Katie Goldin

Katie Goldin is a lifestyle writer at Romper, with an interest and background in science, including child developmental psychology and medicine. She likes to approach things with humor, and doesn't think anyone should feel intimidated by "gross" or complex subject matters. Katie graduated from Harvard, where she studied psychology and evolutionary biology. She worked in the pharmaceutical eLearning field for a while, before writing humor and informational articles. Her writing has been featured in publications including Cracked.com, Bunnyears.com, The Wall Street Journal, and she pretends to be a bird on Twitter under the name “Birds Rights Activist” (@ProBirdRights). She’s also the host/producer of Creature Feature, a HowStuffWorks/iHeartRadio comedy podcast that explores animal and human behaviors. Katie lives in LA with one dog and one human, enjoys a variety of crafts such as felting and accidentally hot gluing her fingers together, is an amateur birdwatcher, and loves Garfield comics.