This Baby Alive Doll Is Perfect For Splashing In The Water — EXCLUSIVE

But you'll still need to change it's diaper before getting in the pool.

Nearly everyone remembers the amazing and highly sought-after Baby Alive from their childhood, and the toy has continued to be popular. From Baby Alive dolls that are sick and need care to Baby Alive dolls that eat and go potty, there are plenty of ways for your child to experience the magic of a baby that feels... well, alive. And now a new Baby Alive doll is on the way for 2021 — Baby Alive Sunshine Snacks Baby.

Available to purchase on Jan. 1, the Baby Alive Sunshine Snacks Baby is the first Baby Alive doll to feature both water play and feeding play. For the water play, the Baby Alive Sunshine Snacks Baby comes with a removable swimsuit top, sarong, sunglasses, gladiator sandals, and a comb. For feeding, your child can use reusable doll food, an ice pop mold and stick to create ice pop shapes from the reusable baby food, and of course, the changeable diaper flap that changes with a click (if only it were really that easy). You can just open the diaper flap, empty it, then play again. Before you dip your doll in water to play, just make sure all the solid doll food is out of the diaper flap. (Much like a real baby — no poop in the pool, please.)

The Baby Alive Sunshine Snacks Baby is best for children ages 3 and up, and you have your choice of a Black doll, a blonde doll, or a redhead doll. These will also retail for $25.

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Even though this doll won’t be available until after the holidays, I am positive it will make a great Valentine’s Day or birthday gift. Plus, it will be fun for millennial parents to relive their childhoods with the new and improved Baby Alive, as if we don’t have enough fun and practice with our babies that are actually eating up all the food and pooping before the pool. For the child who always wants to take their baby into the bathtub with them, the Baby Alive Sunshine Snacks Baby is a perfect choice.