8 Steamy Netflix Movies For Valentine's Day, Because Netflix & Chill Is The Ultimate Date


If your idea of the perfect Valentine's Day consists of putting the kids to bed early to have a sexy Netflix and chill with your special someone, then you're in luck. The app has a host of sultry movies to stream right now, so if you're looking to spice things up this year, you'll want a list of steamy Netflix movies to watch on Valentine's Day.

I mean, a sexy Netflix and chill definitely beats getting all dressed up and going out to a crowded and overpriced restaurant, doesn't it? If you're lucky enough to get the kids in bed at a decent hour, pouring yourself a glass of wine and curling up on the couch to watch one of these steamy movies will feel like heaven. Throw in some chocolates and you've got yourself the perfect Valentine's Day.

Some of the movies on this list you've probably seen or at least heard of, but the majority are lesser known independent flicks that are not afraid to push the limits — which isn't exactly a bad thing. These movies will put you in the mood for a steamy night in and maybe even keep you awake long enough to see the ending. (I mean, let's face it — that almost never happens.)

1. 'Magic Mike'

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If you're into watching a bunch of buff dudes stripping, then you might want to start here. The 2012 film is currently streaming on Netflix and is a go-to fan favorite for the ladies.

2. 'Blue Valentine'

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A modern married couple, played by Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, are followed through several years and reportedly have some hot and heavy scenes in this film about love and heartbreak, according to Pop Sugar.

3. 'Below Her Mouth'

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This film follows two women during a passionate affair that changes their lives forever.

4. 'Fragments Of Love'

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Fragments of Love is about a woman who shares explicit stories about her past lovers with her current one, inspiring him to begin writing music again after his wife's passing. It sounds pretty intense, right?

5. 'Blue Is The Warmest Color'

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This movie is actually rated NC-17 so if you're in the mood for some real steamy streaming — I'm making that a catch phrase — this might be a good place to start. It's about two young girls falling in love, and it reportedly has some pretty explicit sex scenes.

6. 'Love'

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An American moves to Paris and enters into an emotionally and sexually charged relationship with a French woman, but things go wrong when they invite another woman into their bed. Also, this film is in 3D, which could be really fun to watch with your partner on Valentine's Day.

7. 'Nymphomaniac I & II'

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This two-part movie follows the journey of a nymphomaniac, so you can imagine there are tons of steamy scenes. This film also uses real sex in its scenes too. If you're wondering how they did it, porn actors were filmed in the same positions and CGI (computer generated imagery) was used over the actors who portrayed the main characters, according to The Conversation.

8. 'Newness'

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Newness is about two millennials in LA who enter a relationship while trying to navigate the dating-app hookup culture. Seems like real life, right?