If your kid can't get enough Minecraft, they're sure to love these building apps.
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7 Building Apps To Download If Your Kid Can't Get Enough Minecraft

My kids are on screens more than ever right now, and games like Minecraft, where they can build and create, are usually a hit. They play it non-stop. Like me, you might be looking for new building apps if your kid can't get enough Minecraft. Because, let's face it, they're going to ask to download something new eventually — they always do.

Minecraft draws out some sort of deep-seeded architectural skillset that I wasn't even aware my kids possessed until I stopped to watch them build one day. It's pretty phenomenal, and if you've ever sat in complete awe of a 6-year-old's complete pixelated re-creation of their favorite superhero sitting inside an imaginary theme park world they built themselves, you totally get it.

Minecraft also offers kids the opportunity to practice virtual survival skills like gathering food, building shelters, and protecting their virtual selves and property from threats. My kids are forever fighting over whether or not they should play the game in "survival mode" for fear that one player (*cough* *cough* my youngest) will inevitably succumb to a zombie attack.

These building apps are similar enough to Minecraft that they'll keep your kids occupied, but different enough that they'll be excited to take the time to learn how to play and navigate all new worlds. Keep these apps in mind the next time your kids are endlessly scrolling to decide which game to download next.



An oldie, but a goodie, Roblox is one of the primary apps that offers kids an opportunity to showcase their building prowess. The basic premise is pretty similar to Minecraft itself because its open-ended design allows kids to build new design after new design, as well as explore different worlds. Each world within the game is user-generated, so it offers plenty of creativity and exploration. The app is free to download on all platforms, but does host ads and optional in-app purchases.


WorldCraft: 3D Build & Craft

Having already shelled out some cash for my kids to have the PlayStation version of Minecraft, I'm always on the lookout for apps they can play that are similar, but don't require an additional purchase. With the free app WorldCraft, kids can build and create in a multiplayer or single-player environment where, like in Minecraft, they can enjoy playing to survive by mining the resources they need to build their own habitats, grow food, and the like. There are options for both online and offline game play, which is perfect for younger kids who want to enjoy building, but may not be old enough to engage with other players online.


Block Craft 3D: Building Games

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With Block Craft 3D, kids can craft and grow their own village within the game or explore the option of building freely in the game's unlimited open world. Reviews tout the app as extremely user-friendly, as it allows for unlimited building and creativity with its ease of use. Rated for users ages 4 and up in the Apple App Store, you can download this game for both iPad and iPhone. It is also available for download in the Google Play Store.



Kids can build and mine until their heart's content with the app MultiCraft. Just like Minecraft, this free app offers the option of playing on survival mode or creative mode depending on your child's skill level and what they want to build. Various tools, blocks, and weapons help players survive and build their own unique creations. MultiCraft is rated for players ages 9 and up in the Apple App Store. It's also available to download in the Google Play App.


RealmCraft 3D: Survive & Craft

RealmCraft 3D offers four different modes of game play for kids to enjoy: survival, creative, worlds, and mini-games. Both survival and creative modes operate much like Minecraft, but the worlds and mini-games options offer a new experience to explore already-made worlds and play multiplayer games like Snowball Fight and Egg Wars. The app is free to download on all platforms, but does offer in-app purchases.


PlanetCraft: Block Craft Games

PlanetCraft is another building app that is structured much like your child's beloved Minecraft that offers the opportunity to both build worlds and survive within existing ones. Like in Minecraft, each different world, or skin, offers the opportunity to create different things. However, your kids will need to collect coins to purchase these skins, which reviews say can take quite a bit of time and patience within the game. Available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play, this free app is best-suited for ages 4 and up.



In Buildcraft, players can place blocks, build structures, and fight to survive in the game's online multiplayer survival mode, or opt for mini-game mode where players can dig, craft, and build things from scratch. The game does include interactive tutorials to help new players learn the ropes, but the one drawback user reviews claim that makes this building app less like Minecraft than others is the lack of animals within their worlds. Buildcraft is available to download for free on all platforms.