Abi Berwager Schreier

Abi is an Atlanta-based lifestyle writer for Romper, reporting on books, fertility, pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding, parenting, pop-culture, and anything else new parents are googling these days. Abi’s byline has appeared in Parade magazine; alternative weekly Creative Loafing, where she wrote articles about music and books; Atomic Family Magazine, where she wrote about alternative parenting and families; and I Love McDonough, her hometown's local news website. Abi also worked three years as a copywriter and editor for an international law firm’s business development department. In addition to writing for Romper, Abi's also a freelance writer and editor, where she is a ghostwriter of blog posts and industry articles, press releases, biographies, mission statements, web content, and any other editorial-related branding. When Abi isn’t writing or copy editing, she loves being a mom to her 1-year-old son Jack, going to concerts (preferably metal shows), reading anything she can get her hands on, hiking, listening to her vinyl records, and spending time at home with the rest of her family — a husband, two cats, and two beagles — which she lovingly refers to as "The Funny Farm." She is also obsessed with 'The Golden Girls' and rewatches old episodes daily. Dorothy Zbornak is Abi’s soul sister and Patronus. You can follow Abi on Instagram at @abskidxx and learn more about her work on www.abigalewrites.com/.