Inflatable pools are perfect for any kind of yard this summer.
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The 10 Best Inflatable Pools For Your Yard

Because summer is hot. And splashing is cool.

Can you hear that? The telltale tzz-tzz-tzzzzz sound outside means someone’s turned on the sprinklers. In the words of The Fresh Prince, it’s summer, summer, summertime. And now that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shared the news that those completely vaccinated may enjoy maskless outings again, the idea of entertaining a few friends outside with a small summer barbecue doesn’t seem like the hazy dream it did last year. Joining the neighborhood pool again is now a joyful possibility. But as you start to venture out more, don’t forget the simple pleasures you can build right in your own backyard. That’s why you’re sure to appreciate this researched guide to the best inflatable pools at your fingertips. Now, this is no slap in the face to splash pads — they’re pretty awesome, especially for toddlers just starting to step with some confidence. But if you or your kids want to sit, relax, and soak more than your toes, these posh tubs are just the ticket.

Sure, you have to blow up the things. But if you score an automatic air pump, you’ll make quick work of the chore. The one tedious habit you shouldn’t avoid: Cleaning out the puffy pool after every use to avoid potentially sickness-inducing bacteria. After a cleanse, dry the pool (taking care to towel in between the cracks and crevices) and let it finish air-drying. Quick tip: If you have an outdoor playground structure, try propping it up there to maximize the surface area left in the sun.

Convinced yet? Ready to fill that cart? Ready, set, splash time!

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Best Splash Pad/Pool Combo

Yes, you can plug your hose into the bottom pad and watch gentle sprinkles of water sprout out from all around the perimeter, but the base does fill up with enough water to produce a puddle that can satisfy your (supervised) babies and younger toddlers. Plus, the small detachable slide is a baby’s delight.


Best Bouncy-House Hybrid

By far the priciest pick on the list, this amusement park offers your whole neighborhood a season of fun. There’s a bounce house. There’s a water slide. There’s a sprinkler. There’s a kiddie pool. And once it’s blown up and affixed to your lawn, there’s no telling what other activities your little ones can invent. A ball pit? Yeah, you can make it work here, too.


Best & Cutest Unicorn Pool

At 65 inches wide and 32 inches deep (and a 4.7 out of 5 rating), this little soaker will make toddlers feel grown-up, and grown-ups feel like kids. Bonus points for the included repair patch and whimsical wings.


Best Floating Pool

We get it. You like the idea of a kiddie pool, but not the actual submersion. This shallow tub doubles as a pool float, so whether you’re bobbing around the water or planted on firm turf you can cool down with your back emerged and your front, face, and hair fully dry.


Best Luxurious Pool

Because aren’t you sick of bringing a candle to every party you attend? Now that you may be visiting friends and family again, why not enter their outdoor party armed with a gift they’ll put to use right away? This chic design elevates the whole kiddie-pool experience, and still gets the cool-down job done.


Best Reading Nook

Refresh yourself with a cool time-out under this adorable inflatable canopy. Consider hanging off the side of the 35-inch-high water bed, and stay shady while floating on your tummy and reading a book.


Best Water Fun

One word: sprinklers. Now you don’t have to decide every sunny day whether you’re going to let the hose run, or fill up the pool. This 99-inch long blow-up structure has an adorable elephant that spits water for extra extraness. With a perfect 5-star review of 658 votes, and a price tag just under $100, how’s that for summer fun?


Best For Hanging Out

Not really into swimming? Or kicking? Or floating? Sit yourself (and maybe a friend or two) down in this submerged bench, lean back, and relax in the water-filled, 21-inch-deep round pool. Almost 1,000 near-perfect reviews have to mean splashing can be a bit overrated, right?


Best Sports Arena

Why just splash when you can play basketball? This aquatic court (over 12 inches high) and hoop make both activities a doubly fun reality.


Best All-Around Bargain

In the family of larger backyard pools, this 10-foot-long tub means you’ll be able to stretch out and cool down fast — for under $25. It doesn’t get much better than this.