Pumpkin spice bear from build-a-bear with latte and scarf

Build-a-Bear's Pumpkin Spice Bear Is The Perfect Fall Companion

Grab your favorite latte — and a bear to go with it

Pumpkin spice lattes have become something so much more than a drink — they’re a cultural touchstone, a seasonal signifier, and the answer to many of your most pressing mom problems. And now, they’re the inspiration for the latest offering from Build-a-Bear — a Pumpkin Spice Bear. The drink comes back into Starbucks stores on August 30 and usually it’s gone again in December. But that gives you a good three months to be inspired by this slightly orange bear, who apparently loved PSLs so much that it changed the color of her fur. Soft and snuggly, she’s perfect to cuddle up with on cozy autumnal nights.

Build-a-Bear is well-known for letting customers personalize their choices, and the new Pumpkin Spice Bear is no exception: you can outfit her with lots of different looks and accessories to go with whatever mood you’re in, from ready-to-take-on-the-world to wish-I-could-crawl-back-in-bed. Fittingly, you can even get a pumpkin spice latte accessory for your pumpkin spice bear that she can wear on her wrist (and a shirt that says “pumpkin spice everything”). And even if you’re not a fan of the drink itself, this sweet and soft bear is too cute to pass up.

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The Pumpkin Spice Bear

This bear doesn’t need any bells and whistles to be adorable. Her plush and slightly orange fur and sparkly paws and ears make her a great gift just on her own, even without any of the accessories. She has brown eyes and pretty lashes, and comes in at 16 inches. As with every Build-a-Bear product, you have the option to add both scents and sounds to make this bear uniquely yours. For eight additional dollars, this bear could say anything from “I love you” to “Time for more caffeine” when you squeeze her. You can also choose whether you want her to arrive unstuffed and go to the store to get her properly plump, or stuffed and ready to play with. For no extra charge, your bear can come with a birth certificate that says who the bear was “stuffed with love” by, an especially cute choice if this bear is a gift for someone special.

Outfits & accessories for your Pumpkin Spice Bear

While bears can be pantsless easier than we can (or maybe not, if you’re working from home), you might want to throw in some outfits and accessories to jazz up your bear, and make her match your vibe.

Sometimes, you just need to throw on your joggers and get out the door — and the same goes if you’re a stuffed bear. This all-inclusive package includes the bear, top, bottoms, shoes, and, of course, the latte. Any of the items are also sold separately, so if your bear wants to stay in her birthday suit and just have the latte, that’s an option, too. If you have some grey joggers and a hoodie, you and your bear could basically be twins, though your hoodie probably doesn’t have cute holes for your ears. At checkout, you can choose whether you want your bear to arrive dressed, or whether getting her dressed will be part of the fun.

Sugar and spice and everything nice may not be what all little girls are made of, but this girl (or bear) certainly is. This gift set includes a top that says “Pumpkin Spice Everything,” a jean skirt, a headband, shoes, and finally a special scent so your nose will be filled with the pumpkin spice smell even when you’re not drinking the latte. There are often plenty of days in September and October where the Starbucks calendar says its autumn but the weather hasn’t exactly gotten the memo. (And those days might be a time to break out the pumpkin spice cold brew.) A jean skirt and T-shirt is perfect for those warmer autumn days where you want your pumpkin spice, but don’t need a sweater.

Whether you let your kids share her, or keep her for yourself, there will be nothing you can’t take manage this fall with this bear in one hand and a Grande (maybe make that Venti) PSL in the other.