Play these Easter games with your family inside, outdoors, or while hunting eggs.
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32 Easter Games To Play With The Whole Family

Your family will have a hopping good time playing these Easter-themed games.

Spring has finally sprung, which means that Easter celebration planning is fully underway. If you’re looking for a way to make your family’s celebration even more memorable this year, these Easter games are so much fun to play.

My husband’s family had an epic Olympic-style Easter game event a few years ago and it was an absolute blast for everyone — kids and adults alike. We played several rounds of different games outside and kept track of who won the most games. At the end of it all, my in-laws presented the first, second, and third place overall winners with a small plastic trophy and a cash prize. It was so much fun that we’ve done some version of this every Easter since.

The games below include ideas for playing indoors, outside in the yard, and while hunting eggs. Whether you play for prizes or just play for the fun of it with your own family, these games are sure to make this year’s Easter celebration the best one yet.

Backyard Games

  • Pair up with a partner and play water balloon “egg” toss. The first person to drop and pop their balloon loses.
  • Grab some eggs and a few spoons and have a race across the yard to see who can make it across the fastest without their egg falling off of their spoon.
  • Spread a few hula hoops out across your lawn in a line and assign each hoop a point value based on how far away it is. (Ex: the hoop furthest way is 30 points, the next closest is 20, and so on.) Take turns attempting to toss plastic Easter eggs into each hoop from a designated spot. The player who gets the most points wins.
  • Using sidewalk chalk, draw a hopscotch grid down the driveway or sidewalk and have kids play a game of hopscotch while hopping like a bunny.
  • Have an Easter-style sack race by pinning cotton balls to the back of a burlap sack to create a bunny tail.
  • Play a game of red light, green light, but replace the words with “red bunny” and “green bunny” so that “green bunny” means go and “red bunny” means stop.
  • An inflatable bunny ring toss makes for a silly game that everyone can play together.
  • Arrange empty Easter baskets in a semi-circle spread out across the lawn. Have each player stand in a designated spot and attempt to toss 10 plastic eggs inside of the baskets. The player who lands the most eggs in the baskets wins.
  • Create a DIY Easter-themed cardboard beanbag toss game like this one from Pink Stripey Socks that you can play outside, but also move inside if you want.
  • Using hard-boiled eggs, have every player stand in a line side-by-side and roll their egg across the lawn using a long-handled spoon. The first player to cross the finish line wins.
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Egg Hunt Games

  • Separate the pieces of an Easter-themed puzzle by putting one piece in each plastic egg to hide. Once the eggs are all found, kids can put their puzzle together.
  • Hide your kid’s Easter basket prior to your egg hunt. Write clues on small slips of paper and put them inside of plastic eggs. After hunting the eggs, have kids read the clues to figure out where their Easter basket is hidden.
  • During your egg hunt, set a rule that you can steal eggs from another hunter’s basket, but only if you don’t get caught doing so. If you get caught trying to steal, you have to give up one of your eggs instead. This one definitely works best with older kids who won’t get upset about stolen eggs.
  • After your typical candy-included daytime egg hunt, load your plastic Easter eggs with tiny glow sticks and have a nighttime egg hunt. Whoever gathers the most glowing eggs wins a prize.
  • Write Easter-themed exercises on slips of paper and put them inside of a few plastic eggs alongside eggs also filled with candy. (Ex: four bunny hops, three carrot karate kicks, etc.) During the hunt, when someone grabs an egg that feels empty, they have to open it and do the exercise before they can continue looking for the candy-filled eggs.
  • Turn your Easter egg hunt into a treasure hunt by having one special hidden egg filled with “treasure” like a gift card, cash, or a toy. You can also amp up the fun by hiding clues in some of the other eggs as well.

Indoor Games

  • Play an egg-themed game of bingo with these free printable Easter bingo cards from Crazy Little Projects.
  • Draw the outline of a bunny on a large poster board and play a blindfolded game of “pin the tail on the bunny” using a scarf or bandana.
  • Put jelly beans of different colors into a few plastic eggs using eggs of colors that correspond to the jelly beans. Let kids dump out the contents of their eggs and sort their jelly beans into the correct color egg. The first one to sort all of their jelly beans into the correct color egg wins.
  • Pour a bag of jelly beans into a clear jar and have everyone write down how many jelly beans they think are in the jar. Count the jelly beans. The person who came closest to the actual number wins a prize.
  • Set a timer for 60 seconds and see who can stack the most plastic egg halves in one minute.
  • Put together plastic eggs, but with mismatched colors. Give every player a set of 10 mismatched eggs and see who can take them apart and put them back together matching the correct colors the fastest.
  • Write down a bunch of Easter or spring-themed topics or activities on slips of paper (egg hunting, bunny hopping, flower picking, etc.) and team up to play a game of Easter charades. Take turns acting out each topic to your team in silence.
  • Similar to racing outside with eggs on a spoon, you can use popsicle sticks to balance jelly beans and have a mess-free indoor race around the living room.
  • Play a version of the game hot potato using a plastic Easter egg. You can play Easter or spring-themed music while passing the egg around a circle. When the music stops, whoever is holding the egg is out. Continue playing until there’s only one player left.

Easter Games To Buy

After all of the cooking, basket-making, and egg-hiding that Easter brings, sometimes pulling out a board game that requires minimal effort or set-up on your part is the best way to go. When all else fails, invest in these fun Easter and spring-themed games to play with your family that will surely get everyone in a celebratory mood.