Black Friday

Bed Bath & Beyond Black Friday sales.
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The Top Bed Bath & Beyond Black Friday Deals You Don’t Want To Miss

Whether you’re looking for new cookware, a new way to enjoy coffee, or even a weighted blanket, Bed Bath & Beyond has you covered.

If you’re into home appliances that don’t involve a screen for your Black Friday deals, all the Bed Bath & Beyond Black Friday sales have got you covered in the home goods department. There are more than 100 special offers during the Bed Bath & Beyond Black Friday sale, and you can even get 25% off of your purchase on all of the other items on your list, y’all.

You’ll be able to find gifts for everyone on your list at any budget, the Bed Bath & Beyond press release says. And if you’re having a tough time choosing, there’s always the Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards. Perfect stocking stuffers. Or you can use the Bed Bath & Beyond Gift List, which allows you to shop by price, gifts for him, gifts for her, gifts for kids, self-care gifts, gifts for foodies, and gifts by categories if you need more inspo.

Additional perks include a free trial of Beyond+, helping you save 20% on your purchase every time you shop, plus free shipping all year long, new Bed Bath & Beyond owned brands such as Wild Sage and Studio 3B, pickup available in one hour or less (in-store or curbside), same-day delivery, Afterpay and Klarna availability, and more.

The Bed Bath & Beyond Black Friday sale is going on Thursday Nov. 25 through Saturday Nov. 27, so after enjoying your turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, head over to the Bed Bath & Beyond website to see what you can snag for friends and family — and maybe even yourself — this year. Shop on the website all day on Thanksgiving, and stores open at 6 a.m. on Friday for in-person Black Friday shopping madness.

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Keurig Coffee Maker

When I’m stumbling around the kitchen in the morning trying to make coffee, I always curse myself when I forget to pre-make it the night before, as well as cursing myself for not having an easy to use Keurig K-Supreme Single Serve Coffee Maker.

The pains of having to fill up coffee grounds, fill up the water, and wait for the pot to become full are no more. Simply pop your K-cup in, and hit start. Bam, cup of coffee so you can function. This version “extracts more flavor and aroma” versus the leading classic brewer, per the description.

And you can brew a 6, 8, 10, or 12-ounce cup in minutes, while being able to immediately brew a second cup for your partner with no waiting for the machine to reheat.

Plus, this machine is 47% off for Black Friday, proving holiday miracles really do come true.


Non-Stick Cookware Set

Whether as a gift for yourself this year or a gift for a friend who loves to cook, these Calphalon Premiere Space Saving Nonstick pans are an incredible buy, for their ease of use when cooking and their space-saving capabilities. Now the only cabinet in your kitchen that overflows and falls on your head will be the Tupperware cabinet, and no longer your pans, too. It’s got great reviews, with one reviewer saying, “I love the way these stack to save space in the cabinet. The stacking feature will also presumably keep them from getting scratched while stacked,” they said.


Hairdryer & Volumizer

For those of you with glorious manes of hair that need primped in the morning but are short on time, this Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer is 35% off for the Bed Bath & Beyond Black Friday sale, and it has some glowing reviews.

“My hair has a mind of its own,” says one reviewer. “It's sometimes curly, wavy, or frizzy especially the part that frames my face. I leave the back curly/wavy but I've used this dryer for the front. My hair is still silky and shiny the next day even after sleeping on it. Flip my head over, tousle my hair and I'm good to go! Love it!”

This tool has three heat settings, and a ceramic coated barrel to prevent heat damage to your luscious locks. The description says it even includes “tangle-free combination bristles for detangling, improved volume and control.”


Air Fryer

Does the idea of using “a turbo-charged whirlwind vortex of superheated hot air” sound totally bad*ss to you? Then you need to grab this Power XL 5 qt. Vortex Air Fryer from the Bed Bath & Beyond Black Friday sale. Did I mention it’s on sale from $140 to only $70? Per the description, it comes with “10 pre-programmed smart settings with precise temperature control to let you air fry, broil, bake, roast, or dehydrate almost anything with just one easy touch.” Um, yes, please. Especially with reviews like this one, about fried chicken, which happens to be one of my favorite foods like any respectable southern woman:

“I had reservations about air fryers but I finally decided to get one. My first try… fried chicken,” the reviewer said. “It came out amazingly perfect, like I fried it in oil! The skin was crispy. The meat was tender and juicy. It cooked the chicken absolutely perfect! Perfect fried chicken with very little to no clean up! You can’t beat that! Very easy to use! Get one! You won’t be disappointed!”


Shark Vacuum

If I didn’t think my toddler and/or two beagles and two cats wouldn’t absolutely destroy this glorious appliance, then I’d be first in line for the Bed Bath & Beyond black Friday sale to purchase this Shark AI RV2001 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum. Regularly $450, this amazing vacuum is only $179 for Black Friday. According to the description, this Shark Robot vacuum is even better than before. “Shark innovative IQ Navigation technology with AI Laser Vision intelligently detects and avoids objects and responds to no-go zones so you don’t need to tidy before your robot runs,” the description reads. And because of this IQ Navigation, “your robot cleans your home row by row, room to room for up to 50% better coverage vs. traditional random bounce robots,” it says.


Air Fryer Toaster Oven

This Cuisinart® Air Fryer Toaster oven is a superb Bed Bath & Beyond Black Friday deal, as it’s more than $100 off, and has great reviews on the Bed Bath & Beyond website. One reviewer had a short and sweet, yet helpful, review: “The best kitchen addition since the microwave. We use it daily.” I mean, better than a microwave? This is a must-have, right?

Another reviewer gave it five stars across the board for quality, value, and ease of use, as well as said, “This a great toaster oven and air fryer. Very easy and efficient operation. I wasn’t planning on getting an air fryer but since it was combined with the toaster oven I was happy to get that option. I love not having to turn on my big oven for something small. I highly recommend this toaster oven/air fryer.”


Nespresso Machine

For the fans of luxurious espresso instead of drip coffee, boy does the Bed Bath & Beyond Black Friday sale of this baby have you covered. This Nespresso Deluxe Coffee and Espresso Maker Bundle is $100 off for Black Friday.

Once you have this baby in your kitchen, you can make coffee, lattes, regular coffee, cappuccinos, or just a cup of espresso with the press of a button. Save thousands of dollars from not having to swing by and order your favorite Starbucks $7 drink and make it at home while you’re still comfy and cozy in your pajamas and slippers. Sounds like the dream, right?

One reviewer explained that Nespresso has a different take on pod coffee. “Nespresso definitely focused on quality coffee with their approach to pod coffee. The coffee machine, milk frothier, and variety of pods they offer provide a high quality, and configurable, coffee experience,” they said.

“I have been a K-cup consumer for a number of years, and this move is really a significant mind-set change for a K-cup person ... the thing that tipped the scale for me is Nespresso's commitment to recycling their pods. When you order pods on-line, you can also order pod recycle bags that are postage-paid. They don't cost you anything, and it feels good to know that someone has designed a renewable mentality into their product line.”


Non-stick Pan Set

This All-Clad Nonstick Hard-Anodized two-piece pan set is perfect for new chefs just starting to build their collection of kitchen tools and appliances. If you have someone in your life just starting out on this journey, be sure to snag this Bed Bath & Beyond Black Friday deal on these pans. They are $10 off, after all. This set includes a 10.5" fry pan and a 12" fry pan, with “PFOA-free nonstick interior cooking surface promoting healthier cooking by allowing the use of less oil and ensures superior food release and easy cleanup,” per the description. The sloped sides make it easy for flipping and tossing, the description reads, and this product has “spectacular” reviews.

“The two All Clad pans are spectacular,” said one reviewer. “They are completely non-stick. For example, I placed raw eggs directly in the pan. A few minutes later, they were cooked and slid right out. Should have purchased them sooner — makes cooking much easier!”


Stove Bonfire

Nothing says fall like a good bonfire, and it’s my favorite thing to do this time of year. However, what I don’t enjoy is the smoke and smelling like said bonfire all night and into the next day even if I wash my hair. Enter the Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit that’s included in the Bed Bath & Beyond Black Friday sale. This 20-pound fire pit is not only easy to use, but it stays lit, thanks to the “double walled air-intake” which adds oxygen to the fire. And there’s minimal smoke and ash, per the description.

It’s also perfect for camping, said one reviewer. “We bought the bonfire pit and its really worth the money. We take it camping everywhere where we can't have ‘open fires.’ Durable, well made and not too heavy! The perfect size for a family and easy to travel with,” they said.


Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is worth its weight (ha) in gold for folks with anxiety like me, and the fact that this Therapedic 12 lb. weighted blanket is 50% off for the Bed Bath & Beyond Black Friday sale makes it that much sweeter.

Per the description, this blanket “applies deep calming pressure” and is constructed with jersey knit, helping you feel more relaxed. One customer said this blanket changed their life. “I get a solid night's sleep with this weighted blanket. Yes, it's difficult to move around, but that is part of the beauty. It is certainly heavy enough,” they said.

Another happy customer said, “My young son suffers from high levels of anxiety. He has difficulty sleeping most of the time. This weighted blanket has been a blessing for him. Since using the blanket he sleeps through the night. Wakes up refreshed and less stressed.” So this blanket is perfect for the entire family.