Barbie Career of the Year doll is Music Producer Barbie.

Barbie Career Doll 2021 Inspires Girls To Explore Music Production

Barbie hopes to inspire a new generation of music industry mavens.

Barbie has had a lot of careers in her day, more than 200 to be precise. She’s been a veterinarian, OB-GYN, chef, astronaut, and so much more. And hey, more power to her! That DreamHouse won’t pay for itself. This year, Barbie and friends are trying their hand at a totally new field and becoming music producers.

Music producers are kind of like movie directors — they oversee the recording process of songs and help the artist or band make the best possible recording by tweaking sounds, coaching vocals, and so on. But according to Girls Make Beats, a nonprofit supporting girls interested in music production careers, of all the popular music we hear on our radios and streaming services, only 2.6% is produced by women.

Why A Music Producer, Barbie?

The best way to level up the ladies in the industry is to get them excited about music production from an early age. So, Barbie and Mattel have created four diverse dolls so every child can see themselves in the (extremely fashionable) shoes of a successful music producer.

Each Barbie is uniquely styled with Tik Tok influencer-worthy colorful hair and makeup and ultra-cool clothing. These producers come with their own headphones, laptop, and sound mixing equipment so they can get to work making the next No. 1 hit.

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Barbie’s career dolls are part of Mattel’s initiative to close the “dream gap,” breaking down those beliefs that certain jobs are only meant for boys and helping girls reach their highest potential. So, if your little music lover is interested in this Barbie, check out all the extra ways Mattel is supporting girls’ music producer dreams.

Mattel will be donating to Girls Make Beats to help provide learning opportunities for even more young girls interested in learning about music production. And, for all the future music producers out there, Barbie and MTV are hosting an hour-long music video marathon on September 18 at 8 a.m. EST that will showcase songs that were all produced by women.

Music producer Barbie is available now for $14.99 at major retailers and on