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10 Baby Socks That Stay On

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Babies are notorious for their magical ability to pull their socks off wherever they roam. That's why the best baby socks that stay on will make your life as a parent (and your laundry days) a lot easier. At first glance, these resemble ordinary socks, albeit shrunken down a few sizes. But look closer and you’ll find they are designed with features like elastic grips and woven-in rubber bands that make them perfect for newborns, infants, and growing babies.

Some of the best baby socks have a thin band of elastic that won’t squeeze little legs or leave little ones in pain, but that is just supportive enough to stay up no matter how active your baby becomes. Other great sock designs include a triple roll feature that can extend to fit around calves, making it difficult for your child to pull them off when positioned around your baby’s ankle.

This list features a variety of baby socks for all occasions and climates, but they all share that one most important thing in common: they'll make missing socks a thing of the past (or can at least cut down on that parenting reality).

Whether you’re on the lookout for non-skid socks that can transition from baby to toddler socks or prefer the most simple style around, these are the best baby socks that stay on your baby's feet no matter what.

1. The Overall Best

Parents say these baby socks from Robeez stay on well thanks to a small, comfortable section of elastic that doesn't constrict your baby's legs even if your baby is active. In fact, one of the most common comments you’ll come across in reviews is this one: Sure, you’ll pay a few dollars more for these socks, but it’s worth it to find a pair that actually stay on (finally).

The cotton/nylon/spandex fabric is described as not thin, but not too thick and they have a non-skid application on the soles to keep babies from slipping when they try to take their first few steps. They come in packs of three, and you can opt for multicolor packs or three pairs of classic white socks.

A helpful review: “These socks are fabulous! I have four kids and have ordered these socks for each of my kids. They have special elastic bands at the top that prevent them from fallingoff of small wiggly newborn feet. They are well worth the price!”

  • Available sizes: 0 months — 4T

2. A More Affordable, Lightweight 12-Pack For Everyday Wear

This is one of the most affordable baby sock options you’ll find, and one that carries a well-respected brand name. This 12-pack of socks comes in either all white or white with a few simple, basic colors thrown in. These are the socks you’ll reach for on most mornings, and especially on those days your baby will be spending most of the time napping and hanging around the house.

They have ribbed cuffs that keep them up and reviewers say they stay in place really well. They don’t have nonslip or non-skid grids and are on the thin side, so don’t expect them to keep your baby’s feet super warm when you’re outside on a cold day. But every parent needs to stock up on socks that make dressing your baby a breeze and won't break the bank — and these are those socks.

A helpful review: “All my kid’s socks kept falling goff. I bought these with zero expectations, but much to my surprise, he’s actually able to keep them on! They’re long enough that they go almost up to his knees, and the elastic holds them on nicely.”

  • Available sizes: 0 months — 5T

3. A Warmer, Triple-Roll Sock With A Thick Lining For Cold Weather

Made from 80% combed cotton with a thick, toweling lining, these really warm baby socks are perfect for autumn and winter, and won't slip down throughout the day. They have a rolled cuff ankle that makes these socks much more difficult for your baby to take off, and that gives you the option of styling this sock in one of three ways (it can even double as a calf warmer for your baby). They have an anti-skid sole and come in sweet pastel colors (you get a variety pack of colors), and a six-pack for the price is good value.

A helpful review: “These socks fit my 8 month old well with room to grow. They're stretchy but not overly to where they would fall off. They stay on pretty well and the grippers are great for when she wants to walk assisted or in her walker.”

  • Available sizes: 0 months — 6 years

4. A Knee-High Option That Holds Up (Literally)

These unisex baby knee-high socks are made from cotton, polyester, and spandex, and have a comfortable elastic band that helps them stay up all day and keep your baby’s legs warm, according to reviewers. They aren’t too tight and won’t constrict your baby’s legs, and parents of babies with thicker thighs and legs say these offer plenty of stretch and fit really well. They won’t shrink in the wash and come in six-packs with a variety of cute prints.

A helpful review: “My 8 month old has now worn them for a few weeks and they are great post-wash. No shrinkage. Still super colorful. These socks STAY ON and they are so ridiculously cute I find myself secretly coveting my daughter’s socks.”

  • Available sizes: 1 — 6 years

5. These Organic Socks With A High Rating

Designed from a blend of organic cotton, polyester, and spandex, these baby socks stand out because they feel so soft and comfortable, according to many reviewers. The ankle socks have a very high 4.8-star overall rating and more than 20,000 reviews. They have an elastic closure along the top to keep them in place and come in packs of six in every color and design you can imagine, from stars and stripes to polka dots, florals, and solid shades.

A helpful review: “Cute little socks that actually stay on! My girl has long skinny string bean feet, and these miraculously stay on. These are winners!”

  • Available sizes: 0 — 24 months

6. A Pair Of Non-Skid Socks With Pull Tabs

Not only do these nonslip ankle socks stay on feet no matter how active your little one becomes throughout the day, but they’re also a breeze to pull on and take off, thanks to their pull-tab features. The pack of nine socks are designed from breathable cotton and have ribbed cuffs to keep them from shifting, plenty of stretch for comfort and to grow with your baby, and heel-to-toe grips that keep babies from slipping. You can choose among several color combos that include neutrals like black, white, and gray, as well as bright colors and patterns. These popular socks have an overall 4.8-star rating and more than 25,000 reviews.

A helpful review: “I LOVE these socks. They are easy to get on and off, and stay put once they are on, even though they are low profile. The higher section on the back means they don't slip down into the shoe. They look as good as new even after repeated washings.”

  • Available sizes: 0 months — 7 years

7. A Fancy Pair Of Knee Socks With Bows

Special occasion socks are so much more special when they aren’t slipping off every few minutes. These fancy knee-high socks are made from a lightweight cotton blend with mesh for breathability and have an elasticized top. The warm weather socks are even woven with rubber bands for greater grip and have a reinforced heel for added stay-on power. Sweet bow details along the sides of each pair add to their charm and they come in packs of five in a number of color combinations.

A helpful review: “TThese are super cute and great quality. They are thick, and stay up. I’ll definitely be purchasing other colors.”

  • Available sizes: 3 Months — 5 Years

8. A Moisture-Wicking Bamboo Pair Featured On Shark Tank

Not only are these breathable bamboo baby socks moisture-wicking, but they were also designed with features that keep them in place so well they even impressed the judges on Shark Tank. These super-soft socks have elastic bands in the cuff and around the top and bottom arch that help them stay up, with convenient and slip-resistant silicone grip size callouts along the soles that both help your little ones stay upright on slippery floors and let you keep track of the different sock sizes you purchase. They come in a pack of three in goes-with-anything neutral shades.

A helpful review: “love these! my baby is always kicking his socks off so I was excited to try these out, and they work!! so soft, love the neutral colors, and so happy they’re not sliding off his feet!”

  • Available sizes: Newborn — 2T

9. These No-Show Socks In Lightweight Mesh

These no-show athletic socks for little feet are made from a very thin cotton material and feature mesh vents along the tops to increase their breathability and keep your baby cool and comfortable. They have a reinforced heel and toe to prevent them from ripping and when talking about how these are perfect for her baby who “runs extremely hot,” one reviewer raved: “They stay on his feet well and they don’t make him unnecessarily warm.” This pick will also save you money: They come in a pack of six with color combos like color-blocking, neutrals, and bright solid shades.

A helpful review: “Bought these for my son, they stay on really well and are adorable and don’t show under his loafers. Bought them again in a bigger size when his feet got bigger.”

  • Available sizes: 1T — 10 years

10. A Pair Designed For Hospital Nurseries

Designed specifically for newborns, these socks are made from a soft cotton knit that keeps very young babies’ feet cozy and warm. Used in thousands of hospitals and birth centers across the country, these socks have a unique bubble stitch on the cuff that helps keep them comfortably adhered to ankles without slipping off. Keep in mind that these should be hand washed to keep them in good condition. They come in a pack of six in white, blue, pink, and combinations of these colors. This highly rated pick has a 4.8-star overall rating and more than 1,600 reviews.

A helpful review: “These are the only socks I put on my baby and I only needed one pack. They never popped off her feet, never lost one in public or in the swaddling blanket etc. they just stayed on. It's all in the "fold over" they have just the right amount of tension in the elastic.”

  • Available sizes: 0-3 months

You Might Also Need: A Sleeve That Holds Their Socks In Place

If your baby is really, really insistent about getting those socks off, consider this sock sleeve by Sock Ons. This innovative sock "jacket" slips over any pair of socks and "locks" them into place. The sleeve is made with soft, stretchy fabric so it forms to any-sized baby foot, and it's also machine-washable so you can easily use it over and over again.

A helpful review: “My nine month old never keeps his socks on, especially in the car, he loves to pull them off and chew on them. [...] I knew there had to be a solution and these babies are just it. It just slips around the foot and up around the heal, and bam. He can't get them off.”

  • Available Sizes: 6 - 12 months

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