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Spirit toys are a must-have for any tiny fans of the series and movies.

28 Spirit Toys For Your Horse-Obsessed Kid

Yes, they do need another horse figurine for their play stable.

Oh, parents. I'm sorry in advance if your kid is turning into a horse girl or boy. It's one of those obsessions that will take over their clothes, their toys, their conversations, and your bank account. In which case, you may want to shop these Spirit toys for kids who love the original and can't wait for the revamp coming out this summer.

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron came out in 2002, starring a wild horse voiced by Matt Damon, and quickly became a favorite of horse-loving kids everywhere. Personally, when I wasn't watching The Saddle Club, I was rewatching Spirit, Breyer horse models in-hand. Even as an adult, I can still appreciate the movie's soundtrack. Bryan Adams did not have to go that hard, but bless him, he did it anyway.

This June, DreamWorks is following up the OG Spirit with Spirit Untamed, a sequel to the movie that's based on the 2017 series Spirit Riding Free. Basically, Lucky, a girl from the city, moves out west with her family and befriends Spirit when he's brought to the ranch for training. They meet other characters, like Pru and her horse Chica Linda, and Abigail and her mount Boomerang. While it's not yet known what adventures the friends will get into in the movie, they're all available in toy form so your kiddo can play with their favorite duo.

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Dolls & Figurines

If your little equestrian prefers to watch their favorite Spirit episodes with a horse figurine in each hand, well, there are plenty from the show to choose from. Not only do these dolls bend into position to ride, but some come with extra outfits and accessories, too. There's a toy here for everyone, from toddlers to older kids and collectors.

Play Sets

Half the fun of horses is taking care of them. Play sets that focus on grooming and *beautifying* Spirit are must-haves, and the riding challenge play sets can help your little horse lover play out their dreams. Oh, and if your kiddo enjoys LOL Surprise dolls, check out the Spirit version below.

Games Of All Kinds

Mattel and DreamWorks are releasing all new games, like Spirit Stackin' Apples and Spirit Hoppin' Horses, at major retailers soon. They've also created a Spirit-themed UNO card deck for a refresh of family game night. These games are a great way to get your kid to play something Spirit-related when their screen time watching him runs out.

Stuffed Spirits

You can't cuddle a real wild mustang in bed, but these smaller, softer versions are totally house-friendly. And, good news for parents, they don't cost nearly as much as the real thing. Choose the size that's right for your little buckaroo and surprise them with a mini horse friend they'll love for years.