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17 Face Masks For Kids That Are Cute, Comfortable, & Get The Job Done

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It’s hard to believe that masks have been a part of life for over a year now. Chances are your kid has either outgrown or lost (or some combination of both) many of the face coverings they wore at the onset of the pandemic, so if you're looking for some new face masks for kids, you'll find them on this list.

The CDC continues to recommend that children ages 2 and up wear face masks in public (in addition to avoiding close contact and washing hands). The good news is that after Pfizer found 100% efficacy and a strong antibody response in a phase 3 trial of kids ages 12-15, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given emergency use authorization for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine in kids 12 and up. But even with vaccinations, it’s still likely that we’ll be wearing masks for the long-haul as Dr. Fauci recently told CNN it’s possible that masks will be recommended through 2022 (though mercifully he also added that there will be a “a significant degree of normality" by then).

A mask should have at least two layers of fabric or paper, which you’ll know it does if you can pull the two sides apart. If you're not sure if your kids' mask is effective enough, you can try the candle test as suggested by NPR (assuming they're old enough). All you need to do is light a candle and have your child wear their mask and try to blow it out; they should not be able to. Read on for the best comfy but protective masks for kids at a range of price points.

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A Set Of Five Thicker Masks

One of the things to actually like about masks is that they keep your face toasty in the cold winter months, and these are no exception. This set of five kids masks from Caraa are made of a thicker, warmer twill cotton material while still being dual-layer and breathable. These are available in a set of warm colors (pictured) or cooler tones including sage, light blue,charcoal, orange, and a neutral stone.

Machine-washable with wide, adjustable ear elastics and an adjustable wire nose bridge, these are comfy and convenient. Note that they are final sale, and if you love your kids mask, they’re available in adult sizes in even more colors.


A Dinosaur Mask

Getting your kid to wear a mask doesn’t have to be a struggle when it has a fun print like these dinosaurs. They were tested to have over 99.9% filtration against viruses, bacteria, smoke, and other pollutants, plus their trademarked “parrot beak” design means more room between the nose and fabric for easy breathing.

The kids Happy Masks are restocked twice a week, so don’t worry if you don’t see any masks in stock, they’ll be back soon. In addition to dinos, these come in several cute prints, and are also available in adult sizes. Over $20 for one mask is a little pricey, and it may make sense to invest in a mask chain so this one doesn’t get lost.


A Mask with Cooling Technology

Perfect for sports games, dance practice, or gym class where masks are required , the H_llo Friend mask is lined with 100% recycled polyester knit with coolmax technology so your kids’ face stays cool. These have filter pockets, tons of cool colors to choose from, and the XS is designed to fit older kids.

I actually own this mask and the cord ear straps can take a little getting used to (though they are comfy and secure once you get the hang of it). Alternatively, for $7 the brand sells a three-pack of nylon spandex soft straps that you can swap in instead.


A Kid’s Face Mask in Fun Prints

If your kid loves a fun print, Scout & Indiana children’s masks are your new go-to. They come in tons of fun patterns like bats or jack o'lanterns (the perfect Halloween masks, especially if your kid doesn't want to wear one out), dinosaurs, mermaids, or construction vehicles and so many more. They’re made using two layers of 100% quilt-shop quality cotton (so they’re thick and soft, like a blanket for the face).

Handmade in Arlington, VA, the masks have adjustable ear ties and come in two kids sizes: there’s one for kids ages 3-6, and a larger size for kids 7-12.


A Eco-Friendly Fabric Mask

Made of soft and eco-friendly modal cotton (which also happens to be antibacterial), this double-layer kids mask from Shon Simon is stretchy and comfortable. The mask is available in a wide-range of kid-friendly colors like pink, yellow, and bright blue, and this price listed above is for one mask. They also come in slightly smaller toddler sizes.


A Kids Mask Worn By NASA

This set of two kids masks from Threads is made with 99.9% pure silver yarn which makes it antimicrobial and antiviral; if that’s not enough, they’re worn by NASA and US Special Forces. The material may sound scratchy or hard, but these masks are actually very soft and comfortable (I have one that I wear regularly, especially for workouts that require a mask). They have a ton of stretch and feel like a thick stocking material.

I gave my six-year-old nephew a pack of these exact masks and they’re his favorite masks for school because, for starters, because he says they make him look like a ninja, and also because the ear bands have stretch that doesn’t bother him when wearing for long periods of time.


A Personalized Mask

If your child has ever mixed up their mask with a friend's (the horror) then it may be time to get them a personalized mask. This one from Little Navy is polyester with an inner cotton layer. You can also get a set of five masks that come in a customized pouch. Now if they drop it on the playground, it may not be gone forever.

Unlike most monograms that feature initials in just one spot, here the mask is personalized with your child’s name woven seamlessly through the rest of the pattern which include flowers, robots, camo, donuts and more.


A Three Pack Of Printed Masks

From the maker of natural household staples, Grove Co., comes this set of three masks for kids. These are designed for kids ages 7-12 and are made of 100% certified organic cotton with an antimicrobial coating made with silver ions.

These are machine-washable though they should be hung to dry, and they have adjustable ear straps to fit a wide variety of faces. The three-pack includes two solid colors: a teal and a white, plus a yellow mask with a star pattern. Many reviewers noted that these are super comfy and that the thin ear straps work well with kids who wear glasses or hearing aids.


A Set Of Pixar masks

Your kid may not be able to watch their favorite movie on-the-go, but they can wear it thanks to these masks from Disney. Representing popular Pixar movies (Up, Coco, and two from Toy Story), the four-pack is made of a light and breathable fabric (just note that the ear straps are not adjustable though they do stretch).

These are available in two kids sizes and two adult sizes (which is great if you want to match your kid). Many reviewers noted how comfy these are (and some said they don’t make glasses fog up which is a major plus) though others mentioned that these run a bit small, so you may want to size up if you’re on the fence.


Masks With A Message

This five-pack of kids masks from Athleta come in assorted colors like basic neutrals and a trendy neon green, plus fun and current patterns including ombre and marbled fabric. The inner layer is soft cotton, and the outer layer is a spandex polyester blend that gives it a bit of stretch and a comfy fit.

Many reviewers noted that these hold-up well over time and don’t change shape or thin-out over time. One reviewer shared the following tip, “If you notice the child size starting to slip down your nose, it may be time to upgrade to adult size and adjust the ear straps to fit. My 2nd and 4th graders are both wearing the adult size comfortably and happily at school and even when playing sports!”


A Superhero Kids Mask

Handmade from 100% pre-shrunk cotton, these face masks from Etsy will make kids feel like superheroes. And for each mask purchased, the Etsy seller will donate another one to a healthcare facility or essential employee.

These are all one-size (designed to fit kids ages 3 through 9) and they have adjustable ear loops. They’re handmade in a pet and smoke-free home. Reviewers love these masks with one saying, “Beautiful construction, love the design, and most importantly fits very well (child wears size 5T). Shipped quickly - highly recommended!”

One thing to note is that the seller recommends handwashing and air-drying these masks, though they have been pre-washed and shrunk.


A Pack Of Six Kids Masks

Desc: Stride Rite has kids masks that come in a set of six, so you’ll have one for almost every day of the week. Made of two layers of soft and lightweight cotton, these are super comfy and come in assorted bright colors and fun patterns (there also a more pastel set with floral prints).

One detail that sets these masks apart from others is that they come with a small mesh laundry bag,so you can keep track of them easily and they won’t get damaged or stretched in the washing machine. Currently they’re only available in a size for kids ages 2-4, but you can sign up to be notified when the larger sizes are back.


A Two Pack Of Kids Mask From Target

This two pack of masks from Target brand, Cat & Jack will be a favorite in your kids’ rotation (and your fave too, thanks to the very affordable price tag). They’re 100% cotton with a filter pocket, though the filter itself is not provided. Conveniently, these can be machine-washed and dried.

The ear loops are not adjustable, but they’re made with a stretchy elastic material to find a wide variety of sizes and face shapes. One reviewer said, “My 9 year old doesn't mind wearing her mask at school, especially when they are as cute as these!” though another noted that occasionally the mask is sewed so that the pattern is upside-down.


Toggle Masks

Made of 95% cotton and with two layers of fabric, these kids masks from BooginHead have toggles to make getting the right fit easier. They’re machine-washable, too, which makes your life easier, especially when your kid needs at least one mask per day.

These come in a lot of cute and kid-friendly patterns including hearts, camo, and rainbow polka dots. The price shown is for two masks of the same print, and the brand donates 10% of profits from the face mask to pandemic aid organizations both locally and nationwide. These are designs to be breathable while having a form-fitting cut that shouldn’t ride down past the nose.


Disposable Masks

No washing required with a disposable mask, just wear, toss, and grab a new one. Can’t beat that convenience (or protection). Disposables save you from having to do a load of laundry every time your kid is out of masks, and this 50-pack of kids masks from Walmart comes in two solid colors (either pink or blue). You may be surprised that these have the wire nose strip to get a secure fit.

These are made with a soft polypropylene fabric that’s breathable and lightweight, just note that these should not be worn more than once because they cannot be properly cleaned between wears.


Patterned Kids Face Masks

If you can’t seem to get a mask to fit your child’s head perfectly, it may be time to get a custom fit by using a mask that ties in the back. These kids masks from Kido have stretchy elastic ties that can be tied into loops and trimmed, or tied around the head for a secure fit. They’re handmade in Chicago and the fabric is fun and funky, and always 100% cotton with a pocket for a non-woven filter.

The toddler size is designed to fit kids ages 1-3 while the kids size is for ages 4 through 9.


Disposable Kids Masks With Decals

Kids will have a blast decorating these disposable white kids face masks that come with a sheet of non-toxic mask decals including smiley faces, ice cream cones, cupcakes, hearts and more. These are lightweight and breathable, plus they’re Nelson tested which means they’ve been approved by a lab. While thin, these are actually three-ply with a water-resistant exterior, meltblown filter, and a moisture-absorbing interior.

A graph on the product’s website shows that these are nearly as effective as N95s. If you and more importantly your kid end up loving these, they’re also available in a pack of 30 (and the packaging is biodegradable and recyclable).

If you think you’re showing symptoms of coronavirus, which include fever, shortness of breath, and cough, call your doctor before going to get tested. If you’re anxious about the virus’s spread in your community, visit the CDC for up-to-date information and resources, or seek out mental health support. You can find all of Romper’s parents + coronavirus coverage here.

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