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Here Are 20 Unique Gifts Your Mother-In-Law Is Sure To Love

Treat her to something she may not buy herself.

The mother-in-law relationship has a reputation for being challenging, and while that may be the case sometimes, it can also be a beautiful bond. Even if you don’t have much in common, you love the person they raised, and that in itself should be celebrated. These 20 Mother’s Day gifts for mothers-in-law will show your spouse’s mom that you love and appreciate her, not only for raising your favorite person and being a grandmother to your children, but for who she is (odd quirks and a pension for backhanded compliments notwithstanding). And they’re not just great for Mother’s Day, either; these gifts work for any holiday, birthday, or “thinking of you” moment.

Every year on my husband’s birthday, I text my mother-in-law a “happy birthing day” message (yes, major brownie points), and I know this little gesture of acknowledgement means a lot to her. This year, instead of throwing my name on a card my partner picks out, I’ll up the ante by getting her a Mother’s Day gift from me.

Maybe your mother-in-law is near enough to pop over for dinner or maybe she’s lives far enough away that you have to constantly send her pics of the kids (there’s a frame for that on the list). Wherever she is and whatever she’s into (gardening, cooking, relaxing, puzzles, and more) you’ll find a great gift for her on this list.

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A Candle With A Reusable Vessel

The first-ever 100% plant-based candles are a gift you can feel good about giving. The set comes with a reusable vessel (you pick the color) plus a recyclable aluminum insert that holds the candle. These may be free of toxins, but they’re not short on smell and it will fill her space with the scent of lavender, bamboo, or amber.


A Smart Picture Frame

Now instead of texting or emailing her pictures of her grandkids, you can send them straight to her smart frame. If she’s not tech savvy, she can still definitely use this; in fact, once she’s connected to Wifi she won’t have to do anything except sit back and check out the photos.


A Relaxing Magnesium Supplement

Who couldn’t use a little extra help getting a good night's rest? This blend of magnesium, L-theanine, and GABA plus minerals will help her unwind after a long day. It can be stirred into a drink for a fizzy treat that tastes lightly of lavender. This gift pairs well with the eye mask below.


A Weighted Eye Mask

Help your mother-in-law get restful sleep with the help of this luxe weighted eye mask. It’s made of smooth, cooling satin and it works well whether she’s try to get some shut-eye at home or on a plane. If she’s not into pink it also comes in taupe or black.


Colorful Sodas

Hydrate in style with this variety pack from United Sodas. These make a colorful impact when she opens the box (it’s the kind of present she’ll want to take a picture of) plus the drinks themselves are full of fruity flavor, have only 30 calories and nothing artificial.


A Funky Glasses Chain

If she can never seem to find her reading glasses or mask, then this handmade, beaded glasses chain will be a hit. It has colorful pom-poms on it which makes it both fun to wear and easy to spot.


A Luxe Face Mask

You’ve probably heard that Greek yogurt is great for gut health, but it’s also really good for your skin. This thick mask is made with gently exfoliating lactic acid and probiotic-rich yogurt to hydrate skin, ease redness, and help repair the skin’s microbiome. She can wear it as a mask or use a little bit as a rich night cream.


A Loose Leaf Tea

If she’s more of a tea person than a coffee lover, this set of loose leaf tea will show her you care. This one is a soothing chamomile, but the brand has tons of options including tisanes and flavored blends like apple spice or passionfruit. Bonus points if you include a tea ball infuser.


A Geode Planter

This green apatite planter will perfectly match her green thumb. Whether she’s a seasoned pro or just getting into houseplants, this vessel will stand out thanks to the beautiful raw stone from Brazil. $36 gets you an air plant too, but you can also just buy the planter for $32.


Personalized Notecards

Beyond just chic, these personalized notecards are a collaboration between Adwoa Aboah, model, mental health activist and founder of the non-profit Gurls Talk which gives young women a place to talk about sexuality. It’s so thoughtful to give someone a gift with their name on it, plus the backside has a beautiful abstract design that makes a major impact when pulled out of its envelope.


A Trio Of Spring Sauces

It doesn’t matter if she’s a seasoned chef or more a takeout person, everyone will find use for this trio of lemon olive oil, blackberry balsamic vinegar, and a spring blend of spices including dill, parsley and more than can be mixed with olive oil or used on fish or meat. Pasolivo makes small batch olive oil in California.


A Pretty Puzzle

This 500-piece puzzle is challenging and fun but not so hard as to be frustrating. The London-based artist, Tess Smith-Roberts, took a nod from Richard Scarry’s Busytown when designing this puzzle, and if your child is a fan of the busy book, they’ll have fun seeing this puzzle at grandma’s (and maybe even “helping”).


Printed Gardening Tools

Getting covered in dirt never looked so chic. This fork and trowel set is made of lightweight and durable aluminum and the pretty print is based on wallpaper designed by J. H. Dearle who was trained by William Morris.


Bright Tea Towels

Yes, these are a splurge, but isn’t the point of gifts to give them something they may not get themselves? All pieces from Bolé Road are handwoven in Ethiopia and they’ll add a cheerful pop to any kitchen. Just keep these away from your kids’ jelly-covered hands.


Recyclable Wine Totes

Whether she’s bringing wine home from the store, to a dinner party, or hopefully to your house, she can do it in style with these printed wine totes with handles that tie closed. Just remember to gift a bottle (or three) of wine along with this.


A Set Of Watercolors

She’ll be creating land and seascapes in no time with this set of 48 watercolors. It comes with two brushes, 15 sheets of paper, and a storage case that makes it easy to use on-the-go if she wants to paint by the garden or outside anywhere.


A Luxe Shampoo

Bring the spa vibes to her shower with this volumizing shampoo. Made with luxe ingredients like cupuaçu butter and neem seed oil, the shampoo strengthens and makes hair softer and easier to manage, plus it smells divine. If she has enough natural volume, there are also hydrating and balancing shampoos and conditioners, or tons of styling products.


A Restorative Peel

Easier (and cheaper) than a trip to the medical spa, this “dual purpose retexturizing anti-aging treatment” is made with Glycolic Acid and Botanical Hyaluronic Acid derived from the seeds of Cassia Angustifolia to exfoliate the skin, while Cold Processed Avocado Oil nourishes the skin after the peel.


A Trio Of Soaps

It’s all about making those everyday experiences a little bit more luxurious, and this trio of soaps from Brooklyn Bath will do just that. Made with all-natural ingredients and minimalist packaging, these three bars (Rosewater Cassis Soothing Oatmeal Bar, Palo Santo Detoxifying Charcoal Soap, and Bergamot Neroli Balancing Pink Clay Soap) will give her a lift whether she’s showering or just washing her hands.