46 Genius Things If You're Sick Of Clutter

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My apartment is pretty clean. The dishes are washed, the floors are swept, and there isn't a single hair stuck to my shower wall (!). But just because there isn't a speck of dust anywhere doesn't mean I don't struggle with keeping things organized. Anytime my home is feeling a little cluttered, I just check out all the genius products on Amazon that'll help me tidy up my space.

If I'm being honest, there's nothing I love more than organizing my home — except for shopping. So when I say that these products are great for sorting through clutter, I mean it. I've included adjustable bookshelves for your desk, rotating makeup organizers with dedicated space for your brushes, and even a magnetic spice rack for your fridge. But if your bathroom is where you have the most clutter, don't worry — there's even a toilet paper holder in here with extra space for spare rolls.

Whether your makeup vanity or closets could use some organizing, there are tons of useful products on Amazon that can help tidy things up. Keep scrolling to see my top picks when it comes to preventing clutter.


The Desktop Bookshelf With Adjustable Shelves

With mix-and-match shelves you can adjust to fit your belongings, this sleek bookshelf makes it easy to organize any desktop. It's made from eco-friendly bamboo, and each order comes with all the hardware you need to put it together in just a few minutes.


A Hanging Organizer For Your Handbags And Purses

You don't have to take up all the shelves in your closet with purses; just keep them in this hanging organizer. There's enough space for up to six bags, and the transparent PVC sleeves make it easy to see which bag is where. Choose from three colors: black, grey, or white.


This Makeup Organizer With Space For Your Entire Collection

Not only does this makeup organizer feature a rotating tower with adjustable shelves, but there's also extra storage space on the side for brushes, polishes, palettes, and more. The clear acrylic plastic pairs seamlessly with any style, and many reviewers wrote about how it's "easy to assemble."


A Bottle Rack That's Decorative And Functional

Simply mount this bottle rack to a wall, and it'll instantly give you a chic place to store up to six bottles of cabernet, pinot, and any other of your favorite grapes. The open slots make it easy to add and remove bottles with care, and the space-saving design means it takes up zero square footage on your floors or counters.


The Bamboo Organizers To Help You Straighten Out Your Drawers

If your drawers are overflowing and messy, why not use these bamboo boxes to get them organized? They're eco-friendly as well as heat-treated for added durability, and each one is odor-resistant. The best part? You can rearrange how they fit to suit your drawers.


A Slide-On Basket That Adds Storage Underneath Your Shelves

When your shelves are tall and have space underneath, you can easily make the most of it with this slide-on basket. The sturdy flat wire frame fits snugly on any standard shelf, and it's perfect for napkins, snacks, or even spices.


These Collapsible Funnels That Take Up Hardly Any Space

Funnels usually take up a ton of space in your kitchen — so why not downsize to these collapsible ones? They're made from high-quality silicone that's heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and each one is even completely odorless as well as oil-resistant.


A Pair Of Storage Bags That Slide Underneath Your Bed

When your closets don't have enough space for spare sheets, blankets, or any other fabrics, just keep them underneath your bed in these storage bags. The clear vinyl top makes it easy to see what's inside without unzipping them, and the reinforced seams help prevent tears as you slide them in and out.


The Magnetic Spice Rack You Can Stick To Your Fridge

With a super-strong magnet on the back, this spice rack easily sticks to the side of your refrigerator (or even the front, if you want). You can even keep a bottle of olive oil on it since it's able to hold up to 18 pounds, and it's made from a combination of rust-resistant stainless steel and iron.


A Fabric Sleeve That Keeps Your Cables Looking Tidy

If you're looking for an easy way to tidy up your cables, just wrap them in this sleeve. The neoprene material stretches to fit thick as well as thin cables, and you have the choice of two colors: black or beige.


This Over-The-Door Rack For Belts, Hats, And More

With enough hooks for up to 12 purses, belts, hats, or even coats, this rack makes it easy to open up some spare closet space. It's designed to hang over any standard door, and the steel construction won't bend under heavy loads.


A Set Of Tiered Shelves That Add Storage To Your Corners

Whether you need some extra storage space for plates, mugs, or anything else, these shelves will help get the job done. They're freestanding so that you can easily place them on your countertop, and you can even separate them into two pieces (depending on your needs).


The Desk Organizer For Remotes, Smartphones, And More

With space for up to three smartphones or remotes, this mounted organizer is great for opening up some space on your desk. There are slots on the bottom where you can thread a charging cable, and it's made from durable acrylic.


A Toilet Paper Holder With Space For Extra Rolls

You don't need to get caught on the toilet without any paper; just keep a few spare rolls in the basket of this toilet paper holder. The four raised feet on the bottom keep the rolls high and dry from water, and there's even a shelf where you can stash your phone or book.


This Cutlery Organizer That Expands To Fit Your Drawers

It doesn't matter whether your drawers are narrow or wide — this cutlery organizer can expand to fit either. It's made from durable, high-quality bamboo that complements different kitchen decors, and you have the choice of four colors: natural, black, grey, or white.


A Set Of Clear Storage Bags With Heavy-Duty Zippers

With heavy-duty, stainless steel zippers that glide easily along the tracks, these storage bags make it easier than ever to stash away spare garments when the seasons change. The handles are also reinforced for added strength, and many reviewers wrote about how the "plastic is thick."


The Dividers That Keep Your Shelves Looking Tidy

Rather than letting your folded blankets and garments blend into each other in storage, just keep them separated with these dividers. They're designed to slide over standard shelves (exact measurements are provided by the manufacturer) — and each one is made from thick, durable steel.


A Set Of Food Storage Containers That Are Perfect For Cereal

Most food storage containers aren't large enough to hold an entire box of cereal — but not these ones. Not only are they big, but the airtight lids help keep your dry ingredients fresh and crunchy. Each order also comes with eight labels, a measuring spoon set, as well as a chalkboard marker.


This Swivel Drawer That Adds Extra Storage To Your Desk

Just clamp this swivel drawer onto your desk, and you'll have a convenient spot to stash your phone, pens, pencils, and other small office supplies. The clamp is made from durable steel, and many reviewers wrote about how it's "easy to install."


A Bedside Caddy For Your Magazines, Tablets, And More

With space for books, magazines, tablets, phones, glasses, and more, this space-saving caddy is a must-have for small bedrooms. Installation is as simple as tucking the flap underneath your mattress, and it's made from soft felt that's gentle on your items. It can hold up to 20 pounds.


The Magnetic Utensil Bar With Space For Up To 20 Items

Not only is there space for your knives on this magnetic bar, but each order also comes with 10 hooks where you can hang plastic utensils (or even a cutting board). Each order comes with all the hardware needed to mount it, and it's made from rust-resistant stainless steel.


A Heat-Resistant Caddy For Your Hot Hair Tools

With its heat-resistant mesh and silicone base, this caddy can handle hot hair tools before they've even cooled down. You can hang it on a towel bar or leave it standalone on your vanity, and you've got options when it comes to colors. Choose from black, periwinkle, white, and more.


This Adjustable Pan Organizer For Your Cabinet

With adjustable dividers that accommodate pots and pans of almost any size, this kitchen organizer is a must-have for overflowing cabinets. You can use it upright, horizontally, or even standalone — and there's enough space for up to eight pans. Plus, because each shelf is non-slip, you won't have to worry about your cookware sliding off.


A Pack Of Organizers To Sort Out Cluttered Bathrooms

Whether you've got lotions, razors, or even just toothbrushes cluttering up your bathroom, these organizer bins can help. They're made from bamboo, and you can easily wipe them clean with a damp cloth if they get dirty.


The Tiered Bins That Add Storage Underneath Your Sink

Made from high-quality plastic, these tiered bins easily glide in and out so that it's easy to grab whatever's inside. They're great for adding storage underneath sinks or in cabinets, and you have the choice of two colors: white or transparent.


A Charging Station That Can Power Up To 6 Devices

Not only does this charging station come with six lightning cables, but the dividers are also adjustable (depending on how thick your devices are). The quick-charging USB ports power up smartphones fast, and it's compact enough to fit on a bedroom nightstand.


This 2-Pack Of Boxes That Hides All Your Thick, Clunky Cables

When your wires are too thick for a sleeve, these tidy cable boxes are your answer to keeping your desk or living area clutter-free. Each order comes with one large box and one medium box. Plus, the doors on the sides make it easy to unplug cables when necessary.


A Convenient Outlet Shelf For Your Phone & So Much More

Need a good spot to rest your phone, Echo, or even your toothbrush while it's charging? Just place it on top of this outlet shelf. Installation is as easy as swapping out your old outlet plates with one of these, and the shelf is strong, according to reviewers who raved about its sturdiness. On fan summarized, “This was cooler and stronger than I thought it would be, and easy to install. Brilliant simple solution.”


The Space-Saving Hangers For Pants And Jeans

Jeans, pants, skirts, scarves, towels — you name it, this space-saving hanger can handle it. The rungs are coated with non-slip EVA foam so that your more delicate items don't slide off, and they even swing out individually so it's easy to add and remove garments.


A Drawer That Adds Storage Space To Your Fridge

Just hook this drawer onto one of the shelves in your fridge, and you'll have a convenient place to store greens, meats, or any other ingredient. The rails are adjustable so that it can accommodate a variety of shelves, and it's so large that it can even hold up to 20 eggs.


This Shelf That Fits Around Your Plumbing

Most shelves aren't designed to fit around the plumbing underneath your sink — but not this set which is designed to fit around your water pipes. Not only will the adjustable design fit underneath your sink, but one reviewer even raved that it takes "literally less than 1 min[ute] to set up!"


A Pack Of Dry-Erase Sticky Notes You Can Use Over And Over

Think of these sticky notes as miniature white boards that you can attach to various types of shiny surfaces, including glass, fridges, laptops, and more. They easily wipe clean with a cloth so that you can reuse them as many times as you like, and each order comes with a smudge-resistant marker to get you started.


The Organizer That Keeps All Your T-Shirts In One Place

Not only does this organizer compress your shirts into one compact stack, but you can also use it to get your shirts folded uniformly. Are your shirts already organized? Don't worry — this organizer still works great on your desk as a folder for important documents.


A Memo Panel That Attaches To The Side Of Your Monitor

When you need just a little extra space for notes, just stick this panel onto your monitor. It comes with adhesive so that it's easy to attach, and the rounded bottom gives you a platform to store your smartphone while you're working.


This Remote Control Caddy That Comes In Tons Of Colors

No matter what your living room or bedroom looks like, this remote control caddy probably comes in a color to match it. Choose from rich shades including pink, red, brown, or even yellow. It's made with high-quality faux leather, too.


A Pack Of Rose Gold Pins And Clips To Help You Stay Organized

Whether you're sticking this week's grocery list to the family cork board or clipping bank documents together, this set of multi-purpose clips means you won't have to go searching around for stray office supplies. Each set coms with 396 pins, and the rose gold color is a chic touch.


The Shelf Set That Adheres To Your Wall For Easy, Elegant Storage

You don't need to drill into your wall to hang up this shelf set— just use the included adhesive. The bond is strong: The shelves can hold up to 5 pounds each, and since the included shelves come in three convenient sizes (small, medium, and large), you can customize your arrangement for your storage needs. “This looks so good, super easy to install, and so highly functional,” one fan reported. “This end of my kitchen counter always had keys, phones, whatever. And now, it’s more clear.”


A Sponge Holder That's Rust-Resistant

Instead of corroding over time, this sponge holder is made from rust-resistant stainless steel that holds up against your wet sink. The wire basket allows for increased airflow so that your scrubbers dry quickly — and you have the choice of two finishes: silver or black.


This Monitor Stand That Features 3 Extra Shelves

With three bonus shelves on the side, this monitor riser is perfect for cluttered desks that need extra storage space. The shelves are wear-resistant as well as waterproof, and many reviewers raved about how they're "easy to assemble."


A Pack Of Cable Clips That's Perfect For Your Desk

Got tons of charging cables along your desk? If so, it might be time to grab these cable clips. Each clip has enough space for up to seven wires, and they're backed with sticky adhesive so that you can easily install them anywhere.


The Shelves That Are Almost Too Easy To Install

Made from thick, commercial-grade steel, these shelves are incredibly easy to install; just slide them onto any desk up to 1.75 inches thick, and they're ready to go. One reviewer even wrote, "This little gadget fits the bill and keeps me organized and limits the amount of space that my work is spread across the kitchen..."


A Pack Of Shoe Slots That Double Your Storage Space

By balancing your shoes on top of each other, these slots let you save up to 50% of the space on your shoe rack. They're suitable for various types of shoes, and the height is adjustable depending on how high your heels are. Each order comes with 10.


This Door-Hanging File Organizer With A Surprising Amount Of Uses

Don't have the floor or desk space for your mail, files, and other odds and ends? That's not a problem when you've got this over-the-door file organizer. It features four deep pockets for notebooks, magazines, and even other family essentials. One creative user reported: “I got this so I have a place to store our masks. Each family member has a pocket and it is hung on the closest by the door so we can grab one on the way out. It worksperfectly for what I wanted it for.”


A Pair Of Hangers Made For Bras And Camis

Bras and camis easily slide off most hangers, which is why these ones feature hooks that let them securely hold onto all types of straps. It's made from durable steel, and many reviewers wrote about how it's a "space-saver."


The Dish Drying Rack That Rolls Out Over Your Sink

Don't have enough room for a drying rack? Just use the open space over your sink with this roll-out version. The stainless steel bars are resistant to rust, and the tips are coated with non-slip silicone to help keep it stable as your dishes dry.


A Tiered Bathroom Organizer For Your Toiletries

Made from sturdy iron, this tiered organizer is perfect for storing your lotions, razors, hair ties, and other small toiletries. The rubber feet help prevent scratches to your bathroom countertop, and you can even use it as a spice rack. The options are almost endless.

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