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45 Baby Shower Gifts To Welcome A New Bundle Of Joy

Practical gifts, cherished keepsakes, and more — these options have you covered.

Shopping for a baby shower gift is an absolute breeze when parents-to-be create a registry to let guests know exactly what they want. But if things sell out, or everything on the list gets purchased before you start shopping, you'll need to go off-list. These baby shower gifts can help you welcome the new bundle of joy in your life with a variety of practical, fun, and memorable gift ideas.

I’ve attended my fair share of baby showers and had two thrown for me over the years. When it comes to baby shower gifts, you can pretty much never go wrong with something useful like diapers and wipes or a gift card to stock up on baby supplies. But if you want to go above-and-beyond the basics, you can rest assured that these gifts will be well-received by expectant parents.

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Heirloom Baby Shower Gifts

Sometimes something sentimental is the perfect choice for a baby shower gift. An heirloom gift that’s personalized or has special meaning for the parents-to-be can be a great go-to gift that will be cherished by the family for years to come. From custom nursery decor to keepsake blankets and silver spoons, these options are just lovely.

Feeding Baby Shower Gifts

Whether you’re gifting something to a baby that will be fed by breast or by bottle, every new parent can benefit from gifts that will make feeding their baby easier. Even if you’re not sure exactly how feeding will go at first, all babies will eventually need things like bibs and spoons, so you can’t really go wrong with a gift along those lines.

Organization Baby Shower Gifts

It is incredible the amount of stuff you need when you have a baby. Having a way to organize things is an absolute sanity-saver for new parents. Organizational gifts like a diaper bag, laundry hamper, or stroller caddy, are the perfect gesture to show a brand new mom how much you truly care.

Clothing Baby Shower Gifts

One of the things I most appreciated at my first baby shower was a giant stack of baby clothes gifted in different sizes. I was especially happy to be given onesies and sleepers in sizes that my son wouldn’t be big enough to wear for several months. It definitely saved me from having to buy new stuff as he grew. From sleeper sets and hats to teeny tiny socks, there are a plethora of wearable options for babies that are perfect gifts.

Toy Baby Shower Gifts

Shopping for baby toys can be so much fun. From toys that will keep babies occupied in the car or stroller to toys that will grow with them and inspire learning, this list has you covered when you just really can’t help but give the new baby in your life something fun to (eventually) play with.

Book Baby Shower Gifts

Nearly every baby shower invitation I have received in the past few years has included a note along the lines of “Instead of a card, please bring a book for the new baby’s collection.” It’s such a wonderful way to start off a baby’s library and stock their shelves with a selection of books that parents can read to them for years to come. You can also write a personal message on the inside to make your gift extra-special.

Bathing & Grooming Baby Shower Gifts

When you want to gift a new parent something that you know they’ll get plenty of use out of, bath accessories are the way to go. Just imagine how adorable that squishy babe will look snuggled safely in a sink bath with a padded flower bath mat. Bath towels, washcloths, a water faucet cover, and bath toy storage bins are also sure to get lots of use during bath time.

Baby Shower Gifts For Containing Baby

From Bumbo seats to play yards, bouncer seats, and more — when new parents need a safe place to sit their baby down, these options are great for the different stages a baby will go through. Plus, a snuggly soft infant lounge pillow and a cozy shopping cart cover make great gift options.

Health & Safety Baby Shower Gifts

For new parents, keeping their baby safe and healthy is their top priority. From baby-proofing supplies and a safe place to store stinky diapers to a hand nose-sucking device that no new parent realizes they need until they really need it, there are plenty of health and safety shower gifts to choose from. Plus, having an infant-specific first aid kit on hand for when the inevitable happens is never a bad idea.