How To Throw A 'Bluey' Birthday Party That Even Rita & Janet Would Love

If your child is a fan of the popular blue heeler pup and her family on Bluey, you obviously need to know how to throw a Bluey-themed birthday party. Short of flying to Australia and learning how to surf, there are a few things you can do to really give a party that Bluey feel. The show is popular not just with kids, but with parents, too, thanks to episodes filled with comical yet positive messages about family and friendship. And all of those fun little quips and happy moments can be turned into the perfect party fodder.

Even if the current worldwide situation means your child has to have a Zoom kids' party or drive-by celebration, it's still possible to include elements of the ideas below in your party. And while I hope these kinds of events don't become our new normal, I do know that every kid deserves to be celebrated on their special day, and if Bluey, Bandit, Chili, and Bingo can join, all the better. Bluey is excited to get in on the birthday action, and you can make some total wackadoo moments with the below items and ideas. Also it goes without saying that every game you've seen in Bluey should be played, especially dressing up as grannies Rita and Janet.


Bluey Birthday Cake

In terms of birthday dessert, this "Bluey and buddies" cake featuring four tiers, fondant faces, and your pick of cake flavor looks pretty amazing. While I must admit the idea of working with fondant has always kind of intimidated me, I would love to try decorating with it sometime. Bluey fondant cake instructions can be found on the website.


Birthday Party Invitations

Let every invitee know they're in for lots of "Bluey" fun with your birthday invitation. Best part about this one? After it's personalized, you'll receive a digital file to send electronically to friends and family.


Bluey & Bingo Paper Masks

Keep little party guests busy with this Bluey face mask craft (easy instructions found on the website). With a few simple materials, pretty soon you won't recognize all the kids running around the party.


Personalized Crayon Party Favors

Etsy does it again with the best personalized favor ideas. I love that this one is Bluey-themed throughout, and includes a special thank you from your child for coming to their party. And what kid doesn't love crayons and Bluey coloring sheets?


Bluey & Friends Cupcake Toppers

If you plan to offer cupcakes in addition to (or in place of) cake, I love this easy DIY for Bluey cake topper decorations found on's website.


Bluey Birthday Banner

Keep decorating simple and on-theme with this Bluey-inspired Happy Birthday banner found on Etsy. So cute. And hey, keep it around in case your child wants another Bluey birthday party next year.


Bluey & Bingo Balloons

Turn a regular balloon into a silly Bluey and friends head thanks to easy balloon decorating instructions found on the website. What's a party without balloons, right? I always like to send children home with a balloon, too — it's the first step of the clean-up process!


Edible Cake Topper

Scared off by the fondant cake challenge above? I hear ya. Edible Cake Topper has you covered. When placed on top of a regular sheet cake, you'd never know it wasn't professionally made! Not only that, this Bluey-themed cake topper is as cute (and yummy) as they come.


Bluey Beanbag Toss

It wouldn't be a birthday party without party games, right? The bean bag toss is as classic as they come, and I love how this one is decorated with Bluey and his buddies. Instructions for creating your bean bag game can be found on the Bluey TV website (along with lots of other fun crafting ideas).


Bluey Birthday Shirt

Every birthday kid needs a fun outfit for their special day, and this Bluey t-shirt from Teepublic is perfect for the occasion. Plus, they can keep wearing after the big day. I love how Bluey looks like he's asking for a hug.