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Say "See Ya Never" To 2020 With These Holiday Cards

Because all was not calm. All was not bright.

Looking to send your family and friends something cute, funny, and entertaining to brighten this bleak winter? These 2020 holiday cards are the perfect way to tie a pretty, shiny bow on top of a dumpster fire of a year.

From pithy toilet paper puns to your family's photos in a Zoom call grid, each of these card choices captures the sheer chaos of this year in their own special way. Sure, the pandemic has caused plenty of pandemonium, but at the end of it all, these cards can help you head into the new year with socially-distanced tidings of comfort and joy and well wishes for family and friends.

With the holiday season already in full swing, many card manufacturers and Etsy sellers are offering steep discounts on card orders through the new year. Depending on the number of cards that you purchase and the amount of customization required for your specific design, you can safely send season's greetings to your entire address book for less than you spent bulk-buying masks and hand sanitizer in mid-April.

Send these cards to wish your loved ones a COVID-free Christmas and a happy (-ier than the last) New Year.

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What. A. Year.

Chatbooks always has beautiful cards you can easily personalize, but this "we're smiling under our masks" one is too perfect. They have an entire section of holiday cards titled "What A Year" and good grief, they are accurate. (You can also get 20% off with the code MERRIEST right now.)


12 Days Of Corona

The pandemic has definitely lasted way longer than 12 days, but this card truly hits all of the high (low?) points for what we've all gone through this year. Conspiracies, headaches, quarantines, a case of wine — yep, sounds about right. Your friends and family will get a kick out of this extremely relatable holiday card.


From Our Quaranteam To Yours

You have to keep your distance, but you can still spread some holiday cheer with this card from your "quaranteam" to your loved ones. In fact, you might just encourage them to start using this friendly moniker for their own fam instead of "the people I can't get away from, even though I really, really need to."


Precedented Times

Say it louder for the virus/election/aliens in the back! After so many months of "unprecedented times," I know I'm not the only one who could really, truly go for some "precedented times." If you send this card to your loved ones, they'll probably cheer audibly. I know I would.


Weirdest. Year. Ever.

This card from Simply To Impress offers the perfect sentiment to express exactly how you feel looking back on the last calendar year. I mean, at least January and February were promising, right? But, after that — weirdest year ever. Plus, you can finally put that adorable photo of your kids in their cute masks to use.


Dumpster Fire

I'm pretty sure that I've referred to 2020 as a dumpster fire every other day for the past 9 months. You're probably reading this and thinking "same," so go ahead and stock up on these cheeky holiday cards to mail out to your socially distant friends and family this year.


Hang In There

Just like this terrified Christmas ornament, you're probably barely hanging in there thanks to the pandemonium of the pandemic. But, if you can get it together long enough to address some envelopes, you can send your well wishes to family and friends heading into 2021 with this adorable Christmas card.


COVID Christmas

With this digital download holiday card from Etsy, you celebrate the year that will go down in history. Send your loved ones a socially-distanced holiday greeting straight from your quarantine to theirs. Because this card is 100% digital, you can choose to email or text the file, or you can print them yourself and mail out traditional cards.


2020 Snowman

This holiday card brings an entirely new meaning to the phrase "Do you wanna build a snowman?" but I honestly kind of love it. From the toilet paper hanging on the snowman's arm to the masked face, this is definitely how to build a snowman to celebrate the end of 2020.


Personalized Zoom Card

Instead of "The year of our Lord," 2020 was "The year of our Zoom." Putting your family's photos on a computer screen grid on a holiday card is definitely one of the most 2020 things I can think of. The addition of a masked smiley face, a bottle of hand sanitizer, and a roll of toilet paper is just icing on the (really awful) cake.


Funny 2020 Card Set

This set of four holiday cards covers all of the major changes that 2020 has brought in the most hilarious way. "I'll be Zoom for Christmas" and "Deck the halls with masks and Lysol" quite literally describes what many of us will be doing this season. Your family and friends will get a kick out of these relatable greetings.


Whatever Holiday Card

Back in January, you probably set out with great intentions to have the best year ever. Unfortunately, coronavirus came along and ruined it all, and now "whatever" is your new mantra. Send a holiday card this year that doubles as an announcement of your new life motto to your loved ones.


From A Social Distance

A festive llama is such a sweet way to celebrate the season — and two festive llamas are even better. Add in the fact that they're using a string of Christmas lights to measure their social distance, and you have the most precious holiday card to send to friends and family in 2020.


All Was Not Calm

This is possibly the best holiday card to send to your friends and family if you happen to have a photo or two of your TP stash rations, your kids melting down on day 97 of virtual learning, or that time you got your elbow stuck in the earloop of your mask.


Christmas Masks

This holiday card is such a cute way to get your loved ones in the Christmas spirit despite the heaviness of this year. I've been wearing Christmas-themed masks since November and can personally attest to the little bit of holiday joy a festive mask can share with the world.


That's A Wrap

Toilet paper may just be the most recognizable symbol for the sheer chaos of this year, so why not let it take center stage on your 2020 holiday greeting cards? Toilet paper may actually be considered an acceptable gift to give this year, so go ahead and attach this card to a value pack if you can find one.