These 4th of July crafts for kids are a fun way to spend the holiday.
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Celebrate America With These 4th Of July Crafts For Kids

They’re almost as fun as a fireworks show.

Keeping your kids entertained all summer long can be difficult. I’m not usually a crafty person, but on a hot summer day, sometimes I just let my kids go for it for the sake of staying inside and out of the sun. These 4th of July crafts for kids are a fun way to beat the heat, keep your kids occupied, and celebrate America’s birthday in one fell swoop.

Some crafts like wreaths, candle holders, and garland can add a pop of color and a burst of patriotic flair to your home. This is especially fun if you plan to host guests for an Independence Day get-together like a barbecue or pool party. (Because we finally can!) One craft in particular — recycled table lanterns with glow sticks inside — can even be used to illuminate your outdoor space in all of its red, white, and blue glory.

From tie-dyed tees to parade wands, there are also plenty of crafts on this list that your kids can use to celebrate the holiday with a flourish of stars and stripes. Let your child’s creative juices flow with an array of red, white, and blue crafts that look almost as sparkly as the 4th of July fireworks themselves.


Recycled Table Lanterns

Do you need a DIY centerpiece for your 4th of July bash? These red and blue recycled table lanterns from Creative Green Living are simple enough to make that your kids can actually do this project without much help at all. Plus, who doesn’t love playing with glow sticks on a balmy summer night?


Pom Pom Wreath

Grab some metallic pom poms, a wire wreath, and help your kids craft this 4th of July wreath from DIY Candy. It stands to reason that your kids probably don’t usually care much about what hangs on your front door, but if they have a hand in making a festive wreath like this one, they may just feel differently.


Blow Paint Firework Crowns

How cute are these blow paint firework crowns from Handmade Charlotte? They look super festive, are easy for your kids to make (though they may need help cutting out the crown shape and hot gluing the ends), and the craft activity will keep your kids entertained indoors on a hot summer day.


Tie-Dye Tees

Wearable crafts like bracelets and necklaces are always favorites around our house because my kids love to show off what they make. Red, white, and blue 4th of July tie-dye tees are the perfect way for kids to wear their creations out and about. Plus, this tutorial from Lovely Indeed is easy to follow.


Cardboard Hats

Can you just imagine how cute your kids will look wearing their DIY cardboard hats to a 4th of July parade? This craft tutorial from the blog Pink Stripey Socks shows you step by step how to create red, white, and blue mini hats and attach them to a headband for your kiddos.


Felt Star Magnets

If your fridge could use a 4th of July makeover, this smiling star magnet craft from Handmade Charlotte can add the perfect festive touch. Made from red, white, and blue felt, magnets, and some string, this craft also gives your kids a chance to practice their sewing skills to close the star’s edges together.


Candy Poppers

Real fireworks are fun and all, but they’re also super loud and there’s usually not candy involved. Follow the tutorial from the blog This Grandma Is Fun to make these firework-shaped candy poppers with your kids this 4th of July.


Beaded Drink Covers

To keep pesky bugs out of your drinks while you’re outside to watch fireworks light up the sky on July 4th, you and your kids can make these beaded drink covers from DIY Candy. Your kids will likely need a bit of help arranging the Perler beads into their desired pattern and ironing them into place, but once they’re set, the result is so pretty and patriotic.


Votive Candle Holders

With some wax paper, tissue paper, and a bit of ModPodge, you and your kids can create these patriotic votive candle holders to celebrate the 4th of July. The step-by-step tutorial from the ModPoge Rocks blog shows you exactly how to make this fun craft. Set them up indoors or out to brighten up your Independence Day celebration.


Parade Wands

If your family is heading to a parade to celebrate Independence Day this year, these parade wands from the blog Girl Loves Glam are a fun craft to try. Your kids will look adorable waving these red, white, and blue stars around town this 4th of July holiday.


Hanging Lanterns

This hanging lantern craft from Handmade Charlotte is made from recycled plastic bottles, paint, and yarn. You can also add pretty trim to each of the lanterns with hot glue to jazz them up a bit. Though they don’t light up like a traditional lantern, they’ll look super pretty hanging around your home this 4th of July.


Glitter Tape Flag

This flag craft from the No. 2 Pencil blog takes the flag-waving fun of the 4th of July to a whole new level. The craft uses glittery tape to create a flag motif on a wood slice, both of which you can easily find at most craft stores. Simply cut the glitter tape to the desired length and arrange in a flag pattern.


Duct Tape Wreath

Another fun wreath to make with kids this 4th of July is this red, white, and blue duct tape wreath from DIY Candy. Your kids could even hang this easy-to-make patriotic wreath right on their own bedroom door to celebrate the holiday.


Ribbon Wand

Instead of just waving their hands wildly as parade floats pass by, your kids can make their own red, white, and blue ribbon wands to celebrate July 4th. This super simple craft from This Grandma Is Fun is easy to customize with whatever ribbon you have at home.


Paper Plate Purse

These patriotic paper plate purses from Handmade Charlotte are such a creative way to help kids celebrate the 4th of July this year. If your kids aren’t into “purses” you could just call it a bag, or use it as a hanging decoration. Honestly though, I kind of want to tote around one of these red, white, and blue masterpieces myself.