Don't Forget Your Quarter

I Personally Want To Play With This Aldi Grocery Store Set

Definitely going to make my kids bag their own groceries.

There are few things I love more than an Aldi run. From the competitive prices (like, seriously, how has everyone else not caught on yet) to the ban on artificial food dyes in all their store-brand items, it’s a pretty great place to shop as a family of five. And now my own girls can pretend-shop with their favorite quarter-eating grocery carts with the new Aldi grocery store playset. (Yes, the toy cart has a quarter slot.)

If your children are into pretend play of any kind, they’ll love this, but as an Aldi shopper? Well, you’re going to personally obsess over the details. Head to the Aldi Finds aisle (you know, that magical spot in the store where all the special and cute things are) for a limited time, and you can snag a few new Aldi toys. There’s the Bee Happy Aldi Food Market ($39.99), Bee Happy Aldi play shopping set ($12.99), and a Jakks Aldi shopping cart ($14.99). All of the items together can have your family pretending to shop at Aldi all day long, and like the actual products and groceries in the store, the prices can’t be beat here. For all three, it’s only $67.97.


I mean, just look at the details! That macaroni and cheese is literally in my pantry right now, and so are the fruit snacks. The grocery items look exactly like the ones you’re already buying, along with the iconic reusable bag. And kids will love using the pretend quarter with the cart — I mean, that’s half the fun of shopping at Aldi, right?

There is also play money and an Aldi basket included in these, so you can really expand your play. I love how simple the entire playset is, and it doesn’t have a huge footprint. So if you’re working with a small space or just really don’t need another massive toy taking up a section of your house, this is a great option. Kids of all ages will play with this as well, and it’s a really nice, open-ended pretend toy for them.

You can find these Aldi playsets in the Aldi Finds aisle while supplies last. Like all of the magical products on that special aisle, it won’t last forever.