Big Mood: These 16 Hilarious & 100% Relatable Instagram Captions For Fridays

What Christmas is to a 5-year-old, Friday is to grownups: a day associated with fun and unbridled joy, which seems to take forever to come, and is over before you know it. And part of that joy is sharing it with others, which in today's terms means posting a funny quote about Fridays on social media to put a smile on your followers' faces.

There are some Instagram posts that no one really wants to see, and so people should avoid the temptation to share them. But sharing a joke about Fridays is different, because it's a sentiment we can all relate to. Not everyone goes out for fancy meals, and sharing our political views is a risky proposition at best. Even posting a joke about parenthood might flop with friends who don't have kids. But the majority of us can relate to the end-of-week anticipation, and so when you poke fun at Fridays, most of your family and friends will be nodding their heads as they, too, count down to quitting time.

If it's Friday as you read this, congratulations! Pick one of these captions and slap it right on your feed. If it's not Friday yet, bookmark this post and come back to it so you'll be ready to go when the time comes. (Except for my favorite meme, which actually should be shared the day before. An office worker tosses his papers in the air and yells, "It's Friday! F*** this s**t!" Then he picks them up and says, "Just kidding. It's Thursday, and I still need these.")


"Well, Well, Well...Look What Finally Decided To Show Up. Hello, Friday"

Like a popular guest, Fridays are eagerly anticipated and never turned away, even when they seem to take their own sweet time getting here.


"If Showing Up In A Robe And Tiara With A Box Of Wine Is Wrong, Then Maybe I Don't Fully Comprehend How Casual Friday Actually Works"

And if that's wrong, then why bother with casual Fridays to begin with? Isn't that what the day was made for?


"My Idea Of A Perfect Weekend Is One That Lasts Until Next Friday"

A seven-day weekend? We're down with that. (But what happens after the next weekend is over?)


"May This Friday Be The Fridayest Friday That Ever Fridayed"

As Chandler might have said: Can this meme be any more Friday? It could not. Unless it were so Friday that it spilled right over into Saturday.


"And So Ends Another Week Without My Becoming Unexpectedly Rich"

Life just isn't fair sometimes. Good thing it's the weekend, or else the day would be a total washout.


Your Friday Night Plans Pie Chart: Going To A Bar (5%), Going To A Party (10%), Getting Home And Falling Asleep On The Couch (85%)

Raise your hand if you fall into the majority of this pie chart. (Waits.) Now let's try again, and this time, let's be honest, shall we? (Sees all the extra hands.) Mm-hmm. Thought so.


"Every Friday, I Like To High-Five Myself On Getting Through The Week On Little More Than Caffeine, Will Power, And Inappropriate Humor"

Hey, if that's not an accomplishment, what is? You'd think they'd give out awards for that.


"Oh, Hello, Friday. Where Were You On Wednesday When I Really Needed You?"

Yeah, so here's the thing about Friday: It has some really sucky timing sometimes. If it had just shown up a couple of days earlier... But whatever. We'll take it anyway.


"It's Friday! Woo-Hoo! Oh, Wait... I'm A Mother"

Yeah... remember when the weekend meant that you actually had time to do all the stuff you really wanted to do? Now, Friday is when your second job goes into overtime.


"Dear Friday, I'm So Glad We're Back Together. I'm Sorry You Had To See Me With Mon-Thurs, But I Swear I Was Thinking Of You The Whole Time"

You know you're the only one I really love. Forgive me?


"Pretending To Look Busy On A Friday Is The Hardest I Work All Week"

To the casual observer, you're busily inputting data at your desk. Nobody has to know that you're really posting a tweet.


"It's 4:55 On A Friday Afternoon. Do You Know Where Your Margarita Is?"

Here's hoping it's just a short distance away.


"If My Boss Knew How Unproductive I Am On Fridays, He Wouldn't Want Me Here, Either"

All you're doing is taking up space and dreaming of 5:00. Then again, your boss probably is, too.


"Friday Is My Second Favorite F Word. The First Is Food. Definitely Food."

And when those two things are put together, it's nothing short of heaven.


"Things People Say: 'It's Friday!' Things Self-Employed People Say: 'It's Friday?' "

There's something to be said about working outside the home: Most of the time, Friday actually means some free time ahead. When your home is your workspace, the days tend to blur together.


"I Make It Through The Week To Friday By Behaving Like Every Day Is Friday"

This meme poses the interesting theory that it really is all in the attitude. Maybe if we all held on to that Friday bliss on Mondays, Tuesdays, and every day, we'd be a happier bunch.