4-Year-Old Girl Dressed Like Adele Had The Sweetest Thing To Say About The Singer

Valentina wowed the singer when Adele spotted her wearing a tiny replica of her Schiaparelli dress, and the feeling was mutual.

by Kaitlin Kimont

If you want to stop Adele in her tracks, hopefully you’re as cute as 4-year-old Valentina Arguello. The adorable little girl and her mother, Alexandra, recently scored last-minute tickets to see Adele at her Las Vegas residency and decided to dress the part. With less than 48 hours to prepare and help from her great-grandmother, Valentina wore a mini version of one of Adele’s most iconic gowns and left the concert with a viral video featuring the singer herself.

Alexandra Arguello tells Romper that once they got tickets to see Adele, Valentina did her fashion research. “Valentina was so excited to come with me,” Arguello says. The little girl initially wanted to wear a look from one of Adele’s music videos, but ultimately decided on the singer’s black and white Schiaparelli dress from 2021. (It’s the dress the singer wore when she made her relationship with her boyfriend, Rich Paul, Instagram official.)

Fortunately, Arguello’s grandmother, Lorelei, is clearly a very talented seamstress and managed to create a masterpiece with less than 48 hours to spare. Arguello says Lorelei “put her soul into making” a tiny replica of that gorgeous dress for Valentina so her great-granddaughter “could be the mini Adele she wanted to be.” Arguello even shared a behind-the-scenes video of how the dress came to be.

Valentina and her mom were ready for a night to remember. The mother-daughter duo are, of course, major Adele fans and love to “belt her songs in the car together,” Arguello shares. Valentina is especially fond of “Rolling in the Deep” and wants to be a performer like Adele when she grows up. So with her slicked back in a low, sleek bun, Valentina was on a mission to meet her idol.

“When Adele started walking our way, I was nervous to see if she would notice Valentina,” Arguello says. “The whole concert Valentina was trying to wave and kept telling me she wanted to meet her.” Adele did eventually notice her tiny fan in the audience and walked right up to her.

“When Adele saw her and I saw Adele’s face, my heart melted,” Arguello recalls. “I was having palpitations and of course was excited myself to see her so close but didn’t want to intervene on my daughter’s excitement and moment. I knew this would be a memory forever.”

On Sunday, Arguello shared a video of the incredible moment on Instagram, which has quickly gone viral. In the video, Adele is singing “When We Were Young” when she spots Valentina in the crowd. Her jaw drops and then goes to kneel in front of her young fan. “Hi! I love your dress,” she says as she continues to sing and then guides Valentina and turn around to pose for her mom.

“For the first time ever Valentina was speechless and seemingly starstruck,” Arguello says. “She was fully in the moment.” After she walked away to continue with the concert, Valentina happily reported to her mom that Adele “is so pretty and she smells like flowers!”

The moment was also incredibly special for Arguello as she’s loved her music for many years and appreciates Adele’s openness about her mental health. “It has been amazing to grow up with an artist who is so genuine and down to earth,” she shares. “I was in a room with thousands of people who have also been touched by her artistry. It was beautiful to see her recognize such a young fan.”