Beanie Babies is releasing a new bear to benefit Hawaii wildfire victims.
Ty Inc.

There's A New "Aloha" Beanie Baby & 100% Of Profits Will Go To Hawaii Wildfire Victims

The limited edition bear, which has a “Maui Strong” patch, will be available in stores for $5.99.

In the aftermath of the devastating wildfires in Hawaii that broke out on Aug. 8, Beanie Babies creator Ty Warner has announced the company’s newest stuffed friend: the “Aloha” bear. The company has said that all profits from the new limited edition golden brown bear will go directly to supporting victims of the fires.

Ty Inc. teamed up with the American Red Cross to create the Aloha bear, which has a rainbow bow tie and a patch that says “Maui Strong.” Like all Beanie Babies, this new bear also has a birthday — Aug. 8, the day the fires began — as well as a poem on its tag that reads, “Helping each other all day long / We forever will stay Maui strong.”

“We are so grateful for partners like Ty Inc. as we work together to provide comfort and hope for communities in the wake of these catastrophic wildfires,” Anne McKeough, chief development officer at the American Red Cross, said in a press release.

The Red Cross has been supporting victims of the wildfires by providing meals, mental health aid, and more.

“Loss can strike at any time. The speed and savagery of the Maui wildfires are an especially horrific, heartbreaking reminder of that,” Warner said in a statement. “While I can’t undo what has happened, I can try to help those who are suffering in the aftermath.”

Ty Inc.

The death toll from the wildfire has tragically increased to 114, and there are still over 850 people missing. Thousands are misplaced, many of them staying in shelters on Maui or hotels and depending on assistance from the state’s human rights services. Over 2,000 structures, including homes, have been damaged or destroyed.

“The Hawaii recovery efforts are a stark reminder of what is important, and that’s what Ty is focused on with Aloha,” Tania Lundeen, Ty Inc.’s senior vice president of global sales and licensing, said.

The Aloha bear will be available for purchase in specialty retail stores, craft stores, hospital gift shops, drug stores, grocery stores, and convenience stores for $5.99. Romper’s request for comment on when the bear will be available for purchase was not returned, so its release date is still TBD.