Cute little baby boy in a Bunny costume among a crop of pumpkins.

24 Baby Halloween Costumes, From Animals To Avocados

There’s something for every fam here.

Whether they’re only a few weeks old or a few months old, you probably want your baby’s first Halloween to be as memorable as possible. They might not be able to truly appreciate trick-or-treating, eat any Halloween candy, or go to a party without falling asleep in their stroller a few minutes in, but that doesn’t mean they have to be left out of all the festivities! The best way to make your little one’s first Halloween special is to get them an adorable baby Halloween costume that will help to create the perfect photos (whether they’re napping or awake).

And when it comes to baby Halloween costumes, there are so many sweet options. You could dress them up as their favorite food, like an avocado, or you could opt for a cute animal, like a cat or a little lamb. You could always go for a classic favorite like a pumpkin, or you could try something a little bit different — think Beetlejuice or a spooky werewolf. I’ve rounded up all of these options and more so that you can find the best costume for your baby, whether they are still a tiny little newborn, an infant just starting to focus their eyes, or a baby sitting up and chewing on everything they can reach. Check them out below… and good luck on picking just one. They’re very hard to resist!

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A Hungry Caterpillar

Dressing your little one up as a famed and favorite literary character is always a good idea — not only does it help encourage their love of reading, but it also is usually a little more unique than TV characters or something similar. This tiny caterpillar costume from Eric Carle’s beloved book The Very Hungry Caterpillar is spot on and just so sweet. The comfy material is nice and cozy and the hood will keep them extra warm. Just add some leggings and a long sleeved shirt, and they’re good to go. This is even cute if they’re just laying in a stroller instead of tottering around.


A Squirrel

There are so many adorable animal Halloween costumes to choose from, especially for babies and toddlers. You really can’t go wrong with any of them, but some are definitely more popular than others (think black cats and tiny lions). If you want something a little different, opt for a squirrel costume, which definitely isn’t as popular. It’s a cute idea because, not only does it look sweet, but it’s also an animal your babe might see every day outside, which makes it kind of exciting for them. This squirrel costume features a plush pull-over with a cozy hood and a furry tail.


An Avocado

An avocado is definitely a popular Halloween costume option, especially for babies, so if you’re looking for something particularly unique, this might not be it. Still, that doesn’t make it any less adorable. Plus, if your baby loves avocado, then this is an even better choice. The costume set comes with basically everything you need for under $25: a plush body suit shaped like an avocado, a white shirt to go underneath, and striped leggings that complete the whole look. You don’t have to add anything else… except maybe a cup of mashed avocado to keep them busy (and keep things authentic).


A Peacock

Dressing your baby up as a peacock sounds a little weird until you see how amazing the costume is. The colorful feathered tail, the hood with the beak, the warm and cozy slippers… this is just so cute and different. This one probably isn’t ideal for newborns who are just going to be laying in a stroller (the large feathers in the back could get in their way and just be annoying for them, which is the last thing you want), but it’s better for slightly older babies who can sit up and maybe crawl around a bit. I love how cute and silly this idea is.


A Superhero

When your baby is really little, it can be hard to get them in a costume that involves a lot of padding or plush, or something with added accessories. If you want to keep things as simple as possible, a bodysuit is the way to go. This one will make your baby look like Superman, and it even has a little cape with it as well. It’s comfortable and ideal for areas where the weather might be warmer on Halloween (although you can also add leggings if it’s chilly), and it will look just as cute in a stroller as it will out.


A Dog

OK. Few things are cuter than this ultra fluffy dog costume. It’s a one-piece, so it’s really easy to get on and off, and it’s made of a super soft faux fur and boa material that will keep baby warm and cozy all day long, especially with the hood up. This is even sweeter if you guys have a dog — it’s a missed opportunity if you don’t put your baby in this tiny costume, then seat them next to your dog to take photos. It’s perfect for the baby who is already best friends with their dog. Basically, I’m completely obsessed.


A Dragon

Forget the fluffy animals and delicious food options for a minute and opt for something more in the realm of fantasy/sci-fi. This miniature dragon costume is so much fun and a little bit more unique. It’s a one-piece jumpsuit that comes with wings and booties shaped like dragon’s claws, and it’s completely adorable. A big bonus is that there are inseam snaps for easy diaper changes, and the wings can snap on and off, so when you need to lay them down in a stroller you can make them a lot more comfortable. This convenient and adorable choice is a fun one.


A Deer

If you want to dress your baby in an animal costume but don’t want to put them in a one-piece fluffy jumpsuit, there are still options! This deer costume is one of them. The dress is cute and easy to get on and off, and then you can customize it as you want to. You can easily add white or brown tights and a pair of booties, and if it’s too chilly, you can also add a long-sleeved white bodysuit underneath. The costume also comes with a headband that they’ll *probably* keep on and is too sweet for words. And the price? At just under $16, it’s hard to beat.


A Disney Princess

There are a lot of options when it comes to Disney princess costumes, and it’s hard to go wrong with any of them. Before your child gets old enough where they have their own favorite princess (probably someone newer), you can pick an old classic like Cinderella. This sweet blue dress makes the cutest costume and is one they’ll probably want to rewear even after Halloween. It’s not available in 0-3 months, but it’s available in the ages over that, and it’s just such a sweet and adorable look. I love the lacy edges and the way this looks so great with silver shoes.


A Football

Sports fans will absolutely love the idea of dressing up their babies as something sports-related. This football costume is the best for sports families and is totally appropriate for the fall season and Halloween time. It’s just a plush football costume that comes with a gray long-sleeved shirt and gray tights, so it’s super simple — and what I love about it is that they can rewear the tights and shirt in “normal” everyday outfits. Plus, dressing them as a football for a big game? It’s the best idea. This is a choice that everyone will get on board with, and who can blame them?


A Ladybug

As far as insect costumes go, ladybug ones are arguably the cutest. This one features a red and black dress with a tutu skirt, detachable wings, and a headband that looks like their antenna. It’s really sweet and comes in at an awesome price point — under $20! Reviewers write how it’s lightweight, roomy, and made pretty well. You can also easily add black tights and maybe even a black long-sleeved shirt underneath to keep your baby warm if you need to. This is pretty simple costume overall, but it’s a great one that will never go out of style, so you can hold onto it as well.


Charlie Brown

This definitely has to be one of the cutest and most unique costume ideas, and it’s really perfect for babies who barely have any hair on their heads just yet. It comes with a yellow and black onesie and a pair of little brown booties, so it’s very simple. You can add black or brown leggings to complete the outfit, and maybe even a black or brown long-sleeved top underneath. This one feels less like a costume and more like a normal outfit, so it’s great for babies who are get uncomfortable and don’t like a lot of added accessories.


A Lamb

There’s something about this little lamb costume that I personally absolutely adore. It’s just so sweet and cute, and it’s perfect for a tiny newborn baby. It’s soft and fuzzy and plush without being too heavy or overwhelming, and it’s easy to get on and off baby whenever needed. The lamb face on the hood is so cute. You have the option to either have your little one either just wear this, or pair it with white or cream colored leggings and a long sleeved shirt. They’ll look so cute snuggled up in this in the stroller.


A Bat

Want to do a costume that is really cute but also feels spooky and just right for the Halloween season? Then this bat costume is perfect. The costume itself is actually a black bodysuit (long sleeves and long pants included) so you really don’t need to add anything else to it. The wings are underneath the arms, which is perfect for a wiggly little baby: there’s nothing you need to attach and it’s always comfortable to hold them or lay them down. And it comes with the most fun hat that has bat ears on it to keep your babe warm and in character. It’s basically perfect!


A Scarecrow

Another costume idea that is perfect for the Halloween season and gives off all of the fall vibes is this tiny scarecrow costume (and it’s not spooky or creepy at all). This one comes with everything needed to complete the look: the dress, the pants, the collar that looks like straw hay, and the hat, which has straw “hair” coming out of the sides. You can choose to put some makeup on your little one’s face to really complete the look, but you don’t need it. This is adorable with or without makeup. Just stick them in a pumpkin patch and start snapping some photos.


A Snail

OK, a snail probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think “what should I dress my baby up as for Halloween?” But this costume gives you a reason why it should be: it’s so cute! This cozy jumpsuit is warm, soft, and super comfortable, and the shell can come off so they can lay down and get comfortable when needed. It also comes with the food and the booties, both of which are necessary to complete the look. This one is especially perfect for babies who are crawling around a lot, because those moments offer the best photo ops.


A Flintstones Character

The Flintstones might not be as popular as they once were, but that’s OK — when a baby is an infant, you get to dress them up as whatever you want because they don’t really get a say in the matter yet! This Pebbles costume is definitely not the cheapest option out there (it costs over $100, so it’s not in everyone’s budget), but if you want to spend the money, it’s very adorable and authentic. It comes with a one-shoulder dress with a black tutu underneath and the cutest little bone and bow for their hair. You can get this in 6 months or 9 months.


A Bunny

As cute as some of these baby costume options are, some are just a little too elaborate for a really tiny newborn — we’re talking 0-3 months old. For babies that age, you want them to be in something comfortable, but adorable, that is convenient for everyone. That’s this rabbit onesie. It has a zipper down the front for easy changings, it’s super warm and cozy, and it’s just extremely cute to look at. Your baby will easily be able to nap and lounge in this one. And while it looks appropriate for Halloween, it can also be worn at any time.


A Sandwich

Speaking of costumes that are super easy for very small babies to wear, even when they’re laying down, there’s this Subway sandwich costume from Amazon. This actually isn’t even really a costume: it’s a blanket that looks like a Subway sandwich wrapper and a hat that looks like all of the sandwich ingredients. You literally just wrap your little one in the blanket like a swaddle, get them comfortable in their stroller, and put the hat on. It’s simple and inexpensive, and it makes for the cutest photos. Reviewers rave about the quality and how awesome it looks in pictures. This is definitely a unique one!


A Pumpkin

Is a pumpkin as a baby costume a cliche? Yes, but who really cares? It’s still adorable, and sometimes going for that expected classic is fun. This costume comes with a bubble romper shaped like a pumpkin and a matching hat that looks like the top of the pumpkin, as well as orange booties. It’s simple and inexpensive, and you can easily customize it as you want: add green and white striped leggings or a pair of black leggings and a black long sleeved shirt. Yes, a bunch of other babies might also be dressed as pumpkins, but embrace it by seating them all together and taking a photo of their tiny pumpkin patch.


A Werewolf

Another spookier option that is also just really adorable is a werewolf. It’s perfect for Halloween and it’s very simple: it’s just the dress and the hairy headpiece. This is a costume for a werewolf, but it could also double as the wolf in the Little Red Riding Hood story, making this a perfect choice for a matching siblings costume: have their sister dress as Little Red Riding Hood, and they can be the Big Bad Wolf. That’s adorable! Or, again, just leave it on its own as a werewolf howling at a full moon. With some black tights, you’re good to go.


Fast Food

Parents who can’t get enough of McDonald’s French fries… this one is for you. This costume consists of a little bubble romper and a red hat, so it’s simple but very unique. After all, how many other babies are going to be dressed up as this iconic fast food establishment? The bubble romper is meant to look like the classic red package of McDonald’s French fries, and you can add a neutral colored long sleeved shirt and tights underneath if you want. This one is handmade and feels special, and it’s great for photos.


A Mouse

This mouse costume is so simple, great for newborns under 3 months old, and nice and cozy. It’s also very adorable because, while mice might be annoying pests sometimes, they can also be very cute, especially when your baby is dressed as one. The soft handmade jumpsuit is very simple: just white with long sleeves and some buttons, and it can easily be worn any other day other than Halloween, which is always convenient. It also comes with the little hat to keep your babe warm and make the whole look: the hat has a tiny mouse face on it. This is perfect if you want to keep things simple this year.



It’s safe to say your baby’s favorite movie probably is not Beetlejuice, but that’s OK: you only have a limited number of years where you get to pick costumes for your little ones based on what you like, too. And this spooky Beetlejuice costume is truly perfect. It comes with a black and white striped jumpsuit that is just iconic to the character, and that’s all you really need. Feel free to add some makeup if you want, but you don’t have to. And I love this as a family costume if everyone else wants to dress up as other characters in the movie.

Whether you go for the cute and fuzzy animals or the fun and unique options, you can’t go wrong. A Halloween costume on a baby is always going to be memorable!