When You're In The Mood & In A Hurry, These 15 Sexy Trailers Will Do The Trick

Do you want to set the mood to a hot, steamy, sensual movie? Well, frankly, nobody’s got time to watch a whole damn movie before engaging in some good old fashioned sexual intercourse. Nothing kills the mood like 15 minutes of plot exposition and character introductions. Instead, why not set your sights on something a bit more abridged, like these 15 movie trailers that will get you in the mood for sex. Think of these as cinematic quickies: just a little taste of that movie magic to get the ol’ popcorn popping. To get that film reel turning. You know. Sexual arousal.

Of course, there’s different strokes for different folks, if you know what I mean. And what I mean is: Different styles of cinematography will appeal to different audiences. So while this list is not going to be all-encompassing (listen. if the Cats trailer does it for you, I’m not going to judge) I’ll do my best to include as many colors from the technicolor (sexual) rainbow as possible. So grab some popcorn, your partner(s), some scented candles, some lube (popcorn butter does not count), and enjoy these steamy, sensual, reasonably paced trailers (some for films that have yet to hit the theaters, and others that already have).


Fire (1996)

Fire is a 1996 Indo-Canadian film directed by Deepa Mehta. It's a story revolving around the romance between two women, both in marriages and in a culture that is unaccepting of the love between them. The trailer is sensual, emotional, romantic, and a classic.


Secretary (2002)

Secretary is a classic film that took a step towards destigmatizing BDSM, and portrayed a healthier relationship than featured in 50 Shades of Grey. It demonstrated that the "submissive" role can be empowering. The movie is funny, sexy, and importantly, shows a BDSM relationship that is less problematic than most movies typically offer.


9½ Weeks (1986)

This movie may be old, but it's still steaming hot. 1986's 9½ Weeks is unabashedly sexy, featuring a young Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger. The pair engage in some rollicking-good sexual adventures, and the trailer is pretty sultry.


Weekend (2011)

2011's Weekend starts off as a hookup, and slowly develops into a bittersweet love story. It's about the tender and surprisingly deep emotions that can surround hookups. Despite the casual nature of their hookup, two men find that their chance encounter means much more to them than they would have ever expected.


Someone Great (2019)

Someone Great is a 2019 Netflix romantic comedy that follows a woman as she approaches her 30th birthday. She's about to move away from her friends due to a new job, and must cope with the unexpected breakup with her long-term boyfriend. Sounds like a tear jerker, but the trailer hints at a lively, exciting, and sexy movie (and yes, maybe a few tears).


She’s Gotta Have It (2017)

A remake of the original, Spike Lee's 2017 She's Gotta Have It is the story of a woman who navigates her relationships with multiple men. Her confidence in her sexuality is contagious, and the trailer is a nice dose of sexy self-esteem. It's a fresh show that shows a woman who is not ashamed of her sex drive.


The Pass (2018)

The Pass is a 2018 British romantic drama that was heralded by a trailer heavy with sexual tension. Two (extremely muscular and attractive) English football players find they stumble upon a bit of a kiss, and the rest is history. The trailer mostly features the two muscle-bound footballers in their tighty-whities, so that's a definite plus.


Sleeping With Other People (2015)

This romantic comedy about two recovering sex-addicts has a trailer that isn't exactly sensual, but it's the brusque, hilarious depiction of sexual tension in a friendship that is sure to be an icebreaker before any coital encounter. Plus, it stars Jason Sudeikis and Allison Brie, whose chemistry is infectious. Just by watching the trailer, you can sense the romance that this movie has to offer.


High Rise (2016)

The 2016 movie High Rise itself might not be entirely sexy (it's hard to make a metaphor for wealth inequality hot). However, the trailer itself is a tad sexy. It features Tom Hiddleston covering his bits with a towel, a bunch of strange action sequences, and people in powdered wigs. It's sexy and surreal, and maybe just a bit ominous.


Bonding (2019)

The trailer for Netflix's Bonding looks like a delightful BDSM romp. The main character, a dominatrix, is a consummate professional, and has recruited an old friend to help her with her business. It appears to mostly be a story about friendship, but that doesn't stop it from being ebulliently sexy and fun. The trailer makes it clear this is an irreverent comedy, but that doesn't stop it from being hot.


Lust, Caution (2007)

Ang Lee's Lust, Caution, is an erotic drama based in Imperial Japanese Army occupied China. It was adapted from the original novella written by Eileen Chang (which is also a highly recommendable read). The movie delves into some heavy themes and historical intrigue, while the trailer offers just a peek of this darkly erotic film. The whole film is worth a watch, as it's a thrilling classic.


Sex And Lucia

This trailer has it all: a bit of unintentional ASMR, a bit of sexy, a lot of corny music, and even more chicken wing eating. Sex and Lucia trailer is a weird and sexy peak at a movie that, according to reviews, has hidden depths: "Beneath the gratuitous nudity lies a complex and visually striking movie." But if you're just here for the gratuitous nudity, the trailer has a dose of that, as well.


High Art (1998)

Maybe it's all the murmuring and close ups, but the trailer for High Art feels very intimate and romantic. It's an indie film about ambition, sex, and the dark side of fame and fortune. Also, there's a love triangle, or at least some kind of love geometric shape. The trailer leaves a lot to the imagination, but it hints at some steamy scenes.


I Am Love (2009)

This Italian romantic drama starring Tilda Swinton has a tantalizing trailer: food, baking, sexy glances, Tilda Swinton, kissing, weird music, amazing architecture, more food. It's the strange, confusing, exciting feeling of arousal in trailer form. Besides, Tilda Swinton's elegant acting is always something to behold.


The Little Death (2014)

The Little Death (whose title is a play on the French term, La Petite Mort, meaning the sensation after orgasm), is a 2014 Australian romantic comedy exploring the sexual lives of five couples. It's a great ice breaker before sex, as it pokes fun of the awkwardness surrounding discussing sexual fetishes and desires. Sex can be funny and fumbling, which this movie allows it to be.