Shana Aborn

Shana Aborn is a lifestyle writer for Romper. Among the topics she covers are child development and education, health, relationships, pets, and astrology, with occasional forays into shopping, social media, and holidays. Shana's experience includes stints as senior editor and writer at Ladies' Home Journal, MAMM, and Woman's World, assigning editor for Life & Beauty Weekly and entertainment blogger for Babble. Her bylines have appeared in Parents, Woman's Day, Working Mother, Scary Mommy, and CafeMom, among many others, and she also authored the book 30 Days To A More Spiritual Life. She embarked on a new life adventure six years ago by obtaining her MA in early childhood education and becoming a preschool teacher under the NYC Pre-K for All program. Corporate lunches and celeb interviews have been replaced by cafeteria fare and discussions about unicorns, but it's been a great ride. Shana lives in New York with her husband, two children, a cat and a multitude of dust bunnies. When not in the classroom or at the computer, she can be found performing in community theater, making soup, or challenging people to Boggle With Friends. She has appeared on "Jeopardy!", cooked with Michelle Obama, officiated at a wedding, and swum with dolphins. Three of those statements are true; the other is on her bucket list. (Guess which.) Follow her on Twitter: @ShanaAborn.

Shana Aborn


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