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11 Recipes To Make In Your Always Plan

Delicious meal ideas for Our Place’s Insta-famous pan.

If you’ve been on Instagram in the past two or so years (and who among us has not?) then chances are you’ve seen an ad (or 500) for Our Places’ Always Pan. The pans, which have amassed a loyal following, are coated in non-stick ceramic so they’re non-toxic; they come in an array of mostly pastels and some matte brights that look just as suited for a millennial-aesthetic store as they do the stove. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the Always pan or have yet to even open the box, these Always Pan recipes prove how versatile this kitchen cool can be.

If you’re to drop $145 on a pan, you’ll want to make sure you actually, you know, cook with it (as opposed to stare lovingly at its beauty). These Always Pan recipe ideas are wonderful one-pan ideas that will get you out of a cooking rut, plus many of the recipes are kid-friendly or can be tweaked to be. And rest assured that whatever kind of cooktop you have (yep, even induction) is compatible with the Always Pan. Designed to replace eight traditional pieces of cookware, as the brands’ website says, the pan comes with a spatula, spoon rest, and steamer basket.

And yes, when you cook with it it’s going to get dirty and splashed, but rest assured that soapy water and a sponge will get it looking great. Read on for Always Pan recipe ideas that will get you excited to cook dinner (and clean it up because it’s only one pan).


Always Pan Pork Chops

These Always Pan pork chops are delicious and they come together quickly, perfect for a busy weeknight. “I used salt and pepper and a homemade BBQ rub (courtesy of @keto4karboholics),” Jessica of @mn_foodie_ tells Romper. Then she cooked them on both sides for about three to five minutes each. She took the chops out of the pan briefly because she was “too lazy” to get another pan. “I put them back in to cover in sauce and voila! It was literally the quickest dinner and clean up was practically non-existent.”


Always Pan Lasagna

This deconstructed lasagna made in an Always Pan is truly mouth-watering, and it’s a recipe you can expect the whole family to eat (and ask for seconds of). Cayla of @thesavvyspoon has the whole recipe linked on her post, but you’ll be pleased to know that it’s just five ingredients (and just one pan or pot).


Always Pan Sausage, Corn, & Peppers

This simple and tasty Mexican street corn, peppers, and sausage skillet will be a savior on busy night where everyone has sports practice and tons of homework. The full detailed recipe can be found in the post from @lunchesandlittles, and you could serve this over rice, in a burrito, or just as is (and would be great with eggs for breakfast).


Always Pan Frittata

Use your Always Pan to whip up your go-to breakfast frittata recipe. Or, take a page from @thebrightblooms’s book and fill yours with feta, chili, and mint for a breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) meal that’s bursting with refreshing flavor.


Always Pan Spicy Satay Noodles

Can you ever go wrong with the fusion of noodles and crunchy peanut butter? I think not. These spicy satay noodles are sure to be a crowd-pleased, plus they’re a delicious way to get a bunch of veggies. Mel of @veg.e.tarian breaks down all the steps in her Instagram post so you can easily make this one at home.


Always Pan Shakshuka

This Always Pan Shakshuka from Helen of @just_eatreal_food is a deeply satisfying and warming blend of eggs, tomato sauce, and herbs. It’s delicious any time of day, and it will make your kitchen smell amazing as it cooks. You could also serve this with bread to get every last drop.


Always Pan Ramen & Bok Choy

Yep, you can even make ramen in the Always Pan as Saaria from @sariafoodlife shoes. This recipe combines fragrant ginger and garlic with bok choy, heirloom tomatoes, and ramen noodles (and so much more) for a craveable dish you’ll want to make again and again.


Always Pan Kimchi Fried Rice

Always Pan kimchi fried rice is absolutely delicious (just look at that perfect egg). Theresa of @teekeatz has tons of amazing Asian recipes you can easily recreate at home, and this is one you’ll want to make again and again.


Always Pan Veggie Pasta

Your kids may not love veggies but chances are they’ll eat them when there’s pasta involved. This Always Pan recipe from Trish of @thisorganizedchaosnj is easy to make and it hits a ton of food groups (veggies, carbs, and protein thanks to the chicken sausage). The recipe is clearly written out— just scroll through the photos on the post.


Always Pan Spicy Pork Udon

This comforting dish and hearty dish looks like just the thing that would hit the spot on a cold winter night. As @thymeafterthyme_ says in her post, this one-pan spicy pork udon recipe is actually courtesy of Blue Apron though you could definitely tweak it based on what you have in the pantry.


Always Pan Broccoli Rabe

This vibrant, bright green Always Pan broccoli rabe from Meghan of @thatplantbasedgal is anything but boring. Bursting with flavors like tamari with a hint of chili, this is a side that will make any meal brighter and more fresh. The full recipe is written on her post.

Whether you’ve been thinking about buying the Always Pan (those ads will get ya) or you already have one, these recipe ideas are crowd-pleasers, and they’re a breeze to clean up.