These Instagram captions for pictures of your kids getting along are perfect.
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30 Cute Instagram Captions For Pictures Of Your Kids Getting Along

Because you have to document this moment, right?

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One of the less-acknowledged duties of parenting is the role of diplomat: helping mitigate conflicts and forging armistices amongst your children. Your kids love each other, but sibling politics are a complicated affair, arising from toy custody disagreements, territory disputes, and occasionally, subterfuge. However, there are many blissful times of peace when your children display how they're cut from the same cloth, and you may want to celebrate this rare opportunity of your children getting along with the perfect Instagram caption. After all, you’ll want to immortalize the moments of unity as a reminder for yourself (especially during long road trips).

Of course, the more your children get along, the more adorable mischief they can get in. As their partnership develops, they'll start to learn two heads are better than one, especially when it comes to fun hijinks. The more the merrier (and messier), and it's amazing to watch the developing bonds between siblings, even when that means they raise heck together. Whether these moments of simpatico are once in a blue moon, or if it's just another day of escapades for your squad of little ones, here are some humorous photo captions to accompany photos of your children joining forces… for better or worse.

Sharing is caring. Even when it comes to mud.

Sometimes sharing means sharing everything: dirt, germs, and muddy footprints. For those adorably messy photos of your children getting along as they squish their fingers in dirt and join forces to track every bit of caked on mud through your house, this Instagram caption says it all. It’s also a cute reminder for those days when your washing machine was constantly pulling double duty and doing more than its fair share of the loads. (Pun absolutely intended.)

At first I was just happy they were getting along… now I’m worried what they’re plotting.

Who knows what plots those little scamps are concocting. When your kids are getting along and you snap a photo, it’s equal parts “oh my gosh I literally gave them a best friend for life” and “oh my gosh what have I done, they’re eventually going to gang up on me.” Deep breaths. Fingers crossed their sweet friendship and moments of peace don’t turn into moments of war for you.

And he said he’d never get used to having a younger sister.

Sometimes your kids don’t like the idea of a new sibling until they realize the recruitment potential. The best part about watching your kids get along is that, eventually, it just happens so subtly you can’t help but wonder if your kids even notice that they’re all best buddies.

I told them "inside voices," so they went outside.

The more they get along, the higher the decibel. It’s just science. But some of my own favorite childhood memories are playing outside with my siblings, so watching that be recreated by your own kids is just top notch and worthy of an Instagram post.

Just five minutes ago they weren’t on speaking terms.


For when it seems the “silent treatment” doesn't last long, this is the perfect Instagram caption. Your kids are getting along, when just a few moments before they were ready to rip each other’s heads off. Blessed be the winds of change, and also the few minutes of peace it buys you.

I told them to cooperate. I didn’t realize they’d unionize.

Well, at least they’re working as a team, right? Look, if your kids are getting along and you want to take an Instagram picture, you kind of just have to take what you can get. Worth it though. Even when there’s a mess to clean up later. (See Instagram caption idea #1 above.)

I’m certainly not going to tell them they can’t dress as each other for Halloween.

Why burst their bubble? If your kids are suddenly the one or two or three best friends that anyone could have, you might as well soak it all up and let them know that it’s totally fine to be as close as humanly possible. And hey, this is a very easy Halloween costume for the whole family to pull together.

I live for these moments. Until they turn on me.

This is the Instagram caption for the picture of your kids sweetly playing together and getting along, but you just know that they’re plotting to do something like turn the flour into snow for all of their action figures or something.

It’s so much easier to pull off a heist when you’ve got a partner.

There’s no “I” in “team,” but there’s an “i” and “me” in crime. Your kids getting along for an Instagram picture goes deeper than social media. This is a friendship that is going to keep growing until you’re left wondering where one of them ends and the other begins. Double, double, toil and trouble.

It turns out you CAN have a tea party with robot-fairy-ninjas.

Instead of fighting, they've combined make-believe genres. Is there any better proof that your kids are getting along than your dinosaur-obsessed child suddenly allowing the Barbies to join in their prehistoric games? (Even if the Barbies are just being eaten by a T-Rex.)

Like two horses in harness. Now I wish someone would tell me where this wagon is going.

Did you know that horse teams that like each other can trot faster? The same thing seems to go for children. If your kids are getting along for an Instagram photo, expect to be a little more exhausted than you previously were when you were just trying to break apart their fights.

The tides of war have changed: there’s no more pivotal discovery than when the youngest has found the tickle spot.


It’s a watershed moment when the younger sibling discovers “the tickle zone.” Now there’s still a wrestling match happening as your kids get along, but it’s full of giggles instead of war cries of “MINE!” and “NO I HAD THAT FIRST!” A win if there ever was one for Instagram.

You don’t get to choose your family. But you do get to choose which Disney movie to watch together.

Use this Instagram caption on a picture of your kids finally getting along by compromising on their Disney+ viewing party. It’s a long road to both of them agreeing to watch Cinderella, but it’s worth documenting for your Instagram feed.

Historical photo of the Treaty of Versailles, 1920.

One for the history books, right? Use this Instagram caption for a picture of your kids getting along when the oldest suddenly decides to share some LEGOs or when the youngest is very nicely playing next to their big sibling instead of intentionally pushing buttons for the heck of it.

They’ve discovered their mess productivity increases when they synergize.

They’re collaborating, but does their collaboration have to get everywhere? Use this Instagram caption for a photo of your kids getting along when you’re excited that they’re best buddies, but also just so tired.

Thick as thieves… cookie thieves.

A regular Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Fully expect your Instagram pictures of your kids getting along to show a slow move from fighting to hoisting each other up so they can be twice as tall to reach the Halloween candy on top of the refrigerator.

At first he wanted the stork to take his baby brother back… now he’s got a slingshot to fend off any storks who dare approach.

If any storks want to get to the baby, they’ll have to get through him first. There’s nothing like watching your kids get along and knowing that they’ll protect each at all costs. (Unfortunately, that might include you, too. If you put one of them in timeout, be prepared for sibling retaliation.)

The greatest gift I’ll ever give them is each other.

This Instagram caption for a picture of your kids getting along is a bit sappy and sentimental, but just so sweet and encompasses all the feelings. Use it when they’re quietly playing together, when your big kid is reading to the baby, when all they’re doing is snuggled up on the couch watching Peppa Pig. It’s such a sweet moment to see the bond between siblings grow, and luckily you get to see it over and over again, every single day.

A group of lions is called a "pride," a group of porcupines is called a "prickle," and my kids are called a "conspiracy."

In David Attenborough voice: “Here we see a pair of stinkers in their natural habitat.” This is the ultimate Instagram caption for a picture of your kids getting along. It says it all — this is a miracle of nature, and also this is a little bit scary and could potentially be dangerous for all of us.

I’m saving this photo to show them when they’re teenagers arguing over who gets the car.

Keep these precious memories for posterity, you may need them to embarrass your kids later. And to remind them just how much they used to get along. “You used to fight over Paw Patrol and made it through to be best friends! How is this any different?”

Two peas on an iPad.

Nothing brings peace like a shared screen. Use this Instagram caption for a picture of your kids getting along when they are both silently mystified by the electric blue glow of an iPad screen.

We’re going on vacation. He wants to make sure we pack his little sister so she doesn’t get left behind.

What? The luggage carousel looked like fun! Use this Instagram caption for a picture of your kids getting along — especially if one of them is trying to shove the other into a duffel bag for that Disney World vacay.

Their Tug o’ War just became a Hug o’ War.

Turns out you can hug with these nuclear arms, and it deserves to be memorialized in an Instagram picture for all of eternity.

A sibling is the lens through which you see your childhood.

The best Instagram pictures of your kids getting along are the ones where you feel like you’re looking through a lens right into your own childhood. So seeing your kids watch Nickelodeon together, just like you did in the ‘90s with your own siblings, is worth this sweet Instagram caption and a photo on your feed.

Sure, they can fight with each other, but nobody else can.

Even in a cute Instagram picture of your kids getting along, this caption is a sweet reminder that they are allowed to fight and argue with each other, but nobody else is allowed to get involved. Your kids will protect each other to the ends of the earth — but then still call each other a poopy head.

“As soon as I saw you, I knew a grand adventure was about to happen.” — Winnie-the-Pooh

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This classic Winnie-the-Pooh quote is perfect for those first photos of your children ever getting along, even if the only time it happened was in the hospital when you introduced them. But this Instagram caption also works great for Instagram photos of the two of them going off on their first big adventure together, like soaking the bathroom in toothpaste or tackling each other to the ground in their first wrestling match.

Did they just become best friends? Yup!

A slight turn on this classic quote from Stepbrothers is perfect for every single Instagram picture of your kids getting along. This is the kind of Instagram caption that says it all — a real-time friendship appearing right before your eyes, and the knowledge that life will never be the same again. (Get ready for the pee wars.)

Siblings: The only enemies they can’t live without.

Use this Instagram caption for a picture of your kids getting along because it speaks the truth: sure, they’re best buddies right now, but they also know how to push each other’s buttons until you think they’ll never get along again. Combine it all together and you have siblings — the only enemies they can’t live without.

It’s not about what we have in life, it’s about who we have.

Your kids may fight over toys or constantly request new improvements to their bedrooms, but this Instagram caption for a picture of your kids getting along proves that none of that matters, as long as they have each other as besties.

OK, I think it’s time to make some friendship bracelets.

Your kids getting along means that they are officially each other’s first best friend, and this Instagram caption commemorates that moment perfectly. Break out the beads and rainbow string, because it’s time to make some friendship bracelets. (That they’ll promptly lose or fight over, but it’s the thought that counts.)

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