9 Winter Beauty Mistakes You're Making & Need To Fix STAT

by Meg Kehoe

It’s January, and the struggle to get out of bed in the morning is all too real. Why would I want to drag myself out of bed in the morning when I could enjoy 10 more minutes of sleep under my cozy comforter? I wouldn’t, and that’s the problem. Because when winter comes along, I tend to get lazy — especially when it comes to my beauty routine. When the snow sets in, I’m prone to making more than a few winter beauty mistakes. And can you blame me? Skipping a few steps in my beauty routine means less time out in the chilly world and more time tucked in the warmth of my bed.

As it turns out, I’ve been consistently making a handful of mistakes every winter, with little to no excuse as to why. And chances are, you’re committing the same winter beauty sins. Plenty of precautions can be made without sacrificing precious morning moments in bed, and come spring, you’ be much better off. From keeping skin moisturized, to a switch in soap, to a simple little thing called a humidifier, this list of winter beauty mistakes and quick fixes to counteract is sure to help your skin, hair, and more. And all without disturbing the number one winter priority — being cozy.


You Keep Your Routine The Same

When the climate changes, so does your skin. “You must make certain that you are using the right products to adapt to your skin’s changing needs," celebrity esthetician Renee Rouleau wrote on his blog. He added that your skin produces less oil during the winter, so more oil needs to be added in order to keep your skin balanced. Roleau suggests looking for products that contain "safflower oil, avocado oil and shea butter" and adds that switching "from a gel cleanser to a cleansing lotion and eye creams are a must in the winter."


You Forget Your Feet

It's so easy to shove your feet in socks every day and forget about them. But Becky Kahn, owner of Garbo's Salon, tells me it's essential to maintain them so you can show them off come summer. "Forgetting to take your toenail polish off is one of the biggest dangers," says Kahn. As Cleveland Clinic notes, when you keep polish on too long, the pigment can soak into the top layers of your nails and dry them out. Kahn suggests keeping your feet "polish-free and well-moisturized."


You Skip Exfoliation

You may assume exfoliating should be dialed back in the winter months, but that's a myth. “If your skin is dry, tight and flakey, it means that you have dry skin cell build-up on the surface of the skin," Rouleau explained. "So rather than loading on cream to re-hydrate dry skin cells, increase your exfoliation to remove dryness."


You Linger In The Shower

The temptation to stand beneath that hot stream of water for an hour can be all too real when the rest of the world is a frigid mess, but it's not great for your skin. "You shouldn't shower for more than 5 to 10 minutes," dermatologist Patricia Farris told the Huffington Post, as long showers can strip your skin of moisture, leaving it even more dry than it was when you went in.


You Forget Sunscreen

Think you can get away with not wearing sunscreen because it's overcast? Think again. "The UVA rays, the ones responsible for changing the DNA in the skin causing premature lines, wrinkles and sagging, are almost the same strength from summer to winter," Rouleau wrote. If you're prone to forgetting this step, try incorporating a daily moisturizer that has an SPF already built in.


You Neglect Your Hair

Between static electricity, freezing temperatures, and the temptation to leave your hair damp to avoid over-drying your hair, winter can be tough on your hair. The simplest solution? "Wear a hat," Max Tyler of Antonino's Salon advises me. Protecting your hair from the elements is the first step in keeping your hair safe from winter's ugly grip.


You Expost Your Hands To The Elements

According to Roleau, wearing gloves is essential come winter, as it can help prevent your skin from drying out, and your nails from peeling. But there's another bonus. Roleau wrote that by wearing gloves in public places, " there is no need for the use of hand sanitizers as your hands are already protected." Double win!


You Use Too Much Bronzer

It can be tempting to continue bronzing yourself throughout the winter months — but using the same product year round? That's considered a no-no. Makeup Artist Mylah Morales told The Cut that using a light bronzer during the winter months is best. "If it's too dark, it will look orange or totally fake," she said, adding that you should look for a bronzer that's just one shade darker than your natural skin tone.


You Don't Use A Humidifier

Dry weather means dry skin. “Using a humidifier helps counteract the drying air so moisture is less likely to evaporate from your skin," Rouleau wrote. Aside from saving your skin from dry weather demise, Rouleau also preaches the use of a humidifier to help prevent the spread of the flu, and lessen static electricity.

Whether you're guilty of one or all nine of these winter beauty sins, fixing them can mean the difference between struggling through the season and transitioning smoothly through the winter months. Make these slight changes in your routine and ensure you shine through the freezing season!

Images: Yegar Chekmarev/Unsplash; Giphy (9)