The Newest Baby Alive Doll Actually Grows

It’s basically magic.

I remember playing with baby dolls as a kid and pretending like they were real babies that I had to take care of and nurture. As it turns out, a whole new generation of kids are still feeding, rocking, and changing their baby dolls, only now, all of that nurturing won’t be for naught. Baby Alive Princess Ellie Grows Up is a baby doll that actually grows. Your kid can watch in amazement as their baby doll slowly grows taller, her hair grows longer, and she transforms into a proper little princess, all thanks to their love and care.

Coming soon from Hasbro, Baby Alive Princess Ellie Grows Up is unlike any other baby doll on the market. Intended for kids ages 3 and up, your little one can watch as Princess Ellie grows up right before their very eyes. Can you just imagine how magical your kids will think this baby doll is?

Caring for Princess Ellie as a baby helps her grow. So, each time your child rocks her, pretends to feed her with her bowl and spoon, gives her a pretend drink from her sippy cup, or lets her have her pacifier, it helps Princess Ellie grow.

Every time the doll grows, a twinkly chime will play to let your child know. (Again, more magic!) They can track Princess Ellie’s height on an included growth chart and have a blast dressing her up in stylish accessories.

Starting Aug. 1, 2022, Baby Alive Princess Ellie Grows Up will be available at most major retailers, and will retail for $62.99.