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These 16 Awesome Toys At Costco Are Going Fast This Holiday Season

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Since you're already there buying TP anyway.

There are only a few shopping days left until gift giving reaches full tilt and that means the time to hesitate has passed. If you don’t already have a bunch of orders on their way, then it’s high time to get to gettin’ as my grandad would say. But where can you get some toys that’ll make your kids go "Wow!" without breaking the proverbial bank? Costco, my friends. Costco. The membership-only warehouse has some killer deals on toys, and Romper has selected 16 Costco toys that you should snag now.

The great thing about Costco is it always seems to pull out some super deals just when you need them. Like a play kitchen for less than $150! And since you’re likely there anyway to stock up on toilet paper, bulk containers of cheese, and maybe a ham for a holiday dinner, you might as well grab a few toys while you’re at it. I don’t know how Santa operates in your house, but at mine, Kris Kringle is always looking for a discount (which is all the more reason to lend him a hand by shopping at Costco this holiday season). If not for financial reasons, then do it for the Trolls World Tour Poppy Light and Sound Coin Bank. You know that’s going to blow your kid's mind (even if it blows out your eardrums).

We only include products that have been independently selected by Romper's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.


Royal Tea (get it?)

Children's tea parties have been going strong since at least the Victorian era, so why stop now? Let your little one host their own tea for two with guests Rapunzel and Pascal the frog for the bargain basement price of just $19.99!


Transformational Toys

Transformers, you know, those robots in disguise, can be hours of fun for kids. So why not triple the enjoyment with this Transformers 3-pack. That's right, three Transformers for, frankly, the price of one is what this great Costco deal will get you.


Get Cookin'

For little sous chefs in the making, there's no better gift than a toy kitchen. But lawd have mercy, those things can get pricey. Not so much at Costco, however. The discount giant has a kid's kitchen for just $119.99. A steal if ever we saw one. Best purchase this now to give yourself plenty of time to build it.


A Bank That Will Troll You

Who would have guessed that it would Anna Kendrick that would convince our kids to love some of our favorite tunes? The actress has done just that twice now with her Trolls movies and if your kid can't get enough of those songs, give them this Poppy sound coin bank. Kids need only insert a coin to hear Poppy talk in English or Spanish, then they can hit a button to hear her belt out "Trolls Just Wanna Have Fun." How's that for encouraging them to save their pennies?


An American Girl Garden Romp

American Girl Doll accessories were expensive when I was a kid and it appears not much has changed. Which makes this Costco deal all the more exceptional For $74.99 get your kiddo this garden gear pack which includes an outdoor outfit, picnic, and jeep with a radio that plays songs. Don't remember Molly having one of those.


Room With a View

There's something magical about watching a child tip-toe into the living room on Christmas morning and be blown away by something under the tree. It could be a bike or a scooter or, perhaps, this epic Kidkraft Disney Princess Magnificent Dreams Castle Dollhouse. The three-story, five room house is nicer than some I've seen on MTV Cribs, but at a fraction of the cost.


Tummy Time!

One of the best investments I made after my son was born was a playmat. Since we basically lived in our living room for the first year, it was a great tool to let him roll around, spit up, explore, do tummy time, and basically have fun and learn. Plus, I could easily wash it when an explodo diaper took place. Every parent should have a great playmat and this Eckhert Kids Double Sided Play Mat is a deal. Waterproof and eco-friendly, it's also double sided so you can flip it when you don't have time to deep clean it.


Get Hover Happy

I speak from experience when I say this item was the hit of the holiday season last year in my household. It's a Hover Star 2.0 Motion Controlled UFO and truly it's a great gift for everyone, not just kids. It operates via hand command so you can pass it around your living room like a volleyball and its easy enough to use that a baby or Grandma can get in on the fun.


Blow Their Mind With a Balance Bike

If you want to give your child a leg up on learning to ride a bike, gift them a balance bike like this Royal Baby Dino Balance Bike. Basically, it allows children to get familiar with balancing themselves while using their feet to push it. Then, when it's time to transition to a real bike, you can skip the training wheels and they'll be ready to roll. (I swear, it worked perfectly for my son who learned to ride his big boy bike last spring.)


High Flyer

Have a tot that loves Mickey and Minnie? Give them this darling Disney Lights N’ Sounds Minnie Mouse Activity Plane. As they scoot around on it, the propellers light up and rotate and plays fun sounds to go with the action.


Beef Up Your Backyard

If you're handy and feeling exceptionally generous, Costco is the place to go to get a deal on backyard playground equipment. They have a variety of options for sale, but the Cedar Summit by KidKraft Hilltop Playset is one of their most epic sets complete with three slides, a fireman pole, swing, and a third story crow's nest with a play telescope!


Keep On Truckin'

For some children, they can never have enough trucks. But if you want to give them one that's a little more unique than, say, just another digger or dozer, give them this jolly little construction truck named Phillip. As he rolls, his face animates. He can also make 14 different sounds and he has a workshop hidden under his truck bed.


Go Speed Racer

If you have a child who can name cars like some kids name Sesame Street characters, a double back of to scale models of a Mustang and a Shelby GT is sure to please. (Grandpa might like this gift just as much.)


Sky's the Limit

Three words: faux flight jacket. For little aviators in training, this retro pilot uniform is perfect. They can pretend their soaring in the skies with its goggles and boot covers and even take stock of their course with the play compass.


Superhero Power

Holy snowflakes, Batman! This Batmobile and action figure is less than $30! Even better? Batman is 12 inches tall so you, parents, you won't step on him in the middle of the night. Or at least you'll be less likely too. Toys change, but Batman is forever.


Stack 'Em Up

This game goes by many names, but the idea is the same: see how long you can keep it stacked before it falls apart. Easy for even the littlest player to understand, this is holiday family fun at its best.

Of course, that's not all Costco has in stock. Plus, they'll likely add more toys as the days inch closer to Christmas, so check the website or shop (masked up) in-person to find the very best deals on 2020 toys.