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Rainbow sensory fidget toy popper for kids in the shape of a popsicle.
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The 11 Best Fidget Toys For Every Age

There are gadgets and gizmos a-plenty.

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Spinners, cubes, putty, and more — the world of fidget toys is always expanding, and if you’re looking for a tool to help your kid (or yourself) focus, it’s hard to know where to start. Some parents even use fidget toys to help with ADHD and similar conditions, while for some kids, having a fidget toy just gives them something fun to do at school, riding in the car, or wherever. Finding the best fidget toys for kids and adults isn’t about one specific brand or product. It just requires a little forethought about where and how your fidget toy will be used, and what characteristics will make you want to reach for it again and again.

What to consider when buying a fidget toy

How do you pick a fidget toy that’ll work best for you or your kid? You’ll want to make sure it’s safe, easy to use when needed, and most importantly, has whatever qualities you like best in a fidget toy. Some things to keep in mind while you browse:

  • The age of the person using it. If it’s for a toddler, does it have any small parts that could be choking hazards?
  • Where the fidget toy will be used. If it’s for use at work or school, can it be fidgeted with quietly, and with only one hand while the other writes or clicks?
  • Size. The best fidget toys to travel with are compact and easy to secure to your bag or slide into your pocket.
  • Durability. You want to choose a toy that is made to last so it doesn’t break mid-fidget.
  • What feels best. Some kids like a fidget toy that’s soft or squishy, while others want something that makes noise. Choose something that will really help alleviate that pent up energy and stress.

Fidget toys for kids who are neurodivergent

If you’re shopping for a fidget toy that will help your child fulfill their sensory needs, there are some additional things to consider. Children and adults with autism, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, and other conditions sometimes do something called “stimming.” The Warren Center for Children with Developmental Disabilities says stimming, or self-stimulating behavior, can help people who are neurodivergent reduce their anxiety and cope with big emotions. So, think about what kinds of stimulation your kid seeks out when they’re under stress — do they like repetitive sounds, movements, or something to squish?

With these guidelines in mind, here are some of the best fidget toys for every age and environment.


Best fidget toy for toddlers

Pros: Many reviewers say they’re the perfect in-flight toy to travel with.

Cons: There are no disclaimers about the plastic or silicones being safe for little ones to mouth.

OK, so it’s not like toddlers need to focus at school or de-stress much, but finding a fidget-style toy they like can keep them occupied long enough for you to finish dinner. The ALASOU Suction Cup Pop up Fidget Spinner Toys can stick to the bathtub, refrigerator, or any other shiny, smooth surface where you need your little one occupied for a few minutes. They

Review: “New favorite toy. I bought these for a flight with a long layover for my 1.5 year old and they were a big hit!She loved watching them spin and suctioning them onto windows. We even used them once we got to our destination and they’re her new favorite go to toy at home! If I had known how much use she’d get out of these I would’ve bought them a lot sooner!”


Best fidget poppers for little kids

Pros: They’re waterproof for easy cleaning.

Cons: If your child really loves them, you may find they want a bigger size.

BicMan Mini Pop Keychain Fidget Toys are a smaller version of the usual fidget popper toys, perfect for little hands to grasp and poke. They clip to backpacks for something to do on the way to school, and there are plenty in this box to share with friends and replace them as they wear out or go missing.

Review: “I used these for my daughters class birthday party and all the kids loved them and were so excited to get these! I gave my 11 month some of them and loved them he chewed on them and never ripped or tore them my husband even put one on his keys. They are definitely going to either be rebought or recommend they are awesome!”


Best fidget toy for kids

Pros: They’re made with BPA-free, durable plastic to prevent cracking.

Cons: They’re not discrete.

The BUNMO Poppin’ Pipes have nearly 35,000 reviews and 4.7 stars on Amazon, so yeah, you could say it’s one of the best fidget toys on the site. They bend, pop, crinkle, and stretch, and if you have more than one, they connect to each other.

Review: “If your child loves, fidgets and sensory items, this product is exactly what you need and should add to your card. Not only can you stretch/ form them into different shapes, attach them all together, and attach to other things. But, you can also get a little creative with it. What i did, which kids LOVED was adding small objects (Like a marble) in this product. And either made it slide for the marbles to roll down, or attached the products 2 ends together making the marble trapped and needing help to get out!”


Best fidget popper for big kids

Pros: They come in 14 different sets with unique shapes, so you can choose based on your child’s interests.

Cons: They don’t attach to anything for easy carrying.

Popper fidget toys are everywhere for a reason — the simplicity helps kids busy their hands while also focusing on a lesson, show, or homework. These Bubble Pop Fidget Sensory Toys come in two-packs so your child can have a couple stashed different places, or save one to replace the other if it tears. That said, many reviewers reported these poppers are much sturdier than others they’ve purchased.

Review: “Mom of 3 boys 16,11,&6 and they are all fighting over them. I originally bought for the 11yr old who has trouble focusing but I watched him pick it up during a counseling session. He immediately relaxed and focused on what was being said while keeping his hands busy. Now he is using it while we go over spelling words. It’s great and seems very durable.”


Best fidget toy for teens

Pros: It’s pocket-sized and includes a protective case.

Cons: Some sides make noise when used, so not all of them are great to fidget with at school.

The DodoMagxanadu Fidget Dodecagon is a handheld fidget cube with 12 sides, each with its own switch, joystick, or textured silicone for fidgeters of all kinds. The overall plastic is smooth and made to withstand wear and tear, so don’t be afraid to really click those buttons.

Review: “Majority of the sides are better than expected. Unfortunately, the joystick isn't the same high quality as a real game controller, but it is still fun to fiddle with nonetheless. My teen has been playing with it ever since it arrived (only three days so far, but I'm confident it will be ongoing), and has already recommended it to a friend. Overall, we are quite pleased and happy with this fidget cube.”


Best fidget toy for adults

Pros: It’s made of aluminum alloy and brass pins, so it’ll last indefinitely.

Cons: The color can wear off of the edges with use.

PILPOC’s theFube Infinity Cube Fidget Desk Toy is perfect for grownups who just need something to do with their hands during Zoom calls or when they’re watching TV. It’s a smooth, weighted block, and each smaller cube can rotate and turn to create any shape imaginable.

Review: “There are a lot of cheap fidget toys out there. They get the job done, but break or are really noisy. I’d never used an infinity cube before to stim during zoom calls, so I bought this more out of curiosity. It is perfect for my needs…it is solid and nice to hold, the actions are simple so you’re not distracted by them, but kept low-level busy enough. I use it a lot, and the green coloring is starting to wear in corners of the individual cubes, but that doesn’t affect the ability to use it (and it gives it character).”


Best fidget toy for work or school

Pros: The rings are made of stainless steel, so they’re scratch-resistant and won’t turn your finger green.

Cons: They come in a few colors and designs, but options are limited.

Teens and adults who don’t want to carry a true fidget toy might prefer the FUNRUN JEWELRY Stainless Steel Spinner Rings. They’re super discrete and double as jewelry. If you feel the need to fidget, they can be spun around or rolled up and down during class or meetings without drawing any attention.

Review: “I love these so much. I take them to class because they kinda disguise that they are fidgets so they aren't noticeable at all when playing with them just looks like your spinning a normal ring on your finger.”


Best fidget toy for travel

Pros: They meet children’s product safety standards and the materials are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and free of BPAs, phthalates, and latex.

Cons: They can be stretched and tied, and doing so around a body part can restrict blood flow.

These IMPRESA Glitter Original Monkey Noodle Stretchy String Fidgets are compact enough to fit in any carry-on and won’t add extra weight to an already over-burdened parent’s bag. They stretch, tie, swing, wrap, and more, but are quiet and won’t disturb other travelers. Because they’re not sticky, they’re easy to wipe clean after touching airplane trays or falling on the floor

Review: “I bought these for my fidget crazed daughter for Christmas. Of course I wanted to make sure they were good so I checked them out and I am happy to say they have a great stretch to them. They are slimmer than other brands but that makes them different. They can easily be tight into a knot and pulled. I don't see them breaking anytime soon. The colors are also nice and they are smooth to the touch not sticky. Definitely a great gift.”


Best fidget toy to use at home

Pros: Made to last, the box is constructed with durable plastic and a tear-proof surface.

Cons: It’s roughly the size of a baseball, so not the best for fidgeting while on the go.

If you or your child need something sensory to decompress with at home, consider the SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box. It has 36 magnets inside that help it transform into 70 different shapes, mixing and matching its vibrant patterns into new artwork with each one. If you collect more of the boxes, they can stick together to build larger and larger puzzles.

Review: “Really addictive! This is really fun to mess with while watching t.v. or just needing something to fidget with. I'm glad I bought 2 because it really increases the number of shapes that can be made. I will probably buy more to increase it even further. If you're the type of person that needs to keep your hands busy at all times, then you should definitely buy a couple of these.”


Best fidget spinner for all ages

Pros: You can buy a multipack for the price of one metal spinner, so for kids or adults who misplace things, you’ll have spares.

Cons: They’re plastic, so they may not last as long as metal options.

Whether you or your child are fidget spinner collectors or shopping for your first one, the SCIONE Fidget Spinners will work for you. They include a high-speed ceramic ball bearing in the middle to spin smoothly (which they’ll do for up to two minutes without stopping). The counterweights are even removable so you can customize the spin action, which sounds very in-depth, but hey, maybe you’ll get really into these.

Review: “All worked great and very sturdy. I bought these because I had one before but lost it. All of them worked perfectly. Now I have several and I lose one or just misplaced one I have backups. Would be great to buy to put on top of any present with the gift tag, just to add a little fun to it.”


Best fidget keychain for on-the-go

Pros: They come with an easy-open chain and string to loop onto anything.

Cons: Only the middle edamame bean has a cute expression.

The Acerich Edamame Keychain Fidget Toys are definitely the cutest fidget toy on this list, and the easiest to secure when you’re on the move. The keychain is a little under three inches long, and can fasten to backpacks, purses, phones, zippers, anything really. Then your kid can pop the little beans in and out without worrying about them getting lost (and if they do, you’ll have two spares at home).

Review: “My partner uses these to prevent themselves from picking and biting their fingers. As an adult it is still a great challenge for them to break that habit. The other night at the movies they were using this instead of biting their nails. Seems to be working to help break habits.”

So, which fidget toy fits best in your child’s routine? Or, which one will help you manage stress at work? It may take a few tries to find your perfect fidget toy, but when you do, it’ll be worth the search.

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