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21 A+ Christmas Gifts For Teachers

A perfect score.

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If anyone is thinking it’s the most wonderful time of the year, it’s teachers. With the winter break coming up, that’s at least a solid week of eating, drinking, and being merry — sans students. And who can blame them, since teachers tirelessly work to shape young minds, help kids build social and emotional skills, and even tie a shoelace or two. So if you want to show your gratitude for all that they do to both educate, enlighten, and empower your child, you’ll need to be making a list (and checking it twice) for the best Christmas gifts for teachers.

What to consider when holiday shopping for your teacher

Before you start clicking and adding to your cart, you’ll need to think about what types of gifts would be appropriate for your child’s teacher. Would they appreciate a present that has a holiday spin to it, or are they sick of Santas and flying reindeer already? Perhaps a religious gift would be appropriate, or should you keep it strictly secular? And then, how much money should you spend? If you love your kid’s teacher (and can afford it), would it be wise to splurge on something more special? These are the things you’ll need to keep in mind as you peruse the potential presents below.

No matter which of the best Christmas gifts for teachers you choose on this list, though, your child’s teacher will be grateful for not just the item, but the thought that went into it. And for that, both you and your child should get an A+ for originality.


A personalized notepad

Notes home from the teacher won’t be so scary when they come from this cute notepad. Made to look like a piece of composition paper, this teacher’s gift from Etsy seller VLHamlinDesign can be personalized with their name on top. It comes in either 50 or 100 pages and is available in both a mini and regular size.


An inspirational pen set

Let’s get “write” to the point — you can never have too many pens. And this 6-count pen set from Amazon can help your child’s teacher, whether they’re jotting down a quick to-do or mapping out some bigger picture plans. The pens have a precise medium felt tip with no-bleed black ink, so their ideas won’t smudge. Plus, the pens come with inspirational messages (like “dream big”, “bright ideas”, and “stay focused”), so your child’s teacher can write their way to success.


A tote to schlep their stuff in

Teachers haul a lot of books, papers, pens, and folders to and from work each day. Make the schlep simpler (and kinder) with this Cultivate Kindness Tote from FEED. The 100% can fit a laptop or an iPad and has an interior pocket for smaller items like keys or a phone. And the purchase of the Cultivate Kindness Tote helps to provide 10 school meals for kids in need, which is something that would be appealing to any educator.


A coffee mug for book lovers

There’s nothing like curling up with a cup of coffee or tea and a good book. Now, your favorite teacher can do both (literally), thanks to this Colorful Book Shelf Mug. The mug features two stacked shelves filled with books on simple subjects like maps, travel, and love. The handmade mug holds 11 oz. of liquid refreshments and is both dishwasher and microwave safe — perfect for reheating cold cups of coffee after class.


A desktop timer for tracking the minutes

When every second counts in class, you can help your teacher stay focused with a digital timer. Setting the time is a breeze, and with its large display, telling when it’s time to end a task is easy, too. You can mute the alarm that comes with this digital timer and also adjust its brightness. It takes three AAA batteries to keep this timer — and your teacher — on track.


A cute candle

No doubt about it: Everything is better with some sprinkles on it, just like this cute candle from Candier by Ryan Porter. The strawberry-scented candle looks just like a frosted doughnut, complete with rainbow sprinkles on top that are, alas, inedible. But you won’t mind so much when you light the hand-poured candle and the whole room smells like citrus sugar, vanilla, summer strawberries, and, of course, a doughnut. The 100% natural soy wax candle is made with essential oils, is cruelty-free, and burns for over 60 hours.


A planner to cut down on class chaos

All those lesson plans aren’t going to make themselves. If you’re looking for the best Christmas gifts for teachers, this planner ranks right at the top. The 12-month planner has space for a communication log, graph sheets, monthly notes and important date reminders, and (woot) checklist pages, too. There are even some stickers that your teacher can give out as a prize — or keep for themselves. The planner can be customized with the teacher’s name and school, too.


Comfy shoes

Teaching means always being on your feet — both literally and figuratively. But standing for hours on end can do a lot of damage to your tootsies. The Women’s Tree Breezers from Allbirds are made for comfort. The lightweight shoes have breathable eucalyptus fibers so that they’ll feel like they’re walking (and standing) on clouds while helping their students master math equations.


A bath bomb that’s, well, the bomb

The Peppermint Bath Bomb from Beloved seasonal bath bomb is sure to make a splash in every way. Not only does it give you some serious holiday vibes (from the scent to the snowflake design) but its foaming layer is gentle on the skin. The sulfate-free and paraben-free formula means that it’s safer for your skin, plus it’s made from ethically sourced essential oils and extracts.


A water bottle for healthy hydration

When you’re teaching all day, you can sure work up a thirst. Make sure that your teacher stays hydrated with this pretty water bottle from S’well. Made from food-grade stainless steel, it’s BPA- and BPS-free and reusable. The triple-layered vacuum-insulated construction means that your beverages stay as hot (or as cold) as you want them to be. And they won’t have to worry about a sweaty bottle dripping all over their lesson plans, since this one has a condensation-free exterior.


A personalized stamp to save time

Sure, it’s wonderful when their students succeed, but writing, “Good job!” over and over again on every test can get tiring. So let your teacher start stamping their approval (ha) with their own personalized stamp from Etsy seller PinkPueblo2. Name, hairstyle, accessories — it’s all yours for the customizing. The handmade stamps measure 1.875 x 1.875” and are made from high quality wood mounted photopolymer. You can add in an ink pad for an additional fee.


Highlighters to get to the point

Who said that school supplies can’t be one of the best Christmas gifts for teachers? After all, we’re nearing halfway through the school year, and by now, everyone might start to need some school supply replenishing. These Sharpie highlighters are really cool, thanks to the see-through chisel tip. This 8-pack has more soothing colors (think dusty rose and magenta, for example) that aren’t as overwhelming to the eye as traditional highlighter colors can be (we’re looking at you, neon yellow).


Plants that are easy to take care of

If your child’s teacher is a bonafide Plant Lady (or Plant Guy), they’ll love this Redwood Succulent Heart Kit from Uncommon Goods. Made from reclaimed redwood, the 7” heart planter comes with six 2” succulents and preserved moss. But if you thought that this gift comes assembled, think again. Your gardening enthusiast will get to do a little DIY by designing where the plants go, add in the moss, and they’ll have the loveliest living display that needs minimal watering.


Cookies for a sweet treat

When it comes to holiday gifts, you can’t go wrong with cookies. Well, your teacher will definitely think that there’s “gnome” place like home when you gift them this Gnome Cookie Jar with Cookies from Harry and David. The gnome is filled with 14 raspberry-filled tree cutout buttery shortbread cookies. And when the cookies are gone (which shouldn’t take too long), your teacher can reuse the cookie jar for years to come and think of the sweet students who gifted it to them.


A lunch bag that holds *all* the snacks

From the outside, it would appear to be a tote. But if you look inside the Kipbelif Insulated Lunch Bag, you’ll find all sorts of snacks and fine foods inside. The adult lunch bag is leakproof and has a liner that can keep food both warm or cold for up to 14 hours. Pockets on the side are perfect for wipes, water bottles, even cutlery. A board on the bottom keeps containers from slipping and sliding, ensuring that last night’s leftovers will be hot and ready when it’s time to eat.


A massager to get rid of the stress

Teaching might be rewarding, but it can also be mighty stressful, too. Give your teacher a scalp massager from Sephora that can help take almost all of the stress away. The massager has an ergonomically comfortable grip that allows you to take away the tension without getting a hand cramp. Not only does the scalp massager work on all hair types, but it markets itself as a tool to promote circulation and support healthy hair growth.


A sleep mask for sweet dreams

Getting those eight hours a night isn’t always easy. With the silk sleep masks from BeeVines, sweet dreams might not be so elusive. The 2-pack of sleep masks feature a silk eye cover which will feel good against the skin. The masks even have a blackout feature so that you won’t be awakened by those early morning sun rays. And the pain-free strap is designed to be flexible and won’t fall off so the only thing they’ll need to focus on is relaxing and falling asleep faster.


Teacher socks to keep their feet feelin’ fine

A punny gift is always a good idea for teachers who might appreciate the play on words. That’s why they might love these sock monkey socks from Positive Promotions. The one-size-fits-most socks are made a cotton blend that has extra cushioning at the soles to make their feet feel fine all day long — or as a relaxing way to kick up their feet come evening. The pair of socks comes with a free appreciation card and a holiday gift wrapper, so you won’t have to worry about finding a holiday card, too.


A calendar that lets you learn new words

Sometimes, the days just blur together, which is why having a calendar to keep track of it all is so important. What about learning some new words, though, like chilblain? Well, in 365 New Words A Year A Page A Day Calendar, teachers can keep track of when those parent/teacher conferences are coming up… and learn what bimillenary means as well. (It means a period of 2,000 years, FYI.)


A board game for English teachers

Your teacher might love playing a board game that’s all about The Bard. Yes, The Shakespeare Game will have players racing around the board (and London) to put on as many Shakespearian plays as possible, like “Twelfth Night”, “Macbeth”, and “Hamlet”, for example. But you’ll have to think quickly, because Shakespeare’s peers are out to steal his ideas — and even burn down the playhouses. English teachers will adore this game, especially since it’s ripe with references to Shakespeare’s most famous plays. “To be or not to be”, anyone?


Lotion to keep their skin soft

Winter can wreak havoc on a person’s skin. Well, enter this set from L’Occitane to help smooth things over. The 3-pack includes an almond shower oil that smells like the yummiest vanilla, while the Almond Milk Concentrate works to ease any dryness. But it’s the Almond Delicious Hands, a fast-acting hand cream that gives you up to 24 hours of hydration (without leaving a greasy feeling) that’s really the star of this set.

You might want to get your child’s teacher a gift for the pivotal part they’ve played in their educational experience. So you can choose any one of these thoughtful-yet-practical Christmas gifts for teadchers which will certainly place you at the head of the class.

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