Easter baskets come in so many varieties, so we rounded up our favorites.

30 Easter Baskets For Egg Hunts, Gifts, & More

Adorable on their own, but even better when filled with chocolate. Just sayin’.

It's safe to say that the best Easter tradition out there is waking up in the morning to an Easter basket overflowing with candy and chocolate bunnies. It’s one of the few days of the year where it’s considered totally acceptable (it’s even encouraged!) to eat chocolate bars shaped like rabbits and super sweet marshmallow Peeps for breakfast. Who can’t appreciate that? If you want to get your kids into the holiday, it all starts with a really cute Easter basket.

Picking out the perfect basket seems easy, but there are actually so many options out there that it can end up feeling overwhelming. You can opt for the classic wicker basket, or you can make things more toddler-friendly and get a soft, animal-shaped basket that’s almost more like a tote bag (bonus: these are great for Easter egg hunts). There are baskets made of natural materials that have a wicker look, or there are even plastic baskets that are super inexpensive and easy to replace if needed (which will probably end up happening). You can even choose to get a personalized basket with your child’s name. And for those who aren’t into buying candy and toys, you can buy a pre-made basket with everything you’ll need for your little ones.

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Wicker Easter Baskets

A wicker basket is a little bit more expensive, but it’s a timeless option your child will use for years and has a sweet, old-fashioned and special vibe. These will work well with Easter grass or basket liners, and a few of the options below come in different sizes. If you decide to go with a liner, there are several options here, and they can even be personalized with your child’s name. The largest basket in this list can also be personalized with a small gold plate with your child’s name.

Natural Easter Baskets

Made of natural materials, these mimic wicker and come in at a lower price point. And like wicker baskets, you can jazz these up with liners. They’re all pretty durable and several of them look like perfect sweet bunnies (complete with tails on the back). They also come in several sizes so you can use them for gifts, egg hunting, or even just decor. The natural willow Easter set even comes with shredded grass, a gift tag, and a bag with ribbon to finish off the present.

Plastic Easter Baskets

Plastic baskets are really great if you’re not ready to make an heirloom basket for your child, or if you’re providing a whole bunch of Easter baskets for kids. These options are super budget-friendly, come in lots of bright fun colors and sizes, and would make for sweet little party favors. For grandparents making up a bunch of baskets for several grandchildren, these options could be your best bet.

Easter Baskets For Egg Hunts

Going on an egg hunt? A soft basket/tote is your best option. The tie-ear option lets you use the bunny ears as a handle, and all of these options are great for the littlest ones in your family who need something light and easy to carry. Most of these can also be personalized, and even come in different colors and patterns.

Personalized Easter Baskets

Make your child’s Easter basket feel extra special by adding their name on these sweet choices. There are some classic patterns here, like Peter Rabbit (with “baby’s first Easter” embroidered on the front), gingham, and even seersucker. These are also soft and easy to carry around, making them perfect for you toddlers. Bonus: if you’re going to be egg hunting with a lot of other kids, these personalized options will make sure you take the right basket home.

Pre-Made Easter Baskets

Don’t have time to make your own? These pre-made baskets make the holiday a total cinch. They all include some kind of candy — like a classic chocolate bunny or jellybeans — along with other sweet treats. Some also include traditional Easter gifts like a soft bunny, a book, and even crayons. These are perfect one-and-done Easter baskets to help celebrate.