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15 Minimalist Baby Outfits Inspired By Meghan Markle's Timeless Style

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, sports an iconic, minimalist style that is completely gorgeous. She tends to pick out clean lines, neutral colors, simple patterns, and flowing jackets to fill out her wardrobe. They look absolutely stunning on her, and by taking her fashion as an inspiration, you can find classic, minimalist baby clothes that are precious for your little one. There are plenty of some cute baby outfits out there, which match the spirit of the Duchess of Sussex’s looks, but don't require you to crack open the royal bank vault.

Just because she’s minimalistic doesn’t mean she’s not fun: Meghan Markle’s style seems to indicate that she loves buttons, stripes, bows, and fun patterns, which also happen to look darling on baby clothing. The outfits in this list (for babies and toddlers) share another common thread with that of Meghan Markle’s wardrobe: they show that a minimalist style doesn’t mean you won’t stand out. An eggshell white coat is as eye-catching and adorable as a colorful outfit, while a ruffle or two is just enough to fancy-up a simple, clean aesthetic.

Here are 15 cute Meghan Markle-inspired minimalist baby outfits you'll want to buy stat.


Cream Baby Sweater

This adorable cream sweater has the softness and simplicity of iconic Meghan Markle coats and sweaters. It's constructed with a waffle knit, and is designed to be comfortably roomy. It's handmade in Canada, and is highly rated by reviewers.


Dark Gray Bodysuit

The neck ruffle is what makes this bodysuit so adorable. The simple design is incredibly cute, and is made of grade one organic cotton. It's also a onesie that can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion. If your baby is about to attend a fancy gala with Elsa and Anna, you can glam this outfit up with some pearls, but it still works if she's going to a casual tea party with Elmo.


Blazer and Shorts

I'm not sure if I can properly express how cute tiny blazers are without screaming. This simple, tan blazer and shorts looks like the kind of suit that would be Markle-approved (and she often sports simple, neutral-colored blazers herself). With a pair of teeny loafers, your baby will be ready to meet the Duchess herself.


Navy Cardigan Bodysuit

Some of Meghan Markle's more casual outfits involve big buttons, navy colors, and flowing cardigans. This little bodysuit has the look of a classic and clean cardigan. Did I mention the buttons? If not, let me say it again: Big. Adorable. Buttons.


Hooded Cardigan

This creamy, hooded cardigan with adorable little buttons (look, I like buttons) is cozy and adorable. An adult version might wind up on a more casually attired Meghan Markle. It also comes in dark beige and grey.


Pattern-knit Bib Overalls

Pinks, peaches, and dusty roses are often found amongst The Duchess of Sussex's wardrobe. This little pattern-knit overalls looks comfy and precious. Meghan Markle herself enjoys wearing a knit sweater, especially a camel color or light pink cashmere, according to the Dress Like A Duchess website.


Dotted Jumpsuit

The little winged sleeves on this jumpsuit looks very similar to the kinds of dresses Markle favors. The black and white design, with an unassuming pattern, is cute and bold. It comes in sizes from 6-months to 5-years.


Cotton Blouse

This sweet little pink blouse is an adorable top that looks like it came straight from the Duchess's closet. And at only $18 it's extremely affordable. It also comes in a light striped blue color.


Embroidered Top With Tulle

The little ruffles running down the sides of this white top add a bit of pizzaz to this simple white top. There's also a bit of embroidery on the ruffles, which gives it a bit more flavor. And there's a tiny hint of pink in the color.


Basic Trench

Meghan Markle is the queen of trench coats (well, the duchess, at least). This adorable little trench looks like a miniature version of a premium, expensive coat that might warm the shoulders of royalty. Fortunately, it's affordable, and even comes with a checkered lining.


Baby Girls Striped Bow Dress

Meghan Markle may have a minimalist style, but she doesn't shy away from bold patterns and stripes. This adorable dress features pinstripes and a giant bow. It's on sale at a discount on Macy's.


Baby Girls Cotton Striped Skirt Dress

Little tiny bows. Say it with me, little tiny bows! The navy and pinstripe is very in line with Meghan Markle's style. But some (me) might argue this dress is even better, on account of the adorable accents. Fill me up a swimming pool of tiny bows, please.


Girls Fantasia Dress Jiya

This dress is a bit higher priced, and a bit fancier. It looks like a dress Meghan Markle might wear to a fancy royal event. I'm not exactly sure what the royal family gets up to, I imagine a lot of galas, balls, charities, and something to do with polo. Your baby would fit right in next to the duchess in this adorable ruffly dress.


Checker Handmade Dress

Here's another print that could well be featured amongst Meghan Markle's wardrobe. An adorable checkered print that looks hand drawn, on a handmade dress. The print makes this dress look spontaneous and fun.


Ralph Lauren Baby Girls Striped Fit & Flare Dress

The navy blue stripes, and the adorable bow, make this a show-stopper of a dress. The pleated navy skirt is also a favorite style of the Duchess's. It's adorable and a classic look that can't go wrong.