Alison Kresta

Alison Kresta is a lifestyle writer at Romper, where she writes about health, fitness, wellness and all things parenting. She loves to cover heartwarming stories and write relatable personal essays to inspire, empower, bring people together, and maybe even get a laugh or two. Currently, Alison is working on her first self-help book that is a practical guide to help readers grow through life's setbacks and recently launched a self-help podcast called The Soulfire Sessions with Ali Kresta. Alison is a fitness professional at Google HQ in New York and has 16 years experience as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and nutritional therapist. She attended City College in New York City where she majored in Psychology. When Alison isn't writing, she is spending time with her son and their dog, Missy, teaching indoor cycling classes, working out at Chelsea Piers, or exploring new restaurants and beer gardens that feature awesome craft beer. She will beat you at darts but may need bumpers if you take her bowling. You can follow Alison on Twitter and Instagram at @alikresta and learn more about her and her work at