Your Bluey Fan Will Flip For These Birthday Cakes

They’re even better than magic asparagus.

To know Bluey and her family is to love them, and if you’ve found yourself reading this, then chances are you already know quite well who the beloved blue heeler and her adorable crew are. Just in case, Bluey is an Australian children’s show which has captured the hearts of children and their parents all over the world, and those little (and big) fans will flip for these Bluey cakes.

Whether you’re planning a Bluey birthday party or just hoping to surprise your child with an amazing cake, you’ll find inspiration in these stunning confections.

And if you need a little pep talk, I suggest turning to the highly relatable Bluey episode where Bluey’s little sister, Bingo, requests a “duck cake” that requires baking skills way above dad’s paygrade. He makes it anyway, and it comes out looking — spoiler alert — sad and mangled. But the kids absolutely adore it, just as yours will love anything you make that features the pup and her pals. Use these images as a starting point and make your own cake using Bluey figurines, an edible cake topper... or you could just show one of these gorgeous cakes to your local baker, and have them take it from there.


The Whole Bluey Crew Cake

If your kid loves Bluey’s friends and family just as much as the star of the show, then they’ll be a big fan of this beautiful cake. It’s topped with Chilli, Bandit, and Bingo, plus friends Honey, Coco, Snickers. The cute orange rainbows and fun details like pink icing drips and scattered sprinkles make this a showstopper.


A Striped Bluey Cake

This pastel rainbow stripe cake would be memorable on its own, but it’s taken up a notch thanks to thoughtfully placed Bluey figurines and a rainbow cake topper with clouds of fluffy frosting.


A 3D Bluey Cake

Sure, you could get a Bluey cake topper, or you could have an actual three-dimensional Bluey confection made. This masterpiece is almost too cute to cut into.


Bluey & Balloons Cake

Help your kid float into their next year with this Bluey balloon cake. The ombre blue color is always a cute touch, and if you’re looking to recreate something like this at home, the Bluey image is edible and from Itty Bitty Cake Toppers.


Bluey & Friends Cake

You might as well get the whole crew in on the fun with this cake from Cake & Plate. If you don’t have the time or the desire to go all out with a layer cake, this style would lend itself well to a more simple bundt cake.


Bluey Macaron & Candy Cake

Can’t decide between candy, cake, or macarons? Try all three in the cute Bluey cake (topped with a Kinder egg!) inspired by work from Let’s Celebrate With Cake and Delicious By Sara.


A Rust-Colored Bluey Cake

Bluey cakes don’t have to be blue as this beautiful rust-toned ombre creation shows. This would be cute too if your thrill-seeking child’s favorite character is Rusty (who already has a motorcycle).


A Birthday Cake Of Bluey’s House

This cake is giving me dollhouse vibes, and it’s so stunning with thoughtful details like the outdoor grill. Your kid will flip for a slice of Bluey’s house, just make sure to get a bunch of pictures before cutting into something so cool.


A Two-Tiered Bluey Cake

This cake is for fans of the “keepy uppy” Bluey episode (where Bluey and Bingo try to keep a balloon in the air, but keep tripping over toys). It’s super cute, and the two tall tiers plus the rainbow topper make for a dramatic centerpiece to any party.


A ‘B’ For Bluey Cake

Instead of a layer or a sheet cake, you could shake things up with a letter cake like this ‘B’ for Bluey. I love that this isn’t a birthday cake but instead a “just because” cake for a big fan. Plus the gilded macarons are so special.


Bluey Holding Real Balloons Cake

This stunning spectacle of a Bluey cake stands 50 centimeters (1’6”) and that’s not even counting the balloons. I’m enamored with this one and if it brings a smile to this adult’s face, imagine how much a little Bluey fan would love it.


Bluey & Bingo Cake

Simple and sweet, this Bluey and Bingo cake actually looks like it could be a still from the show. The fluffy clouds and oversized number are the perfect toppers.


A Pink Bluey Cake

A Bluey cake, but make it pink. This amazing creation features plenty of rainbows and glittery sprinkles, plus the pom pom toothpicks are a simple way to add even more detail to the cake.


A Bluey Cake With Rusty, Muffin, Coco & Snickers

Inspired by work from My Confetti Kitchen, this Bluey cake is cheerful and whimsical. The rainbow topper is actually a decorated sugar cookie which is a fun surprise.


A Standing Bluey Cake

If your kid requests something oddly specific, like a cake of Bluey standing (afterall, she does walk upright), then all is not lost. The clear base on this is a clever way to make sure a vertical cake doesn’t topple.


A Bluey Number Cake

How creative is this number cake featuring Bluey and her pals? This style cake is easy to slice, plus now you have a reason to get all those figurines off the floor (just wash the toys first, of course).