BJ's Top 10 Holiday Toys List Is Here, & There's A Top Secret 'Frozen 2' Toy

What's that, off in the distance? It's the holidays, and they're careening towards us at a surprisingly rapid pace. If you’re shopping early (or simply researching) for some gifts for your kids for this holiday season, BJ’s Wholesale Club's top 10 holiday toys list is a great place to start. These toys are exclusive to BJ's and will be available on October 7, 2019 both in-stores and online, according to their team, so you can follow the shopping adventure that's most convenient to you. A handful are even available now.

A lot of these toys are classics, and some even look fun enough for parents to play along with their kids (like the “What’s In The Box” toy). There’s even going to be a Frozen 2 toy that’s apparently so shrouded in secrecy, BJ’s can't even reveal it yet. Is it a new Anna or Elsa doll? A life-sized robotic Olaf? A snow machine? I imagine it’s being kept safely in a locked crate, to which there exists only two keys, one of which must be held by the Queen of England. Luckily, in time, you’ll be able to get that toy through BJ’s stores and websites, rather than fighting for it in a parental Thunderdome.

Scroll down to check out which toys BJ's anticipates will be super hot this holiday season and can only be found at their stores or website.


PJ Masks Seeker Playset with Cat Car

The PJ Masks Seeker Playset is an action-figure-and-car combo toy, featuring Connor the "Catboy," who transforms at night when he puts on his pajamas. The toy will be available for $60.


Ryan’s World Ultimate Smashing Red Titan with BONUS Safe

This robot comes from the Ryan's World line of toys. Believe it or not, these toys originated from a little boy's YouTube series, "Ryan ToysReview," which has over 21 million subscribers. The toy comes with a smashable safe, and a tiny Ryan figure. It retails for $35.


T.O.T.S. Surprise Babies Nursery Care Set

Alright, who put all these baby animals in diapers? I'm pretty sure animals don't usually wear diapers, but the Disney Junior T.O.T.S. (Tiny Ones Transport Service) do. Pip the Penguin and Freddy the Flamingo who are non-stork baby deliverers. The playset comes with 10 baby animals, and accessories, and can be bought for $20.


What’s In the Box with 4 BONUS Bags

This looks fun enough to play along with your kids! The What's in the Box toy (made popular by Jimmy Fallon) challenges kids to figure out by feel what they're holding. It comes with bags of objects as well. Hopefully there's no frogs in there! $18 is all you'll need to spend for hours of fun.


Baby Alive Snackin’ Twins Luke & Lily

Baby Alive can eat, and well, what goes in also comes out (something fun as a kid, but as adults we're all scratching our heads as to why you would want to deal with all those poopy diapers). Fortunately, the food in this case comes out exactly the same as it goes in: as pretend dough that can be formed into shapes. It retails for $30.


Rainbow Fluffies – with Matching Mini

The Rainbow Fluffies Puppy is already available, so you can buy it now as long as you've got a great hiding spot. It's a soft plush toy that turns into a rainbow, and back into a puppy. It also comes with a bonus mini stuffed toy. It's for ages 3+ and will set you back $17.


GoldieBlox 2-in-1 Light-Up Diffuser & Aroma Jewelry Mega Set

The GoldieBlox toys, for older children encourages kids (especially girls, who are often overlooked in marketing "construction" toys) to build and create. This creation kit allows kids to make custom scents, a diffuser, and aroma jewelry. It will be available for $20.


Blume Hair Stylin’ Surprise, 2-pack

These adorable dolls "grow" right out of the pot! Their hair look like fabulous flower blooms (or pineapples, or clouds). The Blume Blue Hair Stylin' Surprise set is already available on BJ's for $20.


Myla the Magical Unicorn with BONUS Accessories

Unicorns will never lose their appeal. And robot unicorns with a magical wand that can change the color of their "makeup?" Oh come on, why wasn't this a toy when I was a kid? This unicorn toy from VTech Toys can sing, move her head, and her lights change color at the touch of a magic makeup brush. She'll be available for $20.


The Mystery 'Frozen 2' Toy

Who knows what this Frozen 2 toy will be. It's so exclusive, those who have seen it must pledge under oath that they will not reveal its secrets. Alright I may have made that up, but I'm still curious what it'll be. A magical Elsa ice-making machine? I can dream, can't I? Frozen fans will unfortunately all have to wait until October 7 to get their hands on this exclusive product, but really, it'll be here before you know it.