These Aldi Fall Products Will Make All Of Your Pumpkin Spice Dreams Come True

Fall is definitely in the air at Aldi in September. Get excited.

Usually, I’m the one who rolls their eyes and gets annoyed about people being obsessed with the #PSL from Starbucks. But after living through a crazy year, I am way more on the “live-and-let-live” bandwagon. So I don’t even care who reads me saying this, but bring on the pumpkin spice. All of the pumpkin spice. The weirder the better. Because pumpkin spice means fall is here (or on the way, as the case may be in Georgia where the high is in the ‘90s today). Aldi will be stocking their shelves with some amazingly festive (and some delicious) fall products for all of us to enjoy beginning the first week of September.

Whether you like eating your fall favorites or smelling them, Aldi has got you covered with sweet and spicy treats and fall-scented candles and decor. Like mixing your salts and your sweets? Aldi’s got you covered. Are you more of a cookies person? They’ve got you there, too. And if you don’t like pumpkin spice, they have plenty of other fall faves — like apple — to get you in the crunchy leaves spirit.

Most items will be hitting the shelves between Sept. 8 and 10, so grab your quarter for your cart deposit and head over to the nearest Aldi. The season of pumpkin spice everything is coming soon.


Pumpkin Spice Sandwich Cremes

At only $1.99 a bag, these Pumpkin Spice Flavored Creme Cookies are the perfect fall treat. I think they’ll give my beloved Oreos a run for their money if I’m being honest. Mmmm, I can just taste that spice now.


Apple Crisp Ground Coffee

Hazelnut flavored coffee? Vanilla flavored coffee? Nope. Can you say tired? This Apple Crisp flavored coffee is officially wired. It definitely screams fall, and is the perfect treat for your morning cup of joe — especially if you’re not a fan of pumpkin spice, which, how dare you. Oh, and did I mention it’s only $3.79?


Ceramic Pumpkin Candle

How cute is this little ceramic pumpkin candle? When this $7 candle is not burning its delicious-smelling fall scent, it looks like super cute decor on its own with the removable stem placed on top.


Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Sweet Potato Chips

They’re healthy because they’re sweet potato, right? Even if they’re not healthy, these decadent cinnamon brown sugar sweet potato chips for $2.50 will be like a fall explosion in your mouth. And the best part? No oven necessary.


Caramel Apple Pretzels

A fall fair favorite, caramel apples, paired with one of the greatest snacks of all time? Yes, please. Your Memaw will be proud of you for mixin’ your salts and your sweets with these decadent caramel apple covered pretzels for just $1.99.


Nature's Nectar Sparkling Fresh Cider

Love a good cider in the fall, but without the alcohol? These Sparkling Fresh Ciders for only $4 for a 4-pack should be right up your alley.


Smoked Pumpkin Cider 3-Wick Candle

This particular scent I will have to smell it before I can believe it, but doesn’t a “smoked pumpkin cider” sound magical, albeit a bit odd? I can’t wait to try, and at just $4 a candle, you can try all three scents, including the honey glazed pear cider candle, and the pumpkin ginger snap candle.


Pumpkin Spice Pretzels

If the caramel apple pretzels weren’t your bag, or you want all the fall pretzel items in your pantry this year, these Pumpkin Spice Yogurt Covered Pretzels for just $1.99 will make a great addition to your fall snack collection.


State of Brewing Pumpkin Pie Cider

If you like your cider “hard,” then these $8 Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Ciders are sure to be a win-win in your household. Perfect for those blustery fall evenings by the fire watching your favorite scary movie.


Pumpkin Cheesecake Drizzled Caramel Corn

And who can forget the other fall fair favorite, caramel corn? Not only is caramel corn amazing on its own, but add a pumpkin cheesecake drizzle? Y’all. Y’all. Grab this $3 bag ASAP. This would make a great addition to a sweet and salty snack board, with some of those pretzels, cheeses, and maybe even a handful of candy corn. Delish.