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*Gorgeous* Thanksgiving Table Decor To Elevate Your Dinner

Yeah, we're skipping the heavy-duty paper plates this year.


The best part of Thanksgiving is setting my table, and these gorgeous items are perfect.

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These candle holders are sold in three different sizes — small, medium, and large — and are priced between $6.99 and $11.99. While sold as single holders, when they are grouped together, they give a really modern, sleek feel to your tablescape. (I really love the mixed materials.)
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Of course you can make any pie look beautiful, even one in an aluminum tin, but with a gorgeous stoneware dish like this one, it won't even matter if your crust doesn't have a perfect fluted edge.
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Pumpkin Napkin Rings
Williams Sonoma
These rings are sold separately, but honestly, look at how perfect they are. Williams Sonoma describes them as "plump" and yes, that is totally the word.
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I am in love with this set. Not only is it an incredible price, but this plum color is absolute perfection for Thanksgiving, and I love the sweet detailing on the edges of the plates and bowl. They're pretty enough to pop, but neutral enough to work with other items on your table.
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Coming in three sizes — 60x102, 60x120, and 60x84 — this tablecloth is classy and delicate. I love how subtle the design is on the corners, giving you plenty of space to add pops of color or patterns with other items, or add pumpkins and gourds to your table without overdoing it.
These are just kitschy enough to be part of your Thanksgiving table, but the gold coloring and the miniature size of them makes these place card holders elegant, too. (I would fully expect all of the kids at the table to create an entire patch with these little guys.)
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Autumn Medley Napkins
Bed Bath & Beyond
Look, I am a person who collects cloth napkins, and these are a must-have. They're a great price for a set of four, and you just can't deny how classic and traditional the designs are. They remind me of Cinderella.
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Chargers just really elevate the entire table (they also protect your tablecloth and table), and this copper plated version means you don't have to worry about chipping or any unsightly marks.
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OK, I know this is pricey, but just look at it! Fill it with your favorite side dish, and it makes a beautiful (and warm) statement on the table. It's also pretty enough to keep out just as decoration. (And you can totally use it all fall long for big pots of soup or desserts.)
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Every year, I have to ask people to bring extra serving spoons, and every year, I promise myself I'll buy some new ones, like these copper utensils. There's no chance anyone will use them to eat yogurt for breakfast, and they'll still look gorgeous covered in mashed potatoes.
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