The 12 Best Postpartum Underwear That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Move over, mesh hospital panties.

Once you have your baby, you might be eagerly anticipating a return to your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. And of all the items of maternity clothing you probably want to say goodbye to, pregnancy panties are probably right at the top of the “What Not To Wear” list. Still, even if you’re gung ho to ditch your Granny panties and put on something sexier, you might have to wait a while. Your girly parts will be happy to put on these postpartum underwear after a vaginal birth, because you’re still going to be sore down there.

Sure, the miracle of birth is something to marvel at, but what’s equally astounding is what it does to your nether regions. After all of that moving, stretching, (and yes, bleeding), you need underwear that will make you feel comfortable after you have your baby. “New moms need to know that the first few days after birth means a lot of vaginal bleeding, aka lochia,” Jada Shapiro, a postpartum doula and founder of boober, tells Romper in an email. “The best undies in the new mom days are mesh and stretchy and big enough to include overnight pads, since you’ll be bleeding heavily the first few days and ongoing for 2-6 weeks.” Because the last thing you want is a pair of drawers that dig into your sensitive skin.

And when you’re picking out your panties, be sure to find fabrics that will help your body heal. “Breathable cotton or microfiber underwear is a good choice since it’s likely you’ll be sweatier than usual,” says Shapiro. So if you’re looking for some postpartum underwear, these pairs will help you out until you’re ready to rock your pre-pregnancy undies once again.

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Boyshorts To Help Your Body

Move over, mesh hospital underwear. These mesh panties from Bodily are super stretchy, and woot, one size fits all. The boyshorts are ready to wear right when you leave the hospital and can fit extra absorbent maxi pads, too.


Super Soft Postpartum Underwear

Meant for both C-section and vaginal births, the Insider Panty can help your body heal. The high-rise design is good for C-section incisions but can also give you extra tummy support, too. The fabric is crazy soft, which is exactly what you want to have close to your skin — other than your baby, of course.


Disposable Postpartum Undies

If mesh undies make you cringe, you can always try these mesh-free ones from Frida Mom. The full coverage boy briefs can be worn during your postpartum recovery and throughout your first six weeks of recovery. They’re made from microfiber and spandex and are soft, breathable... and best of all, disposable.


Postpartum Underwear That Doesn't Require Pads

If you’re looking to ditch period pads altogether, you can try panties from the Thinx line. The Hiphugger can hold up to three regular tampons’ worth of blood, and you can pick from a variety of colors. The site has a guide to help you determine which underwear will work best depending on your flow. You’ll never miss wearing a bulky pad again.


Postpartum Compression Underwear

These panties from Leonisa do double duty. First, they allow you to recover from your delivery, but they also provide belly support via belly compression. The underwear has an elastic waistband and leg bands that make panty lines absolutely invisible.


High Rise Postpartum Underwear

For a pair of panties that can take you through your entire pregnancy as well as postpartum, the High Tuck Brief from Hatch is a hit. It goes over your burgeoning belly during pregnancy, and can help you keep everything in place after baby is born. It has a double layer of fabric in the front to hold it all in, but a single layer of fabric in the back so you feel like you’re wearing panties (and not, you know, an adult diaper).


Lovely Lacey Postpartum Underwear

Feel like yourself again in these pretty panties from Kindred Bravely. The 3-pack comes in assorted solid colors, and has a lovely lace detail at the waistband. It’s ideal for both vaginal delivery as well as C-section recovery, and is high-waisted so that it won’t dig in. The stretchy fabric will fit your body no matter what stage of postpartum recovery you’re in.


Leakproof Postpartum Underwear

You won’t need more proof that these postpartum bikini underwear works. The Proof Postpartum Leakproof Bikini can hold up to eight teaspoons of liquid, which you’ll need in those early post-delivery days. Its Leak-Loc technology ensures that lochia and other discharge will be absorbed and not dribble down from your undies.


Postpartum Underwear For Ice Or Heat Packs

Unlike other postpartum undies that focus on the flow, Nyssa FourthWear Postpartum Recovery Underwear packs it in — literally. Designed to be able to hold either an ice or heat pack properly, the underwear is stretchy to fit your body. It can also be pulled up if you want to have some navel coverage.


Postpartum Underwear With Tummy Control

For new mommas who are looking for some tummy control, the high-waisted panties from INNERSY are a good option. They have a moisture-wicking design to keep your girly parts feeling fresh. And for $24.99 for five pairs, you won’t have to worry if you stain them.


Postpartum Underwear That Can Be Folded Down For Comfort

Although these undies are made for maternity, you can still wear them postpartum, too. They have a fold-over design so you can roll them down if your stomach is feeling sensitive. The soft cotton/lycra blend means a more soothing experience for your skin.


Disposable Postpartum Underwear That Works Like A Pad

When stains are nonstop, you might want to trash your undies in the trash. Well, the Always Discreet Underwear are completely disposable, and no, they’re not a diaper. Liquid (in this case, lochia), turns into gel to keep you dry. Its OdorLock Technology will wick away odors and keep your pants protected. And when you’re done wearing them, they just go in the garbage.

Although you might want to race right back into wearing racy underwear, give yourself (and your body) some time to adjust after giving birth. Enjoy the comfort and protection of these panties that were made for postpartum mommas in mind, and you'll be ready to rock a thong in no time.


Jada Shapiro, a postpartum doula and founder of boober