It's made from 100 percent hypoallergenic fabric that is resistant to mold and mildew and is a soft blend of polyester and cotton, which ensures it won't shrink in the wash.

Promising Amazon review: “I wasn't sure what to expect when I got this pillow for my 2 year old daughter. She'd never had a pillow before, so I didn't know if she would like it or not. Luckily, I needn't have worry. She loves this pillow. She had a cold when I got this so I've had to wash the case quite a few times. It comes out soft every time and doesn't shrink. Now that my little girl isn't sick anymore she won't sleep without her pillow and always asks for her 'piwwow' at bedtime. She's been sleeping better and doesn't wake up as much throughout the night. I will definitely get another one of these for my next child.”


A 360-Degree Sippy Cup That Never, Ever Spills

These sippy cups are a stroke of genius — instead of a spout, the cup features a 360-degree drinking edge that miraculously seals up when your child stops drinking so that spills become a thing of the past. These BPA-free cups come in a two-pack and are ideal for children 12 months and older.

Promising Amazon review: “Lifesavers! I can't get enough of these. I'm debating on getting more. these are perfect and the only way i'll allow my kid to drink in bed. It gets the job done and is easy for my kid to hold and drink from. They're easy to clean and definitely spill proof. I can't count how many times my kid has dropped these cups or laid them on their side with nothing being spilled. I recommend them 100%.”


A Comfy Portable Cot For Travel And Daycare Naps

With a lightweight design that makes it a snap to fold up and unfold, this portable cot bed can follow toddlers on trips and even to daycare. It has a sturdy steel frame and washable cover and reviewers say it's a durable, better alternative to a blowup mattress. This cot is recommended as safe for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old.

Promising Amazon review: “Love this bed for my 3-year-old when we're traveling. She sleeps great in her "special bed". Unfolds in two seconds. It fits diagonally in my suitcase and doesn't weigh it down too much. And I recently learned it's very easy to clean when my daughter threw up in the middle of the night. The sheet that comes with it fits perfectly. Love love love!”


Suction Cup Toddler Bowls That Prevent Spills

Imagine a reality where your toddler never again spills a bowl of cereal or soup onto the floor. Welcome to the future — these suction bowls stick to dining surfaces, but feature quick-release tabs on the suction bases for parents to easily lift them. They're BPA-free, dishwasher safe (top rack only), and come in three bright, fun colors.

Promising Amazon review: “I really like these. They stay suctioned to the high chair really well for the most part, they are easy to clean and I like that they nest inside one another for easier storage. We use them every day. Definitely worth it for your baby that's just starting solid foods. My son always wants to pick the bowl up and bang it everywhere with food in it [...] This was our solution and basically the only way we could let him have a bowl at feeding time.”


Disposable Nasal Aspirators That Gently Remove Mucus

This nasal aspirator is quickly becoming a classic among parents who love how it turns an otherwise unpleasant parental duty into a simple, gentle, and effective one. This Swedish, doctor-recommended aspirator comes with 20 extra disposable filters. Hold one side of the filter in your mouth and, using your own suction, gently, painlessly remove mucus from baby's nose, relieving them of discomfort and helping them breathe easily again.

Promising Amazon review: “This product will save you from long sleepless nights. If your baby gets stuffy noses at night time throw away your bulb suction tool and buy this. Life changing. We use this almost every day in winter when it's dry. Using a little nasal saline prior to sucking helps dislodge mucus. Simply blow it onto a tissue. Cleaning is easy, just hold the non sucking end up to the sprayer function on your sink and blast it out. That's it!”


A Vacuum-Insulated Food Jar That Keeps Food Warm For 5 Hours

Never worry again about your toddler's food at daycare — this vacuum insulated food jar keeps food cold for seven hours or warm for five hours and prevents bacteria growth. It has a double-wall design that feels cool to your child's touch, no matter what type of soup or hot food is inside. The opening of this BPA-free jar is wide enough to pack with a variety of foods and snacks and it can hold up to 10 ounces of food, which makes it perfect for little ones on the go.

Promising Amazon review: “LOVE this container. Size is perfect for my toddlers hot lunches. Product works well and is so easy to clean. 5 stars!!”


A Device That Warms Bottles In Just Minutes

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to feed a famished, screaming baby and not having to wait 10 minutes for a bottle to warm — that's the kind of magic that happens when you own this bottle warmer. It warms everything from breast milk to food jars in minutes, is compatible with most wide, narrow, angled, and disposable bottles, and has an auto shut-off (because it's easy to forget things at 2 a.m. feedings).

Promising Amazon review: “Easiest bottle warmer ever. Little bit of water, one button, and wait! I use about a minute of warming time for every ounce of a bottle from the fridge. It works with a lot of different sized bottles, even wide ones [...] I’ve been using mine every day for 4 months and have had no problems. It’s such a great value for the price - I don’t know why anyone would pay more for a bottle warmer. I just ordered another one to keep at my parents because it’s so affordable.”


A Simple Potty With A Splash Guard That Is Super Easy To Clean

Potty training often involves a lot more cleanup time for parents. This portable potty is designed to eliminate some of this stress, with a removable pot that's super easy to clean and a splash guard for boys. It has a high back to provide extra support for toddlers and reviewers say it's sturdy, made from quality materials, and has a simple, but effective, design.

Promising Amazon review: “We love this potty chair. Super easy to clean and it’s great for at home and travel! [My] daughter sits really well on it and the back on it is perfect for her to sit back.”


The Ultimate Interactive Walker To Encourage Your Toddler To Take Steps

Encourage your curious little one to take those exciting first steps with this super popular sit-to-stand walker, which features and interactive play panel. There are five piano keys, shape sorters, and light-up buttons — all of which develop motor skills. This walker works on hardwood and carpeted floors and is perfect for children ages 9 months to 3 years old.

Promising Amazon review: “This was suggested to me by a friend and although I thought it was a bit expensive, it was totally worth it! My child loves it and it helped them start walking. He was standing and walking with us holding him but not able to do it well. This helped him walk while putting his weight on the toy. Within a day or two of use, he was walking around the house with it. Be careful to read the manual before assembling - it can be a tad bit confusing. Overall, great and it was definitely worth it.”

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